Tom Hanks and his wife tested positive for Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has reached Hollywood. Two high-profile patients are now confirmed to have the virus. Academy Award winner Tom Hanks confirmed himself that he and his wife have the dreaded virus.

The Hanks had a diagnosis abroad

A post in Tom Hank’s verified Instagram account said the actor and his wife started to feel sick in Australia. Hanks is this country working for Warner Bros on an Elvis Presley movie. It is still-untitled. He plays the role of Colonel Tom Parker who was the singer’s manager. The movie is directed by Baz Luhrmann.

A spokesperson for Warner Bros reported to CNN that the film was in pre-production when Hanks and his wife received the diagnosis on The Gold Coast, Australia. They both tested positive for COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Warner Bros is working closely with Australian health agencies in order to identify and reach those who may have been in direct contact with the person. CNN and Warner Bros are owned by the same parent company.

Rita Wilson who is Hanks’s wife was touring with her new album titled “Halfway to Home”. There were concert dates in the cities of Sydney and South Brisbane.

How it happened.

According to Tom Hanks, the couple knew there was something wrong because of certain symptoms like colds, body aches, and fever. Both were examined for coronavirus and found to be positive. Neither one of them has said so far how they could have been infected by the virus.

The Hollywood Reporter said that they are two of the seven new cases reported in Queensland.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson ages

The couple is both are 63 years old, this puts them in the “older adult” category, and according to experts are the most likely have serious complications from the virus.

The couple’s children, Chet and Colin Hanks spoke about their parents on social media.

Chet posted a video on his Instagram account. In it, he sais he had just spoken to them and they are both ok.

The couple is not scared for their health but both are taking the necessary precautions

Colin Hanks also tweeted his gratitude for all the support towards his parents.

What follows for Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

According to Hanks, he and his wife take it one day at a time.

The family is following the protocols of Medical officials. They will be screened, watched and isolated during the time required by public health and safety institutions.

The actor and his wife, positive on Covid-19, have asked for caution and thanked the staff of the Australian hospital who have treated them

In a message on their social networks, the marriage share that they have the COVID-19 and are in isolation for the moment. This way they are not transmitting it to anyone else. For her part, Wilson who had attended the television show Today Extra. has explained that the team that was in close contact with the actress has been quarantined. This included the presenters. She had no symptoms during the recording session.

For some this can end in a very serious illness, said Tom Hanks, He accompanied his message with a photograph. In it, the couple seemed relaxed. Bothe wearing a baseball cap and dressed in casual clothes with no makeup. In his message, the actor reminds people to follow the specialists’ advice and recommendations; to take care of ourselves and others.

Tom Hanks after diagnose
Tom Hanks and wife

Remember that despite current events, no one cries in baseball. The actor said this quoting from the film They Hit from 1992. He starred it along with Geena Davis, Madonna, and Rosie O’Donnell. In this film, he plays the role of a baseball coach.

Do not travel overseas.

Scott Morrison Australia’s Prime Minister has stated a new edict. He has upgraded travel advice for Australians to level four. This refers to travel overseas to the entire world, indefinitely – for the first time.

“The travel advice to every Australian is ‘Do not travel abroad. Do not go overseas’,” Morrison said on Wednesday, as part of yet more restrictions aimed to curb the spread of deadly coronavirus.

Australia is one of several countries to apply to this travel ban for its citizens and to suspend flights. The World Health Organization has stated that there are already more than 9000 deaths from the disease. And already 92 countries have it on its territories.

Tom Hanks in The Simpsons

They have done it again! The Simpsons also predicted that Tom Hanks would have coronavirus. Who writes the scripts for The Simpsons? This is a question that we have asked ourselves many times because the most famous family on television is able to guess any type of event several years in advance. Just a few weeks ago we were telling how The Simpsons predicted the coronavirus. In one of the series’ episodes, a virus from Asia arrived in Springfield through a parcel service and spread among the population.

The Simpsons have done it again.

Well, The Simpsons have done it again. This week we learned that Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, were infected with coronavirus after a trip to Australia for the filming of the actor’s new movie. They themselves confirmed the news through their social networks and, in addition, they said that they were taking all possible preventive measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

Before the news, many users remembered the Simpsons movie from the year 2007. In one of the scenes, reference is made to Tom Hanks, and the actor’s character appears communicating in a new Grand Canyon because the one that had until now had become very boring.

Hi, I’m Tom Hanks. The United States government lost its credibility, so it borrowed mine. I am Tom Hanks and I ask you to leave me alone if you see me in person.

In the film, the actor played himself. However, at no time did he become ill or isolated. Curiosly, within the same story, Homer Simpson caused the entire city ​​of Springfield to be quarantined.

So it’s a ‘pinch-off’ theory, but the coincidence is still very interesting.

Here is the link to the video

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