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What happens when I burn a bay leaf in my house?



Did you know that the bay leaf is very useful in everyday life

First of all, this plant It is used regularly in Mediterranean food dishes. But its use comes from yesteryear. The ancient Romans and Greeks believed in its healing properties.

They not only added it to the tasty delicacies of the time, but it was used as a medicinal herb. There is no doubt why it was considered an emblem that symbolizes victory, power, glory and triumph today.

As well It was used in the manufacture of crowns to proclaim victors to the contestants of Ancient Rome. On the other hand, magical and mystical powers were attributed to this plant.

Its use is very versatile, but this time you will be seeing another facet in which you can use this sheet. Have you ever tried burning a bay leaf? Following, you will notice the effects on the body and other benefits.

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What happens when you burn a bay leaf

burn a bay leaf 8

Burn a bay leaf

Laurel contains many properties, for example: antivirals, detoxifiers, astringents, expectorants and it is a natural diuretic. Helps with digestive processes, skin problems and other respiratory conditions.

Are you ready to see what happens when a bay leaf burns?

Reduce stress and anxiety

Reduce stress

Reduce stress

Today it is customary to live life at a billion miles per hour. Many people are overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. Work, family and expenses are some of the issues that overwhelm us.

However, with the bay leaf, you have a natural remedy that helps you to combat these ills. This plant contains an element called linalool. It was discovered by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists.

According to studies, this substance reduces anxiety and improves social life. You just have to burn a bay leaf and in just 10 minutes an effect begins in the mind that some call psychedelic.

So, examine and consider incorporating it in your meditation sessions. You will have your mind open for new revelations and you will feel more relaxed.

On the other hand, if your anxiety comes from social interaction, make this proposal. Before the guests arrive, try to burn a bay leaf. You will feel more comfortable and enjoy a more fluid conversation.

Offers breath relief

Relieves breathing

Relieves breathing

Bay leaf contains two other compounds called eugenol and myrcene. They both have anti-inflammatory properties. They are used very frequently in therapies to reduce stress.

But that is not all. When the leaf passes the fire, these elements are released into the air. Being inhaled allows to reduce any respiratory inflammation. It has also been used to treat hysteria and neurasthenia.

Therefore, if you repeatedly suffer from colds or allergies, you can apply this natural remedy. The smell given off when burning a bay leaf makes it easy to dissolve excess phlegm and improve breathing.

Burning bay leaves brings abundance

Brings abundance

Brings abundance

The emperors knew the esoteric and mystical meaning of the laurel. Therefore, they used it as a crown to gain power, success and abundance. Today they say that it has the power to cut envy.

How to burn a bay leaf to bring prosperity?

It’s easy and very fast to achieve. You only need some leaves, a clay container that supports the fire, sugar and some matches.

First, pour the sugar into the pot, then select the bay leaf that is not broken and add odd amounts. A recommendation is to put 7 sheets because some comment that it is a very strong number.

As you put the sheet in the container have a positive mind. In addition to identify each one with your possessions, for example: the house, the children, the businesses, etc.

To finish, stir everything when you finish burning sheet by sheet over the sugar until you see the ashes. Then you say three Hail Mary, three Our Fathers and one Gloria. Empty the contents outside and thus you will purify your whole house.

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Has medicinal properties

burn a bay leaf 3

Medicinal properties

You have already seen some of the advantages that burning a bay leaf offers. This time you will see other medicinal properties of this plant. An amazing effect on various diseases common today.

First, they reduce pain. They prevent epileptic seizures. Regulates blood pressure and is used to treat insomnia. Compensates blood sugar levels and keeps cholesterol at a healthy level.

Reduce tension, relax muscles and fill your spirit with peace. It promotes cardiovascular health as it is considered a rich source of caffeic acid to strengthen the capillary walls of your heart.

How to burn a bay leaf correctly

burn a bay leaf 2

Burn a bay leaf the right way

You may wonder how many leaves to burn or what is the correct way. Following, you will learn how to do it. Take a dry leaf and place it in an ashtray or a pot to make a fire.

Make sure to put it in a safe place away from children or loose papers that could catch fire and cause a mess. When you’ve turned it on leave the room for a few minutes.

For more effectiveness, close the door and let the smell fill the entire place. When you return, blow the embers and inhale deeply. You can also simmer it, but the most effective method is to burn a bay leaf.

