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This is what you should check in your car if you go on a trip



Before going on a vacation or work trip there are several things you should check in your car to avoid complications, annoyances or even a bad time on the road.

The car is an indispensable means of daily life, