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Tyler Adams. The hero of RB Leipzig



The role of the American footballer Tyler Adams at RB Leipzig of Germany, was the one of a true hero after giving his team the victory 2 goals for 1 against Atlético de Madrid and qualify them to the semifinals of the 2020 UEFA Champions League.

This is how the entire European press considers it, which has not yet come out of surprise after the defeat of the Spaniards, whom everyone considered favorites before the game held last Thursday, August 13.

This was a special date for Tyler Adams, as he went down in history as the first American to score a goal in the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Adams will now have a chance to match fellow countryman DaMarcus Beasley, who in 2005 played with the mighty PSV of the Netherlands in the UEFA Champions League semi-finals.

On this occasion, the challenge is greater because the RasenBallsport Leipzig was created just 11 years ago and it was nothing but until 2015 that he was able to ascend to the First Division of the Bundesliga.

In any case, whatever happens from now on with Tyler Adams at RB Leipzig, the player will be remembered for a long time for this victory, especially in Spain.

The consecration of Tyler Adams, the hero of Leipzig

The positive influence of Tyler Adams at RB Leipzig it became a reality only in the 72nd minute of the game against Atlético de Madrid, when he entered to replace Konrad Lamer.

The game remained 1-1 with only three minutes remaining in regulation time.

In the 88th minute Tyler Adams accompanied an advance down the left wing and received a cross, which he finished without thinking with a powerful right hand that was deflected by an opponent.

The ball ended up in the goal of the colchoneros and Tyler Adams made history by eliminating Atlético de Madrid of the Champions League 2020.

It will not be surprising that Adams begins a relationship with Leipzig, as productive as the history of Leo Messi with Barcelona, his team since he arrived in Spain almost 20 years ago.

An unlikely victory for Tyler Adams and his team

An unlikely victory for Tyler Adams

Tyler Adams went from anonymity to fame in less than 3 years

Although today it is not strange that a small team eliminates a large one, here several factors were combined to describe this victory of the Germans as heroic.

First of all the Leipzig is not an old or powerful team in football matches.

Second, the presence of the North American Tyler Adams at RB Leipzig It is a rarity in a European football used to importing stars from Latin America or Africa.

It’s more, Tyler Adams had only been a professional for 3 years at New York Red Bull before being acquired by Leipzig for the 2019-2020 season.

Although everyone recognizes that he has talent, no one imagined that his first goal for the German team would mark him in a game as important as this.

A promising future

Adams is at the beginning of his career and at 21 years old he has plenty of time ahead to prove himself.

And that is how coach Julián Nagelsmannm has considered it, who did not hide his respect for the work of Tyler Adams at RB Leipzig.

In his opinion, Adams always pushes himself to the limit and is very passionate on the court. «He is someone who wants to improve every day and listens to the people and the coaching staff,» stressed the German coach.

Now some are of the opinion, perhaps prematurely, that Tyler Adamas could lead Leipzig to the European title.

MLS will benefit from Tyler Adams’ good work

MLS will benefit from the work of Tyler Adams

The United States works to become a quarry of world stars

For many, the good performance of Tyler Adams is the result of the excellent work of training of youth talents in the quarries of MLS teams, something that has been going on for a decade now.

These quarries in turn support a talent export project that is already producing its first results.

In 2018 Leipzig signed this player after a quick negotiation with the New York Red Bulls team, who joined the group of MLS players who went to the military in Europe, especially in Great Britain and Germany.

Among these we have the American international Zack Steffen, who in 2019 was sold by the Columbus Crew SC to the German team Fortuna Düsseldorf.

We can also mention Miguel Almirón, owned by Atlanta United before being sold in 2018 to Newcastle of England.

No doubt that the good step of Tyler Adams at RB Leipzig is a push to the MLS plan to consolidate as emerging power in the international transfer market.

In the midst of the pandemic and the confinement, surely the North American agents are closely following what happens during the European football transfer dates and they will soon take advantage.

Although their domestic tournament may not soon reach La Liga, Bundesliga or Premier League quality, there is no doubt that The United States could gain a lot by selling high-level players.

For now, we have to wait to see what will happen on Tuesday, August 18 at the Da Luz Stadium in Lisbon, Portugal, when Leipzig face the powerful Paris Saint-Germain and its stars Mbappé, Neymar and Kylian, among others in the semifinals.

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