Bay leaf benefits

burn a bay leaf 1

Relax your mind and body.

Laurel it’s an amazing alternative medicine. It has many properties and varied applications that make it an important natural remedy. Here is a summary of the benefits of the plant:

  • Relax your mind and body.
  • Clears the airways.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • It is used to fight migraine.
  • It gives an exquisite flavor to the food.
  • It is used for alterations of the menstrual cycle.
  • Protects against the evil eye and negative energy.
  • Purify the environment and air in homes.
  • Relieves headaches, joint and muscle pain.
  • It is an antioxidant, antirheumatic and a natural bactericide.
  • It attracts good luck and burning the bay leaf banishes the spells.
  • It stimulates financial gain, avoids envy and attracts prosperity.
  • It was used in the Temple of Apollo to inspire prophetic dreams and visions.

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unusual healthy health

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Can you live from trading? –




As much as they tell you, you still don’t believe it. Living from trading is utopian, unreal. You do not decide to invest your assets, but become a trader successful It’s all you crave

Doubts? Many.

The good news is that you have come to the ideal place to banish them once and for all. Ah! I anticipate that if possible make a living from trading.

How do we know?

The why is in this article. Dare to find out for yourself.

These are the unusual news that have shook the world

Successful trading with 3 names

Fame, success and financial freedom. Those were the goals of those winners in trading. With this list you will meet 3 people who managed to make a living from trading as millionaires.

These life stories serve as inspiration. For none of them it was easy. They accumulated defeats from which they knew how to get up. If they made it, why not you?

Go ahead…

George Soros changed the rules in the forex market


George soros

Soros tops all the lists of famous traders and millionaires. How did you get this title? It will tell you everything to know that with its activity acquired a billion dollars in one day.

He began his professional success as a financial investor in the Quantum Fund company, with which bankrupt the Bank of England.

From his perspective, the secret lies in the “reflexivity”. This theory explains how forecasts are influenced by economic, political, and psychological changes.

In interviews he has also detailed that his approach seeks to correct the wrong predictions.

John Arnold and trading in the energy sector


John arnold

John Douglas Arnold started out as an ordinary trader at just 21 years old. At that time he reached a position at Enron Corporation. There he applied his skills with technologies, the Internet and algorithmic trading. It provided the corporation with great profitability and amassed more than $ 1 billion for years of service.

With Enron going bankrupt, John bets high and opens his own organization called Centaurus Energy Advisors, LLC. Its annual yield exceeded 150 percent, an incredible fruit for the energy area.

Experts say that their model is based on deep knowledge of the sector.

Undoubtedly, this potential made his company the most successful energy hedge fund to date.

Ingeborga Mootz: the grandmother of trading


Ingeborga Mootz

Just 15 years ago Ingeborga Mootz was a German widow.

Its objective?

Achieve your Financial Independence. For this he dared to live from trading. After the death of her husband, she took over the reins of her finances. He used a thousand shares of a company as the culmination to go into business.

In eight years he earned more than 500 thousand euros. Today it adds millions to its accounts. It does not use devices or network. His knowledge is obtained from the morning newspapers.

We present you some of the things that you did not know what they are for

5 steps that will lead you to success

The principle of trading is based on the purchase and sale of assets traded in financial markets. The intention is to make a profit.

Luxurious or discreet?

That will depend on your aspirations and abilities. Look at the minimum steps you must take to make a living from trading.

Dedicate yourself to proper training


Dedicate yourself to proper training

It is not about finding a suitable profession. It is essential to promote multidisciplinary knowledge; among them:

  • Economy
  • Mathematics
  • Physical
  • Psychology
  • Communication
  • Computing.

Closely following major trends helps get off to a promising start. Titles are not enough. Experience is crucial.

Analyze the market


You need to dominate the entire investment field

Once you delve into the texts, you must enter the market. Which is the reason? If you skip the step, you won’t know when is the best time to buy or sell.

You need dominate the entire investor field. In the same way, you need to detect which elements you will work on:

  • Shares of stock
  • Forex market currencies
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • ETFs (exchange-traded funds)
  • Raw Materials
  • Stock indices.

Market trends cause the prices of financial assets to fluctuate, remain lateral or inert. Your mission is to take advantage of that exchange flow.

The market study will provide you with essential data to develop a strategy. With graphs you can measure the evolution of the price and the trading volume. Inquire about the external factors that affect the price.

