Was your iPhone stolen? This is what you should never do

If you have been a victim of crime, and your iPhone was stolen, Kaspersky discovered the interaction scheme used by scammers to unlock stolen iPhones. This procedure involves psychological pressure and social engineering skills.

Here’s what thieves do when they have just stolen an iPhone: They immediately turn off the phone to avoid being detected and also remove the SIM card to find out the victim’s phone number.

Then if the victim activates their replacement SIM card, they supposed to get a legitimate notification of the «Find my iPhone» service from Apple, but instead they are getting a false SMS. In that message, they ask the user to enter a site that seems to be official, but it is not, although it is apparently the same from the company: icloud.co.com. There, the owner is supposed of being able to recover cell’s location, by entering their credentials.

It is very difficult to see the difference, because what it seems to be a proper and true company site, is a trap. The address itself is a trap, actually it is written like «icioud [dot] co [dot] com», in this case, it is an uppercase «i», instead of a lowercase «l». This technique is called phishing, and it allows the cybercriminals to steal user credentials to unlock and freely use the phone.

If the scammers realize that their victim has detected the phishing trick, they begin the next stage of the plan: cybercriminals try to contact the owner through a phone call in which they passed to be a representative of the company’s service center. Then they describe the device and offer to return it to the owner.

Once the rightful owner falls for the scam, they settle a place to meet them to return the device. Somehow, they managed to gain their trust. They emphasize that the owner should delete their account in the cloud for safety reasons so they can erase the link with the stolen smartphone. If they succeed to convince the owners to do that, now they are in position to turn on the phone and freely use it without any risk.

What we can do in case of loss or theft of the iPhone

Immediately activate Lost mode in the Search my iPhone application. Then, you should contact your operator to lock the SIM card, especially if it is not protected by PIN code (it is common knowledge that these codes are disabled or very simple, such as 0000 or 1111). If you are certain of you already lost it or don’t want to look for it, activate the Delete iPhone mode.

You should remember all the time that SMS messages, and even voice calls, can be false. Compare information collected by the messages with what you see in Find My iPhone, if it doesn’t match, there is a chance that someone is trying to rob you. Go to your email, see if you have authentic messages from Find my iPhone. If there is none, and you have some other regarding the loss, probably is from thieves, son don’t do what they ask at any cost.

Probably they ask you to access some link. Don’t. manually visit the icloud.com site from some PC browser and never handle your Apple IP and password. Keep calm. Criminals will try to fool you as you grow impatient. It is their usual strategy, do not fall for it. As much as the scammers insist, never deactivate the Lost mode of the Search my iPhone application.

With information from: https://www.eluniversal.com.mx

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