Unusual sports in the world. Top 22 list

These sports are not part of Tokyo 2020 for sure, but they are so strange and curious that it is worth knowing them. Do not miss them!

There are many people who say the typical phrase of ‘sport is not for me’. But … what sport? football and baseball, despite occupying the largest space sports programming, are not the only sport that exists. And if we go from the most common and go around the world in terms of sport, it is about; surely if we find a sport that arouses more interest, even if it is strange.

Almost everyone has heard of rare or minority sports. But can you consider ironing a sport? There are people who question if chess and motorcycles are real sports, but nobody thinks that ironing can be such an activity. And look, ironing a shirt at the bottom of the sea, or in the middle of climbing a mountain should not be an easy task.

These strange sports may have appeared from tradition or history, or from a mix of sports and hobbies. But what is undeniable is that the creators have a mind, at least, exceptional (for better or for worse) that gave rise to unusual sports.

1. Eukonkanto (Finland)

It is one of the most practiced sports in Finland. Wife carrying in English, consists of the participants, men, to complete a race track with obstacles carrying their wife (the sport does not require the participants to be legally married).

Unusual sports. Wife carrying competition.
Wife carrying competition

As you read it, the Nordics have revolutionized the idea of ​​showing love in a marriage. The winner is the one who completes the course in the shortest time possible. Men carry women on a horse, a potato sack or as comfortable as she feels. As long as she does not fall all is good. Also, she must weigh more than 49 kg and over 17 years old. The prize for the winner is the weight of his wife, in beer! A reward more than deserved.

2. Very unusual sport. Extreme ironing (England)

This surreal extreme sport was born in Leicester, England in 1997. Created by Phil Shaw, a climbing enthusiast who worked in a garment factory. It is one of the most unusual sports in the world.

Extreme ironing
Man climbing Mount Rushmore with ironing board

The sport consists on the combination of both of Phil’s passions. Basically, participants have to iron a garment leaving it impeccable in certain strange circumstances. This movement has been followed on social media, and has even launched an ironing board, the Light-Ironing. The product has been designed specifically for this curious extreme ironing activity, with lightness as the most remarkable feature.

3. The Cheese rolling and wake (England), very dangerous sport apparently.

This competition has centuries of history, dates back to the year 1,400, and simple mechanics. In this race, the objective is to roll down a hill chasing a cheese, a Gloucester double of about 9-14 euros. It is definitely an unusual sport. Hundreds of participants come to Brockworth every year, in addition to the public. Injuries such as burns, broken bones and even brain concussion and bruises are the negative part of this sport. The first one to catch it wins.

4. Buzkashi (Afghanistan)

If all the sports we’ve been mentioning are weird, this is another level. Afghanistan’s national sport consists of no more and no less than two groups of 10 people on horseback playing with the body of a decapitated goat. Because, of course, why use balls if you have the head of a decapitated goat. Buzkashi, similar to polo, is a widespread sport in the regions of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. The first team that takes the decapitated goat to the center of the field or to a circular area at the ends, depending on the variant, wins. It is a very violent game and requires both riders and horses to have very high physical training.

5. Elephant polo.

Yes, people do play this sport on an elephant’s back. The same rules as regular polo apply and the same equipment too. This sport is popular in Nepal, India, and Thailand.

Rare sports. Elephant Polo
Polo players, sitting behind mahouts as they guide elephants, compete for the ball during The annual King’s Cup Elephant Polo charity event; match in Bangkok, Thailand, Thursday, March 9, 2017. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

6. Rare sport. Tip basket

This Basque sport is originally called jai-alai and it uses a kind of glove that allows you to throw a ball against the wall at more than 300 km / h.