Build your strategy

live from trading 4

Study the techniques and think about how to use them

Your priority is to achieve cost effectiveness. For this you need to specify a strategy. How to develop it?

  1. Get familiar with the trading tools
  2. Study the techniques and think about how to use them
  3. Learn how the industrial area works
  4. Search simulator program and exercise as many times as you need before jumping into real life.

Draw up a plan in which you establish what, how, why, when … to operate. There is no right or wrong way to define it. The bottom line is that you determine which one you will use.

Risks, fear or caution?

live from trading 3

It is recommended to have a trading blog

As principle you should not put your investment at risk.

To anticipate losses, I recommend you have one binnacle trading. There are detailed all the relevant data of the routine procedure:

  • Date
  • Action
  • Entry
  • Departure
  • Outcome
  • Predominant emotion
  • Comments
  • Evaluation.

Thanks to these records you will be able to identify patterns. You will detect your own trends and those of the market. Will tell you when to make adjustments to your method for the sake of improving it.

Know your potential

live from trading 2

Evaluate yourself: Make comparisons

You need to know yourself as a trader. We leave you some criteria on which you can rely. Take note.

  • Develop your own style: do not imitate. Adjust the knowledge to your personality
  • Lean on professional traders: develop the habits and beliefs of those with experience
  • Find your schedules: create routines that match the level competition in the market
  • Evaluate yourself: Make comparisons. Identify your potential and your weaknesses.

We show you the most exciting unusual stories about the end of the world

Types of trading, which one to choose?

live from trading 1

Types of trading

Living from trading requires you to fully exploit your cognitive and psychological abilities. Taking these aspects into account will benefit you in your activity. Do not give up. You can go thinking about it. Identify the type of trading you can dedicate to:

Intraday (scalpers)– Operations last seconds and, in some cases, up to 25 minutes. Many are carried out daily, with a very small profit margin on each one.

Interday (day traders): they open and close their shares the same day. They prevent their quotes from falling.

Swing traders: they operate days or weeks. They wait for the boost they want.

Long term: the operations close in an extended period. They can last for months and years. You don’t need to see the results immediately.

cryptocurrencies unusual money

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Unusual news that has shocked the world




Massacres, devastating weather events, deadly diseases and explosions have happened one after another. Although it has become common to hear such news, they are becoming more and more shocking.

Do you remember the last deadly plane crash or the most devastating bombings? In this post we are going to refresh your memory… Warning! It is not a game, here you will find 10 unusual news that have shaken the world.

Ready to lose sleep? We begin.

Here we leave you the best eating competitions. The current champion

Los Rodeos plane crash

Los Rodeos plane crash

Los Rodeos plane crash

On March 27, 1977, the most terrible plane crash until the present.

What happened?

The collision of two Boeing 747 aircraft at Los Rodeos airport, in San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Tenerife. The number of victims amounted to 583, the highest figure in all of history of aviation.

The planes that hit came from Amsterdam and Los Angeles. The first was a KLM 4805, from the KLM airline, and the second the PAA 1736, from Pan Am.

The cause of the misfortune was congestion at the airport that day, as many flights had been diverted. In turn, a strong mist prevented the track from being seen clearly.

Fall of the twin towers

Twin Towers

Fall of the twin towers

If it is about unusual news, we cannot exclude the attack of September 11, 2001.

Who has not remembered that event without being able to avoid getting their eyes watering?

It is not for less, since that day the Twin Towers of New York were destroyed. The consequences?

  • 2 996 people died
  • 24 disappeared
  • About 25,000 were injured.

In addition to this, the jihadist network Al Qaeda, responsible for the event, caused heavy damage to the Pentagon building. All of this resulted in the United States losing more than $ 10 billion.

The episode triggered the conflict in Afghanistan and the “War on Terrorism” policy, which was implemented George W. Bush.

11M attacks

11M attacks

11M attacks

March 11, 2004 is between the saddest days in the history of Madrid, Spain.


10 explosions took place, the product of several terrorist attacks on 4 trains belonging to the “Cercanías de Madrid” network. This fact was recorded as the largest attack in the country and the second largest in Europe.

The report of the 193 deaths and the nearly 2,000 injured was more than shocking for the world population. According to the media, those responsible were Al Qaeda and the “Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group.”

