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What is fusion sport?



Speaking of fusion sports is nothing more than a reference to those relatively new sports that arise from the union of other well-known disciplines. These new sports practices combine the advantages of the specialties that unify, being in many cases more complex.

Currently there is fusion sport in many of the branches both athletic and for fun or exercise. In daily practice using them for training is very novel and optimal for exercising quickly. If you are interested in learning about these sports and the characteristics of some of them, continue reading.

Origin and evolution of fusion sport

The mixtures of sports disciplines, surely they are not a completely unknown concept. This happens because everyone knows triathlon (swimming, cycling and athletics), which has been an Olympic sport since the Sydney games in 2000.

But this fusion sport has linked others since its tutelage, such as the duathlon and the decathlon. As is clear, the variety of mixes is not at all limited and in recent years there has been a revolution in terms of new fusion sports.

One of the varieties of fusion sport

Some such as: underwater hockey, padbol, bossaball, aeroyoga, and fusion fitness are already gaining knowledge among many people. His practice always manages to be more fun since mix the best of each of the members that make it up.

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Examples of some fusion sports

Of course, the best way to know what a fusion sport is is by seeing some of them. That is why we bring the main characteristics of the best known and most practiced.


This sport has a high recognition, to the point that there is even a world champion in this discipline. In it they combine: football, tennis, volleyball and paddle tennis.

The sport does not require many people as it is designed to be played in pairs. Regarding the way of playing, it is very similar to tennis, although all the sports already mentioned are directly influenced.

The ball is slightly smaller than the soccer ball, it is played on a 6 × 10 meter field and is played surrounded by glass walls. With the above, the game is given more dynamics, you can touch the ball with any part of the body, except arms and hands.

It’s a game very dynamic and completeAs well as fun, it is a very good fusion of these well-known sports. We recommend that you practice it since it has thousands of people, including recognized athletes, who endorse it.

Aeroyoga as a fusion sport

It is not difficult to think about the combination that is used, as it consists of acrobatic gymnastics, yoga and Pilates. The practitioner must achieve the postures that he would do in yoga, but with the particularity of hanging from an elastic hammock.

This sport is a lot healthier for the spineas well as the entire spinal system. In addition, among its other benefits is: improving circulation, increasing endurance and improving flexibility. Try this cardiovascular fusion sport designed to totally improve your health.

Strala Yoga

fusion sport

Aeroyoga as a fusion sport

This fusion with yoga is not totally focused on the spiritual part, but combines elements of dance and fitness. This brings greater and more dynamic body movements to the new sport.

Basically you will not stop moving, because you must follow the rhythm having as a reference some central postures called asanas. Many of its practitioners consider it a great stress relieving activity, you should keep an eye on it.

The 3B method as a fusion sport

As its name indicates, this new sport includes these three practices: cycling, ballet, and boxing. This fusion designed by women is designed for practitioners to select both what they want to exercise in each session, as well as the intensity of the exercise.

First, there is an indoor stage, where light exercises are carried out at great speed to develop muscle volume (applying the stationary bike). Then he goes on to boxing, in which he must train the movements of his arms and hands, but without using a punching bag. They combine the above with an intense pedaling.

There is a last stage known as ballet fitness. In it, the dancers in particular will perform a special warm-up, thus completing the wide range of practices of this fusion sport. Is very complete and healthy according to the women who practice it.


fusion sport

Fusion sport PINFUVOTE

This fusion sport has its origins in 1992 although it was officially adopted in 2009. It is the combination of ping-pong, soccer, volleyball and tennis. Basically the contribution of these sports and creativity achieved a more inclusive practice according to different tastes.

In this team sport, the court is divided by a net, and the players must make the opponent touch the ball on the ground twice in a row. It is very liked and although it may seem complicated to you, almost all the rules are simple and well known.

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Contortionists How do they do it? –




If you have been to a circus show, surely you have been speechless with the number of contortionists. How is it possible that they can bend the way they do? For me they have magical powers …

These performers are capable of exercises in which they fully arch their back or raise their legs to a shocking height.

Do they depend only on your natural physical conditions? Are your skills the product of hard training?

In particular, it is an issue that has always caught my attention. If you are the same, what you will find here will clear all doubts and confusion. Keep reading our post and discover some myths about this profession.

