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Tips for traveling to a country affected by covid-19



With the coronavirus spreading around the world, measures and rules have been established to follow to travel to other countries.

The authorities and the Office of Foreign Affairs are advising citizens of all countries to avoid making trips, both by air and by cruise or ship, if these are not made out of necessity. This was initially effective for a period of 30 days, but is currently in place until further notice as a way of protecting against the coronavirus.

This disease, already declared a pandemic, made countries have been forced to close international and even national borders. Countries are free to restrict all travel without prior notice, which is why everyone is being informed to avoid travel.

The authorities advise that these travel tips should be emphasized more strongly to some people:


All people who are affected by any underlying disease, especially chronic diseases as these increase the risk of infection and the probability of death. In case the trip is extremely important to do, the health advice that the authorities are providing are:

Those people who are forced to travel out of necessity should avoid all kinds of contact with sick people.

Hands should be washed as often as possible with water and soap approximately 20 to 30 seconds. In the event that they do not have soap and water in the place where they are, it is advisable to have (if possible permanently) with them hand sanitizer with a high percentage of alcohol (at least 60%)

Those travelers who return to their place of origin and come from a European country must stay at home for a period of 14 days, have a health check and start with social isolation. This is nothing more than avoiding being in crowded places, keeping a distance of approximately 2 meters from other people, avoiding taking public transport and any other place with a large crowd of people.

The symptoms caused by this virus have evolved and went from being mild to extremely serious, especially for those people who have a chronic respiratory condition that can cause death.

Tips for traveling to a country affected by coronavirus

Men with masks epidemiological protection center

Tips for traveling to avoid contagion:

In addition to the aforementioned measures, it is necessary to avoid contact with the eyes, mouth, nose with dirty hands.

It is extremely necessary handwashing after coughing or sneezing, after using the bathroom, and before eating

Health care managers should have a detailed clinical report of the person who is traveling both when they arrive at their destination or when they arrive at their place of return, as well as provide travel advice to people who do. They should also have a travel guide for people with a clinical picture of acute respiratory symptoms.

Which are the countries to which travel is prohibited:

Traveling with coronavirus

Table of countries to which travel is prohibited

Some of these countries, despite not having a high rate of coronavirus infections, have established these travel restrictions as a way to protect themselves and increase the number of sick people.

It is vitally important that people who have upcoming travel plans or who are already traveling remain attentive and alert to each of the instructions and measures dictated by local authorities. Do not neglect travel tips, especially in these times.

In the awareness of each of these people is the key to avoid more and more infected. The authorities do not solve anything by dictating measures and new advice to travel. If the population does not take them at face value and pay the necessary attention to each of the communications.

There are guide lines, web pages, news on the news channels. In the different countries that can be contacted. To be aware of the measures that must be taken in case they need to travel. Even through some internet pages, there is the possibility of giving the personal number of the mobile phone. And in the event of an emergency or crisis of any kind, the person who is abroad is notified.


Links to other sites are also found on some coronavirus information websites. In which methods, guides, new dictated measures and all the information are provided to the population. To have travel advice in this troubled stage.

If someone had booked a plane ticket previously to the coronavirus and, fear that they will be canceled; You must go to the airline where you bought it.

Another form of help is the fact that different websites, organizations and other media are making collections. All kinds of help is welcome for those people who are affected by the coronavirus. Or for children whose parents have died from the disease and have been left without family members who can take care of them.

Tips for traveling to a country affected by coronavirus

Female scientist in the middle of a research researching

Government party

The highest authorities of the respective governments of each country in the world are constantly updating the councils. To travel for the people who need to.

They have taken it upon themselves to report that they do their job hard. To be sure that these measures are updated and, above all, that they are safe to maintain the safety of people.

In addition to all this, each government is in constant contact with the World Health Organization. And with other relevant organizations. To be aware of and properly regulate international developments.

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