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Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina

Unusual news? Hurricane Katrina was at the time. It may not have existed no other storm more catastrophic. It didn’t just take the lives of nearly 2,000 people. It also caused flooding and severe economic damage.

Its tour of the Bahamas, Cuba, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama took place between August 23 and 31, 2005. Its maximum winds were around 280 kilometers per hour; the minimum pressure was 902 mbar.

33 Chileans trapped in the San José mine

33 Chileans

33 Chileans trapped in the San José mine

On August 5, 2010, a collapse occurred inside the San José mine, in Chile. Inside were 33 miners doing their work at the time of the accident.

After 17 days of survival without food or waterOn August 22, the miners were found alive. However, until October 12 they were not rescued. An extremely risky salvage operation was necessary.

How did they survive so long?

Don’t ask, it will be in vain; for something this fact is an ideal candidate in the top 10 “Unusual News”.

Earthquake and tsunami in Japan

tsunami in Japan

Earthquake and tsunami in Japan

Just 7 years after the attacks in Madrid that we mentioned, the Great East Japan Earthquake happened. On March 11, 2011, the Tohoku region facing the Pacific was hit by this terrible meteorological phenomenon.

Quake reached a magnitude of 9.1 Mw and lasted about 6 minutes. The depth was 29 kilometers and caused a tidal wave with waves of up to 40.5 meters. As balance left:

  • 15,893 deceased
  • 6,252 injured
  • 2 566 missing.

Massacre in Las Vegas, Nevada

unusual news 4

Massacre in Las Vegas

On October 1, 2017, the world witnessed a massacre in Las Vegas, Nevada. We refer to the shooting perpetrated by Stephen Paddock. He performed it from the 32nd floor of a hotel during the Country Route 91 music festival.

The result?

Nails 58 fatalities and 400 injured. If that scares you, expect the worst. The killer did it for mere pleasure.

Discover the unusual stories about the end of the world

Forest fires in Australia

unusual news 3

Forest fires in Australia

One of the recent unusual stories with global impact was the case of the bushfires in Australia. They occurred between June 2019 and May 20. It is estimated that about 10,000,000 hectares burned and 2 500 buildings destroyed.

The magnitude of the event was such that a state of emergency was established in the country. As a result, 26 people perished and 6 others remain missing. In addition, 500 million animals died, were injured or lost their homes. In fact, after the fires some species were endangered.

Explosions in the port of Beirut

unusual news

Explosions in the port of Beirut

During the past year there were many events that left the world population speechless. However, if there was unusual news, the explosions in the port of Beirut must be counted among the most connotative.

These incidents on August 4 claimed the lives of 207 people. Likewise, 6,500 were injured and 9 missing. According to research, this was related to 2 750 tons of ammonium nitrate stored at the scene.

Covid – 19

unusual news 1

Covid – 19

It is the greatest pandemic that humanity has suffered in the 21st century. When the spread of the virus was evidenced by the Chinese city of Wuhan, the alert resounded everywhere.

Since December 2019, the new coronavirus has killed millions of people around the globe. Likewise, we has forced to live in seclusion and practice physical and social distancing to prevent contagion.

Seeing how much it has cost us, the decision is simple: this is one of the unusual news that has shocked the world the most.

unusual viral news

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Eating competitions. The current champion




Meal? Competition? Can a daily activity be a source of income and merit?

From the beginning, mankind has tirelessly sought turn pleasant habits into work. It does not matter if we talk about sleeping, eating or making videos, the man has managed to be rewarded for it. How easy is it to turn convenience into money? Find it out!

In this post you will learn all about eating competitions around the world.

What are eating competitions?

eating competitions 4

Eating competition

Eating competitions are events in which the most agile are rewarded by gobbling. The type of food is not taken into account, but the quantity and time.

The first eating competitions were held at fairs in the 20th century. In 1916 with Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest they gained popularity. This was the first contest eating hot dogs. Today these tournaments are only officially held in Spain, although they are held all over the world.

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Eating competitions: sponsored

Who pays for the food? What fund do they use?

There are various organizations that allow participants in eating competitions to group together.

What associations live off what others eat?

FAOCE, the best known

FAOCE or International Federation of Canteens It was founded around 1990. It is the only one of these organizations that provides safety standards for contestants. It launches around 100 contests annually.

AICE, the voice of experience

The IAEC or Independent Association of Competitive Dining Rooms It was created by Arnie “Chowhound” Chapman and later joined by Coondog O’Karma. Arnie is one of the big competitors, but he faces more rivals.