In case you didn’t know, there are eating competitions. Look who the current champion is

Is contortionism a disease?

Contortionists 4

Contortionist in various positions

Some years ago, a British doctor decided to study in depth the ability of contortionists from science. In order to accomplish his goal, he scanned a circus performer while she was executing some of his movements.

You can’t even imagine what he discovered.

The result of the test showed that the young woman did not suffer any abnormality in the bones of the spine or in the ligaments. Therefore, the only genetic condition that allowed him to perform such body contortions was the hyperflexibility in the ligaments.

However, there is also what is known as Marfan syndrome, a connective tissue disorder. This pathology causes that the joints do not have movement limitations. It can also cause damage to the skeletal and cardiovascular systems.

Many contortionists suffer from it.

How is it reflected in your body?

They are higher than average, since the disease produces an accelerated growth of the bones. In addition, it is a congenital condition, a mother could transmit it to her children.

In turn, this health problem, which affects 1 in every 50 thousand people in the United States, also attacks the eyes and skin. Likewise, individuals who suffer from it may present scoliosis, laxity, and muscle contractures.

For this reason, it is recommended that contortionists with the disease see a doctor systematically. This way they avoid possible complications produced by their hard work with flexibility.

Contortionists need continuous training

Contortionists 3

Contortionists train from childhood

Even if contortionists are hyper-flexible people, they need to train hard. Otherwise, they could lose this facility due to lack of practice.

On the other hand, there are those who are born without this physical condition and, because of their love of the profession, they work to achieve it. The above is called induced flexibility and it requires many hours of work and suffering.

Despite this, said elasticity will never be the same as natural. Those who strive for such freedom of movement will always feel limited in one way or another.

The ideal age for a contortionist to start working his body is between 3 and 10 years. They are stages in which the human organism has greater malleability. It will be easier for them to mold the muscles so that they acquire the ability to stretch without much effort.

These are the amazing unusual stories about the end of the world

Contortionist women vs. Contortionist men

Contortionists 2

The best contortionist today is a man: Aleksei Goloborodko

Contortionist women are more common than men. Why?

It is speculated that the anatomy of women allows them to develop greater flexibility than that of men. For this reason, both in contortionism and in gymnastics and dance, females tend to be more elastic.

Now you will be amazed what I will tell you … The best contortionist today is a man. Aleksei Goloborodko, only 26 years old, has captivated the entire world with his incredible ability to completely twist. Hailing from Russia, the young artist is part of Cirque du Soleil’s Luzia show.

Fun Facts About Contortionists


During the 19th century it was believed that contortionists applied snake oil to their bodies

Being people capable of so many amazing movements, several myths have been created about their physical abilities. Some speculate that such abilities are due to certain tricks or bodily conditions.

In the following sections we will refer to some of them.

Do contortionists have more joints?

Many people believe that contortionists have more joints than normal. It is a falsehood. Everyone has the same number of joints on your body.

Perhaps you have wondered if weight lifting is a safe sport?

No, contortionists don’t drink snake oil

During the 19th century people claimed that contortionists applied snake oil or another elixir to their body. This is just as untrue. There is no ointment that is capable of developing flexibility in the body.

Hyper-flexibility is an internal condition, which occurs in the ligaments, bones, and joints. Nothing that can be achieved externally.

Sports exercise Unusual entertainment

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Weightlifting Is It A Safe Sport?




The most genuine of strength sports You know which one is? Known by three different names and also with the same meaning, it is about weightlifting, described in the history of the sport as: weightlifting or weighlifting.

It is a sport practiced by many Olympic athletes, based on details that are not small but are important. It is one of the healthiest for your skeletal system and provides vitality to your heart.

Be sure to meet the most prominent figures of track cycling in history

Lifting weights, how safe do I have?

weight lifting 2

Lifting weights

The main objective is to lift a barbell from the ground to the top of the head, stretching the arms as much as possible. Athletes who practice weightlifting must develop their dexterity and mental attitude.

They are called weightlifters. Of course, they are better known as weightlifters.

Like the vast majority of sports, there are pros and cons:

Benefits of weight training:

  • Helps you sleep more
  • Provide durability to your life
  • Decrease the stress level
  • It will make you stronger
  • You will lose fat thus protecting your health
  • Your bones will be healthier
  • Increase your metabolism
  • It anticipates chronic diseases.

