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What you did not know about YouTube. Surprising facts ⇨



Although it is perhaps the most visited multimedia platform on the planet, it is much what you did not know about YouTube that will surely surprise you.

With just 14 years of existence, it is not the oldest of the platforms you can find on the internet.

However, YouTube has marked a before and after in the dissemination of digital content.

There is practically no other platform that can compete with you as equals at this time.

For this reason, we want to reveal several data from YouTube explaining their leadership and why it will remain with us for many years.

What you did not know about YouTube: how it was born

Google has not always been the owner of YouTube, because in reality its creators were three young ex-PayPal employees, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jaweb Karim.

In February 2005 they decided to create a website that would allow registered users to upload, share, watch and download videos.

The that you did not know about YouTube is that the “fault” of its creation was the video of a party that Chad Hurley and Steve Chen had organized.

The video was very long and there was no way to email it to friends with the limited internet of the early 21st century.

So they devised to create a site where anyone could upload videos and share them online with whom you want, regardless of its duration or size.

Chad Hurley started by paying with his credit card for the broadband connection he needed for his new YouTube website.

But this grew so much that in a short time it had 100 million visits a month and its operating costs rose to 2 million dollars a month.

He Mexican video “Edgar falls down”, published on May 8, 2006, was one of the first to go viral on YouTube.

To date it has been viewed 70 million times!

And finally, on October 10, 2006, the giant Google bought YouTube from its creators for $ 1.65 billion.

The most popular multimedia platform

YouTube data

2 billion users have an active YouTube account

Since 2006, YouTube has established itself as the most used multimedia content platform in the world, with 2,000 million registered users.

These users upload videos and music to their “channels”, which are viewed, shared and downloaded by other visitors.

Videos can generate good profits for their creators, depending on the number of views and views received. Even several “YouTube millionaires”.

But another detail between what you did not know about YouTube is that it is the second most popular social network in the world, only surpassed by Facebook.

The United Nations Organization (UN) estimates that almost 52% of the world’s population has access to the Internet, that is, about 4,000 million people.

This means that YouTube is used by half of the Internet users on the planet and every day it is on the heels of Facebook.

Recall that Facebook leads the ranking with its 2.6 billion users.

But every day it loses users at a fast pace due to their privacy problems and handling of personal data.

More YouTube data: a multilingual platform

Although he was born in America, YouTube is a multilingual platform that can be viewed in 80 languages.

This allows you to directly reach 95% of internet users in their mother tongue.

Added to this is that content creators can upload material in their local language.

Each video is automatically translated with subtitles in the language that the visitor wishes, thanks to a powerful artificial intelligence developed by Google engineers.

Huge amount of old and new content

Another interesting topic between what you did not know about YouTube And that explains its success is the enormous variety of its content.

Every 24 hours its servers host 87,000 new videos with a global duration of 720 thousand hours.

This equates to about 500 hours of audiovisual material uploaded per minute, or 30,000 hours of new videos and music every 60 minutes.

So that you understand it better, if you wanted to enjoy the new material uploaded in just 1 day to YouTube, you would need 82 years to see it all!

This has a significant impact on the user experience, which is very well used by companies interested in increasing their sales.

In fact, every time we go to YouTube we will surely discover new brands, products and services.

Favorite of the very young and the very old

Another peculiarity of YouTube is that 84% of its users are young people between 11 and 15 years of age, who are primarily looking for content on music, games, film and technology.

This is one of the reasons why the streamer Ninja moved to YouTube after the Mixer platform ceases to exist.

But the elderly (and the very old) also enjoy its services and content.

According to various analyzes made by Google, 51% of its older users (75 years and older) visit YouTube daily to search for all kinds of content.

These older adults prefer to search for informational material or related to pets and culture.

YouTube rules on mobile devices

what you did not know about YouTube

37% of the mobile data used in the world is related to YouTube

62% of companies that use social networks in their marketing strategies also have their own channel on YouTube.

There they regularly upload audiovisual material about their products or services.