7. Fierljeppen

When there were no bridges in Holland, citizens jumped from channel to channel, and that’s what this sport is all about. You must use a very long pole, similar to the poles, and perform the jump. The record is currently at 21 meters skipped

8. Unusual Sport. Chess Boxing

It is a mix of boxing and chess, unthinkable to his first sight, and was invented by a French filmmaker in a comic. People began practicing in real life in 2003 and consists of 11 rounds that are divided into 6 chess and 5 boxing sessions.

9. Ostrich racing.

The sport originated in Africa eventually making a crossover to the US. These animals can reach a speed of 43 miles an hour.

Ostrich racing unusual sport
Ostrich racing track

The game consists of people sitting on ostriches and racing them around a track. Unusual sports like this show how creative people is. When life gives you lemons right….Right?

10. Street Luge

This sport is one that we used to practice as children without knowing that it really is a sport. It involves lying on your back on a skateboard and jumping downhill, although the skateboard is 2 meters long and 40 cm wide. The speed can get to exceed 100 km / h .

11. Cycle-boll

Nicholas Edward Kaufmann invented this sport in 1893. It is a mix between cycling and soccer, so both players from each team have to score goals.

Cycle-ball unusual sports
Team playing Cycle-ball

It is very popular in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Japan. There have been world championships since 1929 and it is regulated by the International Cycling Union.

12. Rare Sport. Sepak Takraw

It dates from the time of the Malacca Sultanate -between 634 and 713-, in Southeast Asia. It is very similar to volleyball but with a cane ball that can only be touched with the head and feet. It is very popular in Thailand, Cambodia, Masia, Laos, and Indonesia.

13. Blobbing

Not even remotely this ‘sport’ has the history of the previous ones. It was devised by an American soldier and consists of sitting on the tip of an inflatable, preferably in lakes, while two or three people jump at the opposite end at the same time. The consequence is clear: the first one flies through the air until it falls into the water.

14. Disc Golf

Practiced in England, Norway, Japan, Australia and Canada, this kind of golf is perfect for those who still can’t get a good swing. It consists of hitting 18 objectives with a flying disc until ending up in a basket.

15. Bo Taoshi

This crazy sport is played in Japan and is like a kind of catches the flag but to the beast. Two teams of 75 people have to knock down the opposite post – between three and five meters high – with all their strength and the accumulation of their bodies.

16.Rare sport in Eton. Wall Game

It is practiced at the British University of Eton, on a 5 by 110-meter piece of land next to a curved brick wall dating from 1717. The objective is to move the ball towards the end of the playing area in a similar way to rugby.

17. Jugglers fight

We imagine that someone somewhat boring, thought back in 2000 that it would be cool to face two teams of jugglers. Said and done. So, as the name suggests, two teams fight while juggling.

18. Bog Snorkelling

In a small Welsh town, Llanwrtyd Wells, two men came up with this after a drunken night, how could it be otherwise? What does it consist of? Well, swimming in a muddy swamp with fins and a snorkel for 110 meters.

19. Unusual competition. Pulling ears

Talking about unusual sports; a certain modality of this sport is sure that we have all practiced it, although the truth is that this competition is quite surreal.

Rare sport pulling ears
Woman competing in Ear Pulling match

One person in front of another, both linked by a string hanging from their ears and see which one has more strength. Sometimes they even have to have stitches …

20.Rare sport. Calcio Storico

A wild sport practiced in Italy in which 25 players hit each other to put the ball in the opponent’s area.

21. Ultimate

This sport is played in the USA, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and Spain. It is a kind of American football, but instead of a ball, a frisbee is used

22. Underwater rugby and hockey

The first of these was created in 1973 in Germany when a diving instructor wanted to make training sessions more fun. It is played in a pool 11 against 11, with fins and oxygen bottles. The objective is to put the ball in the opposite team’s basket and avoid getting it into their own.

Strange sport underwater hockey
American School underwater hockey competition

Underwater hockey, meanwhile, emerged in the mid-1950s in Portsmouth, Great Britain. The first European Cup was held in Belgium in 1979. Definitely an unusual sport. Even American schools play it

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