Cons of practicing weight lifting:

  • Accuracy is required when carrying out this activity, so you must have an expert
  • Since you are lifting a lot of weight, you will be prone to increasing your risk of injury.
  • The calorie elimination rate is not as effective as it is in accelerated aerobic activities.

7 Tips for Weight Training

If you are a fan of this sport or are interested in practicing it, do not overlook the following points:

  1. Lift a weight that is appropriate for you. Keep in mind that to start you must do it with a weight that you can lift 12 to 15 times
  2. Breathe gently and expel the air when you lift the weight
  3. Have a correct body posture
  4. Wear shoes with good traction
  5. Find the balance
  6. Incorporate muscle strengthening into your exercise day
  7. Take a well deserved break.

What happens to your body when you do weights?

weight lifting 3

Exercises the abdomen

This exercise is undoubtedly one more way to improve the quality of life and its duration. It prevents bone loss and reduces the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. This will help you suffer fewer falls.

What army muscles with weightlifting?

The muscles involved are:

  • Forearms Deep flexor of the fingers. Superficial flexor of the fingers
  • Torso. Abdomen. Front. ABS. Back. Oblique External oblique
  • Hips. Buttocks. Gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus. Piriform. Upper Gemino
  • Legs. Femoral rectus. Quadriceps. Vastus lateralis. Vast medium. Femoral.

Here are the best tips to be consistent in the practice of exercises

Your heart needs this sport of strength

Several people, mostly women, refuse to do this practice because they prefer to keep their female body.

In fact, there is a study that reveals that these exercises reduce the risk of suffering from heart attacks between 40 and 70%. It is also confirmed that it is preferable and healthier to lift weights than to walk.

Fainting again. Why do they happen when I train?

If this happens to you, it is because when the concentration of carbon dioxide decreases, the blood vessels in the brain contract. You may feel faint, but without losing consciousness.

You just have to wait for your forces to come back again. If you wish, you can stop with the execution of the exercise.

Women Can you lift weights?

If you are a woman you should know that, when performing this weight exercise, the most usual thing is that you “grow up” or that “your body looks like that of a man.”

Doing a weight lifting routine doesn’t just help you gain strength. It is also super special for toning your body, burning fat and expanding your energy. Never forget that women can also.

Raise the bar like a pro

weightlifting 1

Knees should be bent

It takes a correct position to lift the bar. This will prevent further damage to your body, to start take into account the following:

  1. Knees should be bent
  2. It is very important that the back is straight
  3. Legs slightly open at shoulder height for balance
  4. Arms open in the center of the bar, thus distributing the weight and avoiding injuries.

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Without tools there is no triumph. Which are?

Get to know the different most used metal discs with rubber protection.

Red disc (25 kg): Considered the heaviest and used in competitions since they work with very high weights.

Blue disc (20 kg): Also used in competitions, less than the red discs.

Yellow disc (15 kg): They are hardly used in competitions, but they are widely used by novices in this discipline.

Green disc (10 kg): It is very seldom used in competitions, it can be said that these are more used than the yellow ones since they weigh less and for a novice it will be excellent at the beginning.

Stainless steel bars

Not only are discs used in this sport, there are also bars that give the athlete more preparation.

Bar (20 kg): This takes the credit as the most used, both in competitions and in training. It is the only bar allowed in competitions for those over 15 years of age.

Bar (15 kg): With this one works in categories under 15 years old, also used in some training sessions or warm-ups of athletes.

Bar (10 kg): Available for children between 8 and 12 years old. It has a wider tip than the others.

Sports exercise health

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Most outstanding figures of track cycling in history




Living life on two wheels seems like something out of a child’s dream. Nonetheless, it is a respectable profession that has inspired hundreds of people around the world. The prize for the fastest, belonging to the most outstanding figures of track cycling in history.

As a passive practice it combines 83% percent of the world’s population, But the competitive world of track cycling involves much more.

Continue in this post for more information about track cycling, its characteristics and most outstanding figures.

These are the benefits that your body will appreciate if you start lifting weights

What is track cycling?


Track cycling

Since its creation the velocipede was one of the most used forms of transport, a practice that would be called with posterity: cycling.

In 1817 the model that most resembles the current bicycle appears, and it was conceived as a method to exercise and compete, which is why it was also called a running machine.