And this is influenced by the growing use of mobile phones and digital tablets, since up to 37% of data traffic on portable devices is related to YouTube.

In this case, it far exceeds Facebook, which is barely responsible for 8.4% of the data that circulates on mobile networks worldwide.

To better illustrate this, let’s remember that in countries like the United States, the European Union, China and South Korea, mobile data plans are very cheap.

There users do not hesitate to use their data to enter YouTube at any time and in any place.

On the contrary, to use other social networks they prefer to wait to have a Wi-Fi connection within reach.

But also, between what you did not know about YouTube highlights that his material is more viewed on mobile phones and digital tablets than on desktop computers.

Studies conducted by Google indicate that a 70% of visits are made from mobiles and tablets, while only 30% comes from fixed computers.

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Iphone 12 features that will surprise you this 2020




The query in Google “iphone 12 features”Shows 66 million results, showing the great expectation surrounding the launch of the new series of Apple phones.

This is striking considering that the market is still hot with sales of the latest models of the “bitten apple”, the iPhone SE, XR, iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

In fact, thousands of young and not so young people in Spain have run to buy the iPhone SE 2020 model, which combines power and a good price.

But now everyone wants to see in him iPhone 12 features that differentiate it or not from its more successful predecessors.

How is the new design of the iPhone 2020?

In recent days, the models or “mockups” of the four models of the iPhone 2020 which will hit the market this fall.

The models allow to appreciate in the iPhone 12 features
new ones that stand out from the 11 series and its predecessor X series.

What’s more, these changes promise to be the biggest in the iPhone series since the Model X launch in 2017.

At first glance, it is discovered that two models correspond by size to what has been called the mid-range or “entry”.

The other two, larger in size, would correspond to the “Pro” versions intended for the most bulky pockets.

Iphone 12 features like those of an iPad Pro

The models of the new Apple mobiles allow you to see in the iPhone 12 features design very much in the style of the latest iPad Pro.

This includes straight edges with rounded corners, a metal frame, and a set of 4 rear cameras grouped together in a noticeably protruding circular base mount.

For many, it is a design that breaks with traditional styling, as it gives these new mobiles an aggressive look.

In addition, it is clear that Apple abandoned the rounded sides introduced in its line of mobiles since the appearance of the iPhone 6 in 2014.

The iPhone 2020 family brings us a little brother

The analysis of the images of the iPhone 12 models allows us to affirm that three of its versions will have screens similar to those of the 11 series.

This means that they will come in sizes from 6.1 to 6.7 inches diagonally.

But now a smaller model with a 5.4-inch screen is added, which is also supposed to be the one with the lowest price and power.

In any case, the 4 versions of the iPhone 2020 They will use OLED screen technology, called by Apple as “Super Retina Display.”

This guarantees excellent resolution, colors and brightness in all environmental conditions.

The iPhone 12 could appeal to gamers

Another rumor points to the iPhone 12 or new iPhone 2020 it will use the same ProMotion technology found in the iPad Pro.

This technology will increase the speed of redrawing the screen with respect to current models, which is ideal when playing multimedia or enjoying a video game.

For example, the iPad Pro boasts a 120Hz screen refresh rate.

This would place the iPhone 12 not far from the more expensive and new Lenovo Legion, made especially for gamers, which will be released this year.

New position for the SIM card

We can also see in the iPhone 12 features new such as changing the location of the SIM card tray.

Now this tray will be on the left side, below the volume buttons.

In the most recent model, the iPhone 11, the SIM card is inserted into a tray located on the right side, where the power button is located.

Apple premieres the Notch “drop” in the new iPhone 2020

new iPhone 2020

The iPhone 12 brings a smaller notch than that of the X and 11 series

Apple kept the design of clean fronts, without buttons of any kind or borders on the screen of its 11 series.

However, the four new models of the iPhone 2020 they will have a “notch” at the top of the screen smaller than usual.

There the front camera and the FaceID biometric unlocking system will be placed.

This tiny “drop” style notch would demonstrate that Apple managed to reduce its TrueDepth suite to a single lens, saving valuable space on the front of the computer.

