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Unusual case of coronavirus in San Juan: a truck driver was infected twice



An Argentine trucker has been infected for the second time with Covid-19, in a unusual case of coronavirus that has surprised doctors and relatives.

This case of an infected patient twice for coronavirus
It occurred in the Argentine province of San Juan and was announced on Monday, August 10 by the medical team of the local hospital in the city of Cuy

The head of Epidemiology of the provincial government, Mónica Jofŕe, explained that the unusual thing about this case is that it is a trucker who in the month of May had been confirmed as the third case of Covid-19 detected in that region.

Although the truck driver had recovered without major complications, it was surprising that in a very short time he was infected again.

The truth is that this case occurs while Argentina joins the long list of countries that have imposed travel restrictions to try to stop the spread of Covid among the population.

Who is the patient who was infected twice by coronavirus?

The patient who stars in this unusual case of coronavirus
He works as a truck driver in the Province of San Juan, in the central region of the Argentine Republic.

At the beginning of May 2020, this trucker tested positive for Covid-19, being the third case detected in this region of the center of the country.

At the time it aroused a lot of excitement because in addition to the truck driver it was also found that his sister, who is a rheumatologist, and mother were infected, becoming the fourth and fifth confirmed cases in San Juan.

The sister’s case had repercussions, because got sick from entering the restricted area without authority where the trucker was.

In addition, he later infected another medical colleague, which led to a legal complaint against him from the Argentine Minister of Health.

In addition, there was much concern among the local authorities who feared that San Juan would suffer an outbreak like the one registered in Buenos Aires and other more populated areas of the country.

Chronology of this double Covid infection

Chronology of this double Covid infection

This patient was treated for the first time at the Guillermo Rawson Hospital

This truck driver had been treated between April 21 and 30 for pneumonia in a hospital in Buenos Aires, where he tested negative for PCR.

On July 5, he was taken to the city of San Juan and admitted to the Guillermo Rawson Hospital, where he tested positive for Covid-19, becoming the third case detected in this region.

There he remained for 22 days and on May 27 he finally received a medical discharge, apparently without the sequelae that Covid leaves on the lungs and organs of other patients.

But last Friday, August 10, this came to light unusual case of coronavirus when testing positive again in a PCR test

Detected in a mandatory test

This test was done in a mandatory sampling for all carriers that travel within and outside the province of San Juan.

The man in question has just brought a load to the neighboring Santa Fe region.

He was immediately quarantined in a hotel and according to the authorities he does not present symptoms of Covid-19 at the moment.

Meanwhile, a total of 18 family members, colleagues and friends with whom he had recent contact were located and quarantined, although they did not include his sister and mother who had tested positive in May.

It highlights the fact that affected by double infection by Covid did not use a mask nor did he maintain social distance when interacting with these family and friends.

What are the authorities saying about this case of double infection?

«It has taken us by surprise» were the words that the head of Epidemiology of the provincial government, Mónica Jofŕe, gave to the media when referring to this unusual case of coronavirus.

The spokeswoman added that she is preparing a report on this unusual case of double Covid infection at the request of the Committee of Experts that assists Argentine President Álvaro Fernández.

This committee plays a key role in the development of policies and actions to fight the pandemic in the country, which on August 12 had 260,911 infections and a balance of 5,088 fatalities.

Despite this high figure, the Province of San Juan has only reported 10 cases of Covid-19 till the date.

Double Covid infection: something rare in Argentina

Double Covid infection

In countries such as Italy, China and the United States, cases of coronavirus patients have been found who became infected again after being discharged.

In March the first report of double contagion of Covid in a patient from Iceland, but it was two strains of the virus acting at the same time.

In the case of Argentina only there are previous reports of double infection by Covid in a man from the Province of Chaco and a woman living in Córdoba.

This driver would then be the third Argentine infected twice by coronavirus.

The situation is so atypical that it is not known whether to count this patient as case 11 of Covid-19 in San Juan or to keep him as the third in the records.

«The question is precisely how to qualify it, since we do not know if it is a reinfection during the last trip or a reactivation of its first infection,» said Jofré.

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