But it was not until 1870 that the first cycle race. They traveled 33 kilometers of Italian territory was its host and its champion was Rynner Van Neste.

The first world class championship of this activity was carried out in Great Britain that year.

After the first half of the 19th century, this practice became popular and it was officially designated as a sport.

As it gained fame, many modalities emerged, the first of them was: track cycling.

This competition was held on an artificial terrain and the participants were equipped with specialized bikes in optimizing the bearing.

London celebrated the unveiling of this novelty with a race. Later, in 1878, new types of competitions appeared that have reached the present day.

What tests does track cycling include?

Each variant of cycling has a wide diversity of experiences. It is known that there are a large number of events to test track racing competitors.

What are these challenges for cyclists?

World tests

track cycling 4

Individual pursuit

To this day, there are contests that, despite not being the best known, produce a world ranking. A) Yes they rank the best and give them merit according to their ability. In this modality, the most famous global meetings are:

  • Kilometer Time Trial: it is about traveling 1000 meters. The athlete starts with no initial impulse. They are all anchored to a machine that is synchronized with a clock. It lets them go at the same time. The winner is the one who takes the tour in a shorter period.
  • Individual pursuit: Two runners start from opposite sides of the track. They must try to catch up with the other or have the best marker to win.
  • Points race: every 10 laps the competitors earn points according to the order of arrival. There are around 160 detours to the circuit.
  • Madison: it is also called the American. It’s like a relay race on a bicycle. The objective is cover 70 kilometers with three gears.
  • Scratch: it is quite similar to road cycling. It consists of circling the track in order to arrive first. The goal is to reach 15 kilometers.
  • Omnium: the participants must be of excellence. Here all types of experiences are mixed. Its parallel in athletics would be the decathlon. The number of contests used varies from 4 to 6.

We bring you the best tips to be constant in the practice of exercises

Trials in Olympic Games

track cycling 3


With the torch of the Olympics begins a period of struggle to break new records for cyclists. Not all modalities are evaluated. This celebration includes the following types of competitions:

  • Individual speed: is made up of phases. In the classification there is a 200 meter lap and the fastest wins. The elimination phase Choose from two people whoever goes through the end first. The process is repeated until a champion is obtained.
  • Group speed: in this challenge the participants make a start without impulse. After one round they are replaced until the asset reserve is exhausted.
  • Keirin: each cycle is tied to a motorcycle. This reaches 50 km / h and is disengaged. The sprinter who runs the system the most times takes the victory. It is the riskiest of contests.
  • Team chase: starts from opposite ends of the territory. The team that passes the fifth wheel first through the starting mark wins. The team that with its third member surpasses its equivalent in the rivals can also take the prize.

Individual and collective successes are reasons for honor. Each competition won accumulates and creates a memory about you.

The most agile on the track

track cycling 2

Eddy Merckx, considered the best of all time

Who inspires young athletes?

In all sports there are people who set high standards. These they strove to outdo themselves. Among the greats of track cycling are:

  • Eddy merckx: is considered the best of all time. He had multiple victories in the toughest competitions in the world. In total he won: 5 times the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France, 3 World Road Cycling Championships, the Vuelta a España, and others less relevant.
  • Jacques anquetil: It is a matter of debate whether it is ranked number two or three globally. He was victorious in the Tour de France 5 times. The Giro d’Italia was his for two seasons. He won the only time he participated in the Tour of Spain and in the Liège-Bastogne-Liège.
  • Bernard Hinault: it is discussed whether its position is third or second in the world ranking. Among the top positions in the Tour de France on several occasions and its winner on 5 occasions. In 3 cycles of the Giro d’Italia he declared himself the winner. He won the Tour of Spain twice.

Reaching the top demanded of them determination and hard work. His prestige was not acquired by magic.

What efforts does becoming a track cycling athlete involve today?

Start practicing Ping Pong, a board game to enjoy at home

Cyclist training

track cycling 1

Intensive leg training

Over the years, the techniques for exercising this type of athlete have been perfected. The common points of their routines are: a proper diet and intensive leg training. The rest of the activities are distributed in regular practices.

Are you one of the percent who usually ride a bike? Maybe it’s time to take a chance and compete. Assume a conscious attitude, study the lives of the most prominent figures of track cycling in history and assume this Lifestyle.

cycling sports exercise

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