Famous gluttons

eating competitions 3

Sonya Thomas in competition

Who can Chowhound not beat?

There are some people who have earned fame through eating competitions. Official contests and vocation are not the only forms of food challenges. There are also people who set high nutritional goals for themselves.

What motivates them?

For fun

Currently there are some YouTubers who challenge themselves related to food. They call them professional eaters. Among the best known are:

  • Furious pete: This youtuber enjoys traveling from one side to the other and fulfilling challenges of this type. It has Guinness Record for Fastest Intake. He is also recognized for performing insane challenges.
  • Twin Muscle: They are twins who are dedicated to exercising their body and nurturing it in surprising ways. After any sports section, they compensate by eating 10 Mexican pizzas.
  • Matt stonie: A skinny boy who makes McDonald’s look like a weight loss diet. In his videos, he is seen performing challenges as simple as ingest 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes.
  • Ted barrus: This eater is dedicated to challenging himself in a particular area: spiciness. Wherever there’s a spicy meal, Ted stopped by, made his impression, and set a record.
  • Erik the electrik: With the cycling-fitness-eating slogan it can take you from the most gigantic meals to the most crushing exercises. With his insatiable stomach, he works as a guide for other eaters.

We invite you to know the unusual stories about the end of the world

By profession

There are people who have the most delicious job: they eat for money. They are called competitive eaters, but they are taken for amateurs. The best in this business are:

  • Joey chestnut is the current champion of eating hot dogs. He is 37 years old and has been the best since 2007. His personal results include:

– 74 Nathan’s Hot Dogs in 10 minutes

– 141 eggs cooked in 8 minutes

– 81 lamb sandwiches in 10 minutes

– 185 croquettes in 8 minutes.

  • Sonya thomas is the fifth in the world ranking and ranks number one in South Korea. With only 49 kilograms he has 39 world records, Among which are:

– 552 oysters in 10 minutes

– 65 eggs cooked in 6 minutes and 40 seconds

– 80 chicken nuggets in 5 minutes

– 5 kilos of cheesecake in 10 minutes.

  • Takeru kobayashi he was the best at eating hot dogs for 6 years until Joey got over it. Is number one in the world ranking. Some of his achievements are:

– 4 liters of milk in 1 minute

– 110 hot dogs in 10 minutes

– 100 Chinese bread rolls in 12 minutes

– 93 hamburgers in 8 minutes.

The impressive records these people have raises questions. Are they really human? Is so much ingestion correct?

Competitive eaters or over-the-top gluttons?

eating competitions 2

Some competitors choose to run, obesity is not an option

Competitors eating competitions they are considered athletes. They have routines and parameters to follow in order to participate in contests. Society has different views on these people, but the most common idea is that they are gluttons.

Training for eating competitions

What training does a person who is dedicated to eating?

Generally, competitive eaters before starting their journey go to the doctor for a healthy diet. Then they start with physical exercise. Some opt for long treadmills, others for running, it is known that obesity is not an option.

Methods are also practiced to chew faster, put more food in the mouth, and expand the stomach. Each professional has individual techniques so there is a great variety.

Do not miss it, these are the things you did not know what they are for

Eating competence damage

Eating competitions can give difficulties in the digestive system and others. Competitors are exposed to the risk of death from suffocation, drowning and allergies. Frequent contestants can suffer from diabetes, obesity, vomiting, diarrhea and heartburn after the challenges. From a medical point of view, contests are very harmful.

Deadly eating skills

How far does the risk go?

Eating competitions They go from the comical to the deadly. Some launch challenges designed to not be able to be fulfilled. They increase the risk to the life of the contestants and accumulate a large number of deaths. Some of the most radical tests of this type to date are:

  • “Death by lobster roll”
  • “That tasty empacho”
  • “Bugs everywhere”
  • “Kismot Killer”
  • “Deadly cooked”

These, like many others, come with extreme dangers. The question is: are they worth it?

Rewards for eating competitions

Joey chestnut

Joey Chestnut receiving first prize

It is generally rewarded with money, travel or objects. It all depends on the type of competition in which you participate. They also offer merits and medals like athletes. It’s good pay for doing something enjoyable.

If you like to eat and compete, don’t waste time, you have found your calling. Only around the corner of a Google search can you find the eating competition for you. If you want you can!

eat unusual news

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