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Tips to grow eyelashes and keep them well cared for Tips to grow eyelashes and keep them well cared for



Among the cosmetic products most sought after by women throughout the world, those that promise grow eyelashes or give them more body and showiness. And it is that the thinness or absence of eyelashes is a very frequent problem, especially from the 30 years.

Beyond aesthetics, the eyelashes fulfill a function of protecting the eye against the entry of dust and water particles. They begin to form when the fetus reaches 22 weeks of gestation.

Like hair, they are keratin fibers that are born from hair cells inserted into the skin, in this case at the edge of the eyelid. For many reasons, every day we lose one to 5 tabs, which take up to 2 months to grow back.

And this is precisely one of the reasons why so many women are looking for a way to grow eyelashes faster and keep them healthy and well-groomed.

To help you, we are going to explain several ways to achieve long and showy eyelashes. So you will have no excuse not to wear a perfect evening makeup whenever you wish.

Use a mascara correctly

grow eyelashes

The mascara gives them volume and thickness

Masks are essential to give the lashes greater thickness and curvature, as well as to highlight their color. For this reason, it is a product that you should use regularly to grow eyelashes, especially if yours are brittle or fall off easily.

We advise you to buy good brand products, which include components that stimulate hair growth and give your eyelashes greater resistance.

But at the same time, we remind you that it is not a product that you should use 24 hours a day. This is because the mask solidifies to shape each lash, but it can also cause breakage when sleeping with this cosmetic on.

Before going to bed, remove the mascara using a good makeup remover and cotton. Also, try not to use mascara when you don’t need to leave the house.

Hydration, key factor to grow eyelashes

As with hair, good hydration is needed to grow eyelashes and whatthat have shine and resistance. This can best be achieved with the use of moisturizing oils that you will apply after removing your makeup at night.

There are many types of moisturizing oils for eyelashes, but the most recommended are those made from coconut oil and almond oil, preferably enriched with vitamin E.

Its application is very simple, since you only need a swab impregnated in this product to spread it from the base to the tip of each eyelash. Wait about five minutes and repeat the operation.

Maintain a good diet

Vitamins C and E are essential for healthy skin and hair, including eyelashes. For make lashes grow fasterInclude foods rich in these vitamins such as citrus fruits, almonds, corn, peanuts and green leafy vegetables in your diet.

For lengthen lashes and take care of them It is important that your diet includes foods rich in minerals such as silicon, zinc and potassium, which you can find in olives, rice, oats, olives and asparagus. Supplement your nutrition with vitamin E supplements for best results.

Take care of the way you treat your eyelashes

Many times we are guilty of accelerated loss of eyelashes by rubbing our eyes too often and roughly. If you suffer from weak eyelashes and want grow eyelashes you should treat this area very carefully when removing your makeup.

Clean your eyes and lashes with a cotton swab dipped in a good cleansing product, rubbing gently and without haste.

And to complete the treatment you give your eyelashes, we will tell you a secret: comb them regularly to stimulate their growth. Comb the lashes with a special brush or mascara applicator that you no longer use, which will help separate each hair and shape it.

Do this before applying the moisturizing oil and you will see how it improves the shape and length of your lashes in no time.

Lengthen lashes and take care of them: moderate the use of your curling iron

Lengthen lashes and take care of them: moderate the use of your curling iron

Do not apply a lot of force when using the curling iron to avoid breaks

One of the most used elements to shape lashes are curlers, which apply pressure to “bend” each fiber and give them a curved and attractive appearance. This is something very common today with the new style of mask-proof makeup.

Unfortunately, the excessive use of this tool can cause the breakage of the eyelashes, which would further aggravate the problem.

Avoid the sun and stress

Finally, we will give you two tips that are also valid for hair care: avoid excessive exposure to the sun and lower your stress level.

If you really want grow eyelashesWear sunglasses to avoid excessive exposure of your eyes and eyelashes to harmful ultraviolet rays. There are very good products with a sun protection effect designed for those who live in areas with many hours of daily light.

Also try to reduce your stress level, which is one of the main causes of hair loss and eyelashes, as well as many other health problems.

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Which is preferable to wear to look prettier?




Wearing spectacular hands is a “must” for every modern girl and for that today we have two valuable resources to choose from: acrylic or gel nails.

Nails are, like eyes and lips, the three focal points of makeup in every modern woman.

A common problem that can occur is that natural nails are not long enough to apply that trendy look or have stains or blemishes that make it difficult to apply a new color or finish.

For this reason, the large cosmetic companies launch every year all kinds of products to facilitate the beautification and change of the look of the nails.

Two of the most popular products are acrylic or gel nails, two types of false nails that adapt to the use and occasion of each girl.

What kind of cosmetic accessory are gel or acrylic nails?