How are the Rear cameras?

We see in the images of the models of the iPhone 12 features
new in the set of rear cameras.

The Pro models of the iPhone 12 will feature a 3-sensor system, the two smaller models will use only 2 optics.

But he highlights that the sensors will be mounted on a much more “protruding” base than those of the 11 series.

It is not yet clear what type of sensors and lenses both optical assemblies will use but there is talk that they could incorporate LIAR technology.

A not so punctual launch

Sources close to Apple indicate that their plans are to launch the iPhone 2020 to the market at the end of September.

For that, they must start production of the series at the end of June, something that the Covid-19 outbreak has made difficult.

Much of the components are manufactured in China and this country saw its industry and the movement of international cargo paralyzed by the pandemic.

Therefore, it is certain that the production of the new model will start between the end of July and the beginning of August.

This implies that we will have to wait until the end of October to be able to get hold of one of these new iPhone 12 models.

Technical speculation, in the absence of official information

Technical speculation, in the absence of official information

The 12 series will incorporate 5G connectivity in all its models

In the absence of official information on the technical specifications of the iPhone 2020 It only remains to mention what is speculated and rumored.

All four models are assumed to have the ability to connect to 5G networks, although Apple has said it is in no rush to use it in all its new models.

It is also assumed that they will have the latest A14 processor, developed directly in Cupertino, California.

In addition, it is believed that they will have the new iOS 14 system, the latest version for mobile phones, due out in September.

What is not known is what materials it will use on the outside, although it is estimated that the expensive models will use a metallic body and the mid-range ones will use acrylic.

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A totally futuristic design with a Musk feel




With Christmas still several months to go, Japanese tech giant Sony has surprised everyone by revealing the design of the new Playstation 5, your most modern video game console.

This happened within the framework of a virtual event held on June 11, the objective of which was to show what Sony considers to be the “future of video games”

But it was not enough with the surprise of unveiling the design and colors of its new

Sony also showed the new PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, designed to play only content downloaded from the network or transferred by digital means.

Sony PlayStation 5: A totally futuristic design

If those who have been playing video games for years have seen something, it is the continuous evolution of Sony consoles since the appearance of the first PlayStation 25 years ago.

In this case, the PS5 consoles come with a futuristic design that differentiates them notably from the PS4, with a white body finished off in dark details.

The “cube” design has been varied by a very elegant inward curved side tower.

In its upper area there are two ventilation slits illuminated by blue LEDs. For its part, on the front face are the USB A and C connectors.

PlayStation 5 comes “with a Musk air”

PlayStation 5 is coming "with an air to Musk"

The PS5 shows curved sides and switches to white tones

Opinions agreed that both consoles have a futuristic design that emulates the rocket from SpaceX, the company of aerospace entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Others point out that there is a resemblance to the unorthodox and aggressive designs of the Alienware company, whose desktops and notebooks appear to be 200 years in the future.

In the promo trailer for the Sony PlayStation 5, we can see a text where Sony states that “we wanted to offer a console that is bold, impressive and different from any previous generation of PlayStation.”

Full power on the new PS5

Sony had leaked some specifications of its new console, but has now confirmed that the PS5 It will be powered by an AMD Zen 2 processor with 8 cores and 3.5Ghz speed.

The graphics will be in charge of an AMD Radeon RDNA 2 GPU at 2.23 GHz (10.3 teraflops) and 36 CU.

This GPU is specially designed for PS5 and it has “Ray Tracing” technology.

As you know, the technology Raytracing improves the experience of video games with greater graphic fluidity and realism of lights, shadows and effects.

As if that weren’t enough, the Sony PlayStation PS5 offers 8K resolution and 120 fps rate in 4K resolution.

Ample memory and storage on the new PlayStation 5

The PS5 It will come in both versions with 16GB of DDR6 RAM installed.

The classic version of the Sony PlayStation 5 It will come from the factory with an internal 825GB SSD disk, which will significantly reduce the loading time of the system and installed games.

