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Top 10 phones with super zoom cameras



Today, obtaining a mobile phone is somewhat more difficult than it was a few years ago. Long ago, it only mattered that this one had the ability to make calls, send and receive messages and when more, give the correct time.

However, things have changed. Like everything in the world, cell phones have undergone an admirable and dizzying evolution, which has led them to be extremely different from what they were before. Now, the right space and a magnificent camera, are more significant details, than what was at one time priority.

Spectacular mobiles with super zoom camera

If what you are looking for is a mobile having the best lens on the market, it goes without saying that the ideal is the iPhone 11 Pro Max. However, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is not far behind and with its arrival, things have changed a bit. While it is not better than the previous one, it is very close.

However, despite its favorable conditions, until certain evidence is affirmed; Apple’s phone continues to command the list of best mobiles with super zoom cameras on the market.

iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

There is a huge list of reasons why you should buy these phones. Both are the most famous mobiles of the year. In addition, they offer a complete and spectacular camera combo. So if your goal is to get good photos, you should not think twice, this is the Better option.

We did not think that after iPhone XS 2018, which boasted a high-performance camera, a better one could emerge. But here was the iPhone 11 Pro, released by Apple in 2019.

– Has a wonderful and variable camera, with which you will be able to point and shoot

– In addition, their fantastic qualities to capture a good image, even in low light, are due to its magnificent portrait mode, powerful optical and digital zoom.

For all this, he is considered one of the best mobiles with cameras super zoom.

iPhone XS mobile with super zoom camera

Unlike iPhone XS, which featured a dual lens camera, this zoom, while not that different, has a 1200 field of view which gives you the opportunity to focus even more on your photos.

So you have all the more reasons to buy this mobile phone, in case you want to make sure your photos are perfect.

Unlike iPhone XS, which featured a dual-lens camera, this zoom, while not that different, has a 1200 field of view which gives you the opportunity to focus even more on your photos.

Thanks to the brilliant work of Smart HDR, which allows the joining of numerous frames, since the brightness will not be a problem. Because this phone eliminates excess light and allows, in addition to a great contrast; obtaining beautiful natural colors.

In the same way, its larger sensor makes it easier for you to obtain a good quality photo, even in a twilight environment or with poor light. It is so sufficient that this camera, instead of modifying the whole scene; It is able to give the image in particular the indicated settings. For example, if it is a flower, it will be given the appropriate colors and shades for this landscape.

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

This is by far the best Android camera and one of the coolest mobiles with super zoom cameras. If I had to give a reason why it appears to be a great option, it would be the following:

– This, in addition to being one of the more efficient Android phones of the market, among all smart phones that can be found, is one of those with the best camera.

For the aforementioned, this phone is suggested to any user, whose objective is to have a fabulous camera.

Google is not satisfied with the quality of the camera of their phones Pixel and instead; He has dedicated himself to modifying them in such a way that they become the best option in the eyes of all.

Some of the characteristics of the camera main Pixel 4 are:

– It has a high ability to focus, which allows to obtain a higher quality in the Photography

– The automatic way is not far behind and could provide great results

– Not satisfied with one, the HDR Plus, it can reach multiple shots in order for you to choose the best one.

– Eliminate noise and achieve a clean and sharp photo.

– In the selfie, it is possible to group large numbers of people in the image, given that quality, all lovers of this technique will be widely displayed satisfied.

Should there be an opportunity to disagree with the own configuration that comes with the mobile, it offers the possibility of making certain adjustments.

The Pixel 4 has a vast mosaic of options and will certainly always give you the gifts best photos. To do this, it has enormous color accuracy, gloss touch-ups and fairly competent lighting.

If we dare to compare this model and the previous one, Pixel 3, we can say that the 4, in low light, is capable of providing an effect wonderful portrait and it is one of the best phones with super zoom cameras. Giving the advantage of obtaining a beautiful photograph of the sky full of stars.

Pixel 3a

This, on the other hand, although it is not the most modern, evidently, is undoubtedly a good option for someone on a budget. Because it turns out to be one of the most economical and accurate super zoom cameras.

It is true that this camera is not like the Pixel 3, however, the difference is quite minimal, offering amazing details such as strong contrasts and beautiful colors and even, it achieves good effects in shady places. It has nothing to envy to other mobiles, perhaps more modern and expensive.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

It is the preferred camera in a Samsung phone and a unique brand within the large mobiles with super zoom cameras.

This, for its part, is the preferred camera in a Samsung phone and a unique brand within the large mobiles with super zoom cameras. Saying cellular It is suitable for those inveterate lovers of Samsung phones.

According to this brand, its 108 mega-pixel sensor significantly enhances the quality and resolution that images can have. photos and videos. All this, due to a system that, in the face of high zoom levels, eliminates the reduction in image quality.

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