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What is a beauty booster and what is it for?



Surely you have heard about the new cosmetic products «enhancers» and you want to know what is a beauty booster and why they are in fashion.

A beauty booster it’s really a kind of cosmetic that enhances the effects rejuvenating, moisturizing or anti-aging of other specialized products.

Its use is increasing and this is the result of a new strategy applied by manufacturers called «product partnership» or «associated products».

This strategy consists of addressing each type of skin problem with two or three products that act in a complementary way.

This means that one prepares the ground for the other or increases its effect, thanks to a careful combination of highly concentrated components.

To understand better what is a beauty booster we will tell you that a product does the promised effect (anti-wrinkle, anti-blemish, anti-aging) and the enhancer makes its effect longer and faster.

Of course, these new cosmetic enhancers can be complemented very well with a few simple tricks to remove wrinkles easily.

Is a beauty booster the same as a serum?

Is a beauty booster the same as a serum?

The beauty booster has more profound effects than a serum

Beauty boosters and serums can have similar functions, such as hydrating the deep layers of the skin and eliminating visible signs of fatigue and aging.

Other products have detoxifying effects, and some are specially made to nourish the skin with minerals and special proteins to reverse aging.

And here the confusion is born if you want to understand what is a beauty boosterIt will seem to you that both fulfill similar functions.

However, a beauty booster is formulated to work harder and in less time, as its components are much more concentrated.

Beauty booster applications

Due to their special formulas, beauty boosters are used on very damaged skin by age and environment.

In fact, there are brands designed to enhance cosmetic treatments against acne, blemishes, and rosacea, among other conditions.

The using a beauty booster is simple, it is enough to apply it to the skin after a good cleaning and before applying any cream or specific treatment.

If you don’t know how to prepare your skin, you can follow these tips for a deep facial cleansing before using a booster.

It is applied with the pipette that is included in the package, which has the exact measure to be used in each application marked to avoid wasting this valuable product.

And so you know something more about what is a beauty booster, we will tell you that its texture is liquid and will absorb quickly, without leaving any oily sensation.

Some brands recommend using their products before the serum, as a skin conditioner, or mixing both products.

Another ideal time to use a cleaning booster is after a micro-needle treatment or “micro needling”, the new technique that helps to regenerate collagen in the skin.

They are also recommended after long exposures to the sun, as can happen during the summer.

At what age should boosters be used?

At what age should boosters be used?

Boosters should be used only when the first skin problems appear

Continuing the explanation of what is a beauty booster We will tell you about the recommended age to start using it.

We must remember first of all that this is a product for skins that already show signs of damage for time and the environment.

For this reason, se must begin to use from the age of 30, just before the first signs of skin damage start to appear.

If your skin is perfect there is no need for you to start using them, even if you are 50 but boast a perfect complexion.

But if you are young and your skin is already damaged, you will undoubtedly need one of these new products in combination with your preferred treatment.

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