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Tips on how to practice spinning at home



Are you in confinement and feel like you’ve gained weight? You can lose weight without going to a gym if you learn how to practice spinning at home, one of the most complete aerobic exercises.

Spinning is recognized for its benefits for people who are overweight or who want to strengthen their heart, lungs and general fitness.

During quarantine many gyms have been closed, so the purchase of exercise bikes to use at home increased.

But now the problem is:

How to do spinning effectively without having a coach nearby?

Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of knowledge to put together a routine that works for you.

Before continuing, we will tell you that spinning can be a good addition to the exercises to do at home in quarantine.

What is spinning?

spinning It is based on the use of an exercise bike whose chain is not connected to wheels but to a mechanism that varies the resistance on the pedals.

By varying this resistance, the bicycle recreates the muscular and respiratory effort that we would do when pedaling uphill, strolling through the park or going at full speed downhill, but without leaving the house.

Their routines consist of short sessions in which the pedaling frequency, the resistance or force that we must apply and the time in which we must maintain the rhythm are varied over and over again.

Once you learn how to practice spinning you will see the result in your legs, hips and rib cage, which will now have more strength and tone.

In addition, you will lose weight by burning large amounts of calories.

Advantages of spinning

It’s one of the more complete exercises for the heart, as it helps to strengthen it and reduces the fat in the veins that nourish this organ.

As for the arteries, the fat that can clog them is reduced and gives them greater diameter, which improves blood circulation throughout the body.

Another benefit for the body is that it fights the development of varicose veins, cellulite and blood clots in the legs.

If you suffer from stress you should hurry to learn how to practice spinning, as it helps to release tension and improve mood as it increases the production of glucocorticoids in the brain.

Various studies have found that a person of 65 years who regularly practice spinning can have better health than one of 45 who does not.

Considerations before practicing spinning at home

Spining bike images

Make sure the bike fits your body measurements

Spinning only requires a stationary bike, which you can buy at any sports store.

The bike must fit your body measurements, both in the height of the saddle and in the distance to the pedals and the handlebars.

An internal mechanism allows you to vary the resistance offered by the pedals when applying force to them.

This resistance is usually expressed in meters per minute. Fewer meters per minute means more resistance, while more meters per second means more speed or smoothness of the march.

Continuing with these tips on how to practice spinningWe will tell you that you should choose a well-ventilated place, as it is a high intensity aerobic exercise.

Above all, do not forget to prepare a recording with moving music, to help you vary the rhythm during the routines.

Tips on how to spin: watch your position

One of the best tips on how to spin that we will give you is that never do it without warming up your muscles first.

Contact with the pedal should be at the level of the pads of the fingers. Do not pedal with your fingertips or heel to avoid excessive stress and damage to the knees.

Too make sure your hands are in a straight line and without tension at the wrists, which would be a sign that the distance between saddle and handlebar is incorrect.

Finally, always try to have straight back and relax neck. Tiredness can cause you to slouch at some point, so correct the position if necessary.

Start with a warm-up and basic routine

The first lesson on how to practice spinning at home is that you should always warm up your muscles.

Begin with gentle, low-resistance pedaling for about 5 minutes, to warm up the large muscle groups in the legs, hips, shoulders, and neck.

As the music increases its rhythm, you will also increase your pedaling rhythm until you reach the maximum that your body can give.

Keep this pace high for about 20 seconds or if you prefer, try pedaling about 10 times sitting down and then another 10 times standing on the pedals.

Then start slowing down to medium speed and finish with 5 minutes of slow pedaling.

Another tip on how to do spinning that you cannot miss is that at the end of the session stretch the muscles to free them of lactic acid which can cause pain.

Now let’s move on to the advanced routine

Once you have understood the previous steps of how to practice spinning, you can expand your routine with a second phase of more complex exercises.

Start with pedaling in a seated position and gradually increasing your pace until you reach a resistance of 30 meters per minute.

Then get up and continue pedaling with your body as vertical as possible. Hold the pedal as fast as you can for 1 minute to get used to it.

The third exercise is to keep pedaling, but now you will put the resistance of the bicycle in maximum position to simulate that you are going up a very steep hill.

Help each leg pedal harder by balancing your weight from side to side. Count 20 to 25 seconds and reduce the resistance as you go down at a moderate pace.

Once you get into a smooth rhythm, you can do small “jumps” like you would when hitting a bump on the bike, lifting yourself up off the seat and falling back down.

This exercise stimulates the muscles of the buttocks and arms.

What is the ideal duration of a spinning session?

spinning session

An ideal spinning session should not exceed 1 hour in duration

Many people who want to know how to spin have doubts about the ideal duration of a session.

The answer is simple, 30 minutes to an hour and the reasons for this time are easy to explain.

Remember that this is an aerobic exercise, which implies that the body increases oxygen consumption and energy release in a short time by burning sugar and fat.

It takes about 20 minutes for the body to reach its optimal level of calorie consumption during aerobic exercise.

Therefore, you need a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise for you to see results.

The maximum limit of 1 hour is to prevent the body from running out of reserves of fats or sugars, which are necessary to keep the metabolism going.

Remember that the secret of spinning is variation

As you can see, you can do a very complete routine of spinning at home, without the need for a coach or being accompanied by many people.

It is even an excellent option if you don’t like any of the exercises recommended by Harvard University.

But remember that the key to this type of aerobic exercise is the variation of speed, intensity and resistance.

Peak effort should be 20 seconds and then you should allow the body to recover with less intense pedaling for 2 to 3 minutes.

Ideally, combine exercises to achieve about 8 to 10 speed changes in each session, but go at your own pace and do not try to break records on the first day.

This exercise will give you strength and endurance, so before you know it you will see that 1 hour will be very little time for you.

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