Both acrylic nails as gel nails are actually false nails, that is, they are elements of synthetic material that are placed on the real nail.

In addition to giving a perfect shape to the natural nail, they can also be placed in different lengths, to please both those who love short nails and those who prefer to look ultra long.

In addition, the materials used in the acrylic or gel nails
They give resistance to the natural nail and eliminate any imperfection or stain.

But the most important thing is that they facilitate the application of all types of varnish, dye or decorative element and achieve a spectacular finish that a natural nail would not be able to obtain.

Why use both types of nails instead of natural ones?

Why use acrylic or gel nails instead of natural ones

False nails are ideal for those with brittle or stained nails

Like hair, nails can vary in thickness and resistance over the years, or due to nutritional deficiencies.

There are also various fungi and chemical substances present in the environment that can affect the color and resistance of the nail cuticle.

Furthermore, the abuse of certain enamels or products can damage the cuticle over time, making them more brittle or causing stains to appear on them.

Experts believe that the best way to overcome these types of problems and quickly look and change from one spectacular and impeccable manicure to another is by using acrylic or gel nails.

Some artists are famous for looking spectacular acrylic nails or gel, which are quickly imitated by millions of fans around the world.

Whichever type you choose, you can easily apply a wide variety of nail art designs in your own home.

What are acrylic nails or acrylic nails?

The acrylic nails They are also known as porcelain nails or acrylic nails.

They are made by applying a special mold that is placed on the natural nail, which has been previously sanded and prepared with a glue with an acidic pH, which helps prevent the appearance of fungi.

A powdered polymer and a special solvent are then poured into the mold, reacting with each other to form a hard plastic paste.

This paste is molded and polished by the manicurist, who will give it a desired shape and length for the paint job that will be applied later.

The acrylic nails They need maintenance every 15 days to look like new.

In general, they can last up to 6 months depending on the daily activity you do and the speed with which your nails grow.

Why choose acrylics?

The acrylic nails They have several advantages, but the most important is that they can be given the length you want.

You can also mold the shape you want to the tip, such as a square, rounded, pointed edge or even in the shape of a saw or inverted “V”.

Another advantage is that you can get them in a great variety of lengths, widths and shapes, so there will be no problem finding one that fits perfectly on your natural nail.

The acrylic material is resistant to the solvents of most varnishes and paints, so you can use this type of nails with any type of polish or decoration.

You can also make any type of design, such as the ones you will see in our top list of acrylic nails for 2020.

Disadvantages of acrylic nails

We cannot help but warn you something, this type of nails must be placed and removed by a trained person.

Remember that the surface of the natural nail must be properly prepared before applying the acrylic nails.

In addition, the epoxy substances used to install them have a strong odor and can cause allergic reactions.

Remove the acrylic nails Without proper knowledge and experience it can cause serious damage to the keratin of the surface layer of the natural nail underneath.

One downside to heavy use is that it requires filing the nail and applying glue, which over time weakens the true nail.

What are gel nails?

Gel nails are made by applying several layers of a special oligomer or jelly that is then dried and hardened under the action of an ultraviolet light lamp.

Each applied layer must dry in the same way and the interesting thing is that even if several layers are applied, the nail hardly increases its thickness at first glance.

However, this technique gives them much more residence and is perfect for removing any surface imperfections before applying a color design.

Advantages of gel nails

Advantages of gel nails

Gel nails have a more natural appearance and higher shine

When talking about the advantages of acrylic or gel nails
we must say that the latter have a very natural appearance and shine.

Part of this is due to the fact that they hardly increase the thickness of the true nail and also maintain a degree of flexibility very similar to the natural one, maintaining its mechanical functionality.

In addition, they do not alter the length of the nail and while it is growing it can be retouched to maintain the finish and adapt it to the new length of the same.

This maintenance can be done once a month under normal conditions or every 3 weeks if you are very active or your nails have a high growth rate.

Another advantage is that the used gel is odorless and unlikely to cause an allergic reaction when inhaling.

What are the disadvantages of gel nails?

Whether you use acrylic or gel nails You will face the same problem when putting them on or taking them off – this can only (and should) be done by a properly trained person.

However, on the internet you can easily find a ge nail tutoriall and tips for learning and perfecting this technique at home.

We must also highlight that gel nails are less resistant and durable than acrylic nails and can suffer cracks more often.

In addition, the process to remove them requires more time and is more expensive than in the acrylic nails, not to mention that they require the use of special UV lamps.

Another factor that makes them less attractive than their acrylic rivals is the price, up to 20% more expensive both to install and remove.

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Day makeup for moments and special occasions




Get a beautiful day makeup It may seem complicated to many, but in reality, with a few tricks, a spectacular result can be achieved.

Unlike a night out, when applying makeup during the day you should seek to maintain naturalness and highlight your beauty instead of hiding it.

He day makeup covers a wide range of possibilities, from use a clean face or with very few touch-ups until they want look like queens even to go to the park, to work or to see friends.

What is common to all cases is that the day makeup
It should be something quick and uncomplicated, since generally there is little time to do it before having to leave home.

With these tips you can easily look beautiful during the day and if you also want to go out later, no problem, you can also do a perfect evening makeup very easily.

Before putting on makeup during the day, clean your face thoroughly

Whatever type of day makeup you will use, it is important that before you start clean the skin of your face well and eliminate excess fat and dirt.

When you get out of the shower and before applying any cosmetics, you should clean the skin with a gel, neutral soap or special lotion for your skin type, using a cotton ball and with well-cleaned hands.

The base, the key to making a day makeup look natural

If your skin is perfect it is unlikely that you will need to use foundation when applying makeup during the day.

But if you have small blemishes, blemishes, or acne scars of your adolescence if you should apply it.

The base must be of a tone similar to your skin to give a natural look, which is what we want in daytime makeup.

Always use a brush to apply foundation, which will help improve coverage and better distribute the product.

For a light coat, use a skunk brush and lightly brush with no pressure.

If you want a more intense coverage, use a flat brush and apply movements as if you were painting in one direction and another.

It is important bring the base under the chin and neck
to avoid the “mask effect” that usually appears when taking photos with flash.

Enhance your look with a mascara

Enhance your look with a mascara

The eyebrows are an essential part that defines the face

On the other hand, mascara or mascara is essential in day makeup.

The mascara will add depth to the look
and it is almost mandatory that you use them if you are one of those who have very thin or sparse eyelashes.

You just have to apply a little product from the tear to the end of each lash line and that’s it.

Enhance your day makeup with an illuminator

The highlighter is an essential product to use in day makeup, even the simplest.

Will help you hide skin imperfections that foundation cannot hide and it will give the skin a hydrated and healthy appearance.

The highlighter is used only on certain points of the face, such as the upper area of ​​the cheekbones, wings of the nose, in the tear duct of the eye and in the areas just above and below the eyebrows.

Combined with a soft colored blush you can enhance your day makeup by giving your face a little more depth.

The concealer, essential in day makeup

The concealer is another essential element when putting on makeup during the day, as it will help you correct the tone of skin affected by the sun, pimples or other problems.

The green concealer is ideal for reddened skin, while the lilac or violet helps correct yellowish areas.

You can get concealer kits at your favorite cosmetics store that also include orange or salmon correctors, very useful to improve the area of ​​dark circles.

To this are added the pink tone correctors that help to hide small areas of large pores or color variations in small areas.

Concealers that are similar in tone to your skin, but slightly darker, can help you give depth to your face if you apply them blurred on the top of the forehead, cheekbones, sides of the nose and on the jaw.

The eyeliner, the express makeup for your eyes

Since day makeup needs to be done quickly, you can’t always spend a lot of time on your eyes.

However, an eyeliner is all that is needed to make this part of your face look great and your look is deeper.

Know what are eyeliners and how to use them is basic for every modern woman.

With the eyeliner of your choice, trace a fine line on the upper lash line, but without making it too long.

If you don’t know how to do it, you just have to make a stroke from the inside of the eye to the outside, gradually increasing the thickness of the eye.

Start on the upper lash line and then work on the lower one. Too easy! Repeat the process on your lower lash line.

Do not forget to attend the eyebrows in your day makeup

Do not forget to attend the eyebrows in your day makeup

A good day makeup can not leave out the eyebrows

The eyebrows with the frame of the eyes and therefore cannot be left out when doing your ideal day makeup.

You can use an eyebrow mask of a similar tone to yours, to fill in the empty spaces and give them consistency.

With the applicator brush, gently comb your eyebrows until the product is well distributed and gives them a neat and orderly appearance.

The lips, the final point of the perfect makeup

The lips are the final point for a perfect daily makeup, which you can combine with any of the attractive summer haircuts that are in fashion this year.

In many cases, especially in young girls with a heart attack, just enough lipstick to have a perfect day makeup.

Ideally, use nude, beige or pink colors, which do not need much retouch during the day.

Applying a moisturizing cream before applying the lipstick will help you to give a brighter tone.

You can also use a little gloss or gloss on top to further increase this moisture effect on the lips.

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How to do a deep facial cleansing: techniques and treatments




A deep facial cleansing restores health to your skin by eliminating impurities that daily washing cannot remove.

Among these difficult-to-remove impurities we have blackheads, comedones, dead skin and others that make the skin lose shine, freshness and youth.

The pores are the area that should be attended the most in a facial cleansing, since it depends on them that the skin can expel waste, fat and pollutants that have entered the layers of the epidermis by the action of the environment.

A skin cleansing helps skin breathe again and at the same time stimulates blood circulation and the production of reticulin, elastin and collagen, which are substances that maintain the flexibility, resistance and softness of the epidermis.

In addition, clean skin absorbs better the nourishing and moisturizing products you use to stop the effects of aging, such as wrinkles, or to keep it fresh in very dry or saline places, such as beach areas.

Why should I get a deep facial cleansing?

The deep facial cleansing is different than basic superficial cleansing that you apply daily when bathing in the morning and removing make-up in the afternoon or evening.

If you want to keep your face flawless, skin cleansing should be done once a month and leave it in the hands of a specialist who knows how to apply the best techniques and products to unclog pores and remove dead cells.

But what if you don’t have time to go to a specialist? Well, don’t worry, you can also do a deep facial cleaning at home, following a few simple steps.

But before continuing, if you are over 35 you should consider applying a daily skin and hair care routine for mature women, which will help you look young for a long time.

Steps to doing a professional-level skin cleanse

Steps to doing a professional-level skin cleanse

Try to do a deep cleaning once a month

The first step to a deep facial is completely remove any trace of makeup or dirt of your face.

For this you must use a liquid or gel cleanser adapted to your skin type, which you will then remove with plenty of water.

Once this is done, we will go to the process of exfoliation to remove dead cells and blackheads using an exfoliating product, which you should rub gently.

This product usually contains small metallic or mineral particles with abrasive qualities, which when rubbed against the skin, detach the dead skin and soften imperfections, giving it a softer and smoother appearance.

He scrub for deep facial cleansing should only be used on the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead, applying it with gentle but continuous circular massages.

The Great Skin Cleansing Trick: Use A Steamer!

Your skin cleansing will be more complete when you move to the vaporization phase, one of the tricks professionals use to ensure a deep facial cleansing.

The objective is to apply steam so that the pores open to the maximum and expel the impurities contained in the deep layers of the skin.

In addition, the open pores will help the hydrating and nourishing products that you will use later to penetrate better.

This vaporization usually requires the use of equipment that heats water mixed with extracts such as lavender and eucalyptus and “releases” the steam on your face.

In recent times the facial ozone therapy, using equipment that combines steam and ozone for a better skin cleansing.

Extract pimples and comedones

Now that your pores are fully open from vaporization, we move on to the stage of deep facial cleansing where we will eliminate comedones, pimples and blackheads.

Undoubtedly, this is the key point of any deep facial cleansing process and even the “cleanest” skin can have many impurities contained in the pores.

Apply gentle pressure with your fingers to the areas around the blackhead, forcing it out of the pore, and wipe it up right away with a disposable towel.

It is important that you use disposable gloves and towels when removing blackheads and cleaning them, as these are usually high in bacteria.

The mask, the ally of a beautiful skin

Once your pores have been freed of all types of fat, blackheads or any deep dirt, a mask should be applied.

Its objective is to provide the skin with minerals and vitamins that stimulate cell regeneration, hydration and good blood circulation.

These masks are available for each type of skin and once applied they are left to act for 20 minutes and then they are removed with warm water.

If you prefer you can remove the mask using chamomile extract in the water to deflate the skin and refresh it.

You should also be careful when buying the mask, as not all beauty products are always safe and you must make sure that it is harmful to your skin.

Tone and hydrate your skin

skin cleansing products

Regularly use moisturizers tailored to your skin type

It is certain that after removing the mask, you will feel that your skin has been very clean but is a bit sensitive and your pores are still very open.

To correct thisYou should use a tonic that helps close the pores and return the natural PH to the skin.

This toner is usually a liquid product that is applied with a cotton ball with a gentle massage all over the face.

Then we go to final stage of deep facial cleansing, in which you will hydrate your face with a cream to restore elasticity and avoid any possible dryness due to exfoliation and the application of the toner.

There are all kinds of moisturizers, but try to use one suitable for your skin type, that is, for dry, oily or normal skin, depending on your case.

Remember that each type of skin has its own moisture characteristics and you should use products that do not alter your natural chemical balance.

Tips for everyday life

You can buy pore sealing equipment, which uses ultrasound pulses to close the pores and stimulate the muscles under the skin.

This has a “tightening effect” and decongestant on the blood vessels.

Also, remember that it is useless to deeply clean your skin if you are going to neglect it later by exposing yourself to the Sun and natural elements without any type of protection.

Remember to use sunscreen when going outside, especially during the summer, and clean your face in the morning and at night, without exception.

You should also review your diet to eliminate excessively greasy foods, such as butter and certain dairy products or with excess sugar, which affect the appearance of blackheads and acne.

Hydration is another point that you should not neglect. Try to drink a minimum of 4 glasses of water a day and use moisturizers on your face and body.

Of course, as we mentioned before, the ideal is get a deep skin cleanse once a month.

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