This model will have a 4K Blu-ray capable optical drive.

However, the Digital Edition version will not have a reader and all games will need to be downloaded digitally or played online via the PS Now platform.

Both models feature Tempest audio technology, which according to Sony has been configured and prepared to increase users’ sense of immersion in the game.

They will also have a USB-C, USB-A connector and support for VR.

A new remote control for the new console

In this virtual event Sony showed a promotional video of the DualSense control that accompanies the new PS5.

Sony claims that this controller improves haptic feedback and therefore transmits “more tactile sensations” to the user during the game experience.

The L2 and R2 buttons use adaptive technology. For example, when “drawing a bow” these buttons can convey a feeling of tension.

In addition, the DualSense control incorporates a microphone, but no longer has the “Share” button. To share content a new function called “Create” will be used.

Other Gadgets included in the new series

In addition to the two versions of Playstation 5, several accessories that can be used with these consoles were also shown.

All of them are designed with the same style and available in white, black and blue, breaking with the classic black color of the previous PlayStation.

The list of gadgets featured include the Pulse 3D headphones, with three-dimensional sound and noise cancellation.

The HD Camera was also shown, with sensors in FullHD resolution for the user to stream.

To these is added the DualSense charging station, which can charge two controllers using a USB-C connector.

And when can we buy the new PS5?

The launch of the new Sony video game console is scheduled for the end of 2020.

However, it remains to be seen whether the world situation due to the coronavirus will not affect the Japanese deadlines to produce and distribute this product in Asia, Europe and North America in this second half.

Moreover, on this occasion Sony did not dare to advance the possible prices of its two models, so it will be necessary to wait until the last minute to find out.

What games will Sony release for the new PS5?

Without a doubt the titles that will be available for the new PS5
have been a reason for speculation by all the play-fans who were waiting for this announcement.

Sony announced that PS5 will be released alongside the game Godfall, specially created to harness the power of your console.

In addition, the team will have reverse compatibility with existing titles for the PS4 series.

Both the regular version and the PS5 Digital Edition will be able to connect to download and play online games through the PlayStation Now platform.

New and revamped titles for all tastes

What games will Sony release for the new PS5

Gone are the simple games from previous versions of the PlayStation

During the online presentation, Sony showed a preview of the games that will accompany the platform, which include genres such as platforms, horror, children, sandbox, role-playing and action.

For the most part, they will be released throughout 2021, augmenting the open ecosystem with the launch video game Godfall.

If you’ve played the entire list of the best PC games in history, you know that many stand out became famous before in their PS version.

So there is no doubt that we will see a flood of titles for the new PS5 starting in December.

The sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn stands out, which now comes under the name Horizon Forbidden West and which will bring new robots designed for the PS5.

The eighth installment of the Resident Evil saga will also arrive in 2021, under the title “Village”.

Another prominent announcement was the second installment of Spider-Man and for lovers of speed an updated version of the video game GTA V was announced.

To appease those who wanted more, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan made it clear that “we still have a lot to announce until the end of 2020.”

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news why you should consider it




On June 11, lovers of smart bracelets finally got to know the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5, the latest wrist device from the prestigious Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi.

This device comes to replace the already successful Mi Band 4, launched in 2019 and which was known as Smart Band 4 in its international version.

The announced model began to be sold in China from June 18, while the international model, known as the Mi Smart Band 5, will begin to be sold in July.

However, the presentation confirmed a lot of data that had been leaked in recent months about the characteristics of Xiaomi’s new smart bracelet.

Some of this data had even been partially confirmed by Xiaomi, such as the colors of the bracelet, which were revealed during the first week of June.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 offers better screen

Xiaomi is always news because its new releases surpass all the models of its competitors and even compete with those at home too!

We saw this recently in the Xiaomi smartphone comparison, specifically the new Mi Note 10 and Poco F2 Pro models.

This time the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 It surprises us with an improved screen compared to the 2019 model.

Between the news Xiaomi Mi Band 5 we now have a color screen with OLED technology of 1.1 inches diagonal and resolution of 126 x 294 pixels.

This represents a 20% increase over the 0.95 inches of the Mi Band 4 model.

Furthermore, this expanded screen allows the number of “sphere themes” to be increased to 100 with which you can customize it.

Very complete sensors in the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Very complete sensors in the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 improves heart monitoring functions

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 It incorporates several sensors to monitor body functions, such as the heart rate.

In this case, it can follow our heart rate 24 hours a day, but it also incorporates a function that optimizes the interpretation of the data collected by this sensor.

This is the “Personal Activity Intelligence” (PAI) feature, which analyzes the heart rate data and converts it into a scoring system.

This allows us to better evaluate how our heart works according to the different activities we do during the day.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 It can also monitor our sleep and in the case of women, it offers a function to control the menstrual cycle.

News Xiaomi Mi Band 5: Autonomy and better charging system

If the 2019 model already stood out for the battery life, this year’s model will leave everyone speechless.

One of the news Xiaomi Mi Band 5 It is its 125 mAh battery that gives it an autonomy of 14 hours, extended to 20 days if it is used in the “long duration” saving mode.

These numbers are surprising if we consider that it has a longer screen, more functions running in parallel and more active sensors than its predecessor.

Regarding the load, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 uses a new magnetic charging system that eliminates the cumbersome process of removing equipment from the strap in order to charge.

Now you only need to connect one pin on its back side, next to the heart rate sensor.

The new method prevents wear damage to the silicone strap by not having to remove it again and again to recharge the battery, as was the case with previous Xiaomi wristbands.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 comes with improved connectivity

This version brings Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with tablets and mobile phones with iOS or Android operating system.

The version Xiaomi Mi Band 5 presented in China includes NFC connectivity, which allows it to be used to make mobile payments.

It is assumed that the international version Mi Smartband 5 that will be launched in July also has NFC, unlike the global model of 2019, which did not incorporate it.

An unbeatable price against any rival

The models launched this June 18 in China have prices around 189 yuan (24 euros) for the model without NFC and 229 yuan (29 euros) for which it does bring this function.

Although the international model Mi Smartband 5 will not be launched until July, it is estimated that in Spain it will be marketed in a price range between 30 to 40 euros.

However, an advantage of this type of bracelets is that due to the high competition between brands and models, prices tend to drop in a very short time.

Without a doubt this price places the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 in an unbeatable position when it comes to buying it, especially if we take into account its functions, power and autonomy.

Other characteristics that distinguish it from other bracelets

Xiaomi Mi Band 5: characteristics that distinguish it from other bracelets

The equipment incorporates exclusive functions for women’s health

The new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 It has 11 different sports programs, including rope jumping, rowing, yoga or stationary bike, among others.

In fact, it’s the perfect team if you play any of the top 5 sports in the world! ‘

In addition, the version with NFC will also bring a microphone to interact with the virtual assistant “Xiao Ai”, oriented to the Chinese market and that now Xiaomi wants to internationalize.

In this way, the device can be used to control other gadgets that you have purchased to create your smart home.

Although it was not reported in this release, some experts assume that the international version will be able to be compatible with Alexa devices.

And this is where another remarkable feature comes in, the remote control, which allows you to quickly and easily activate and shoot your mobile phone or tablet camera from your wrist.

Its resistance to water is also surprising, since it can be submerged without problems up to 50 meters deep.

But why do I need a smart bracelet?

Perhaps reading this article you have wondered what it would be for you to buy the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

Well, we will tell you that this type of device is the modern evolution of the digital pedometers that many athletes used in the early 2000s.

Today they have evolved to complex systems capable of detecting variations in heart rate, distances traveled and many physical parameters.

There are even those that report the level of oxygenation of the blood or follow the levels of sleep and stress and can even call an emergency service or close family member when something happens to the user.

There are numerous cases of people who have saved their lives thanks to a smart bracelet, which informed them that something was not right with their heart or blood pressure.

In the middle of 2020, a bracelet like the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 It is undoubtedly a gadget as indispensable as your own Smartphone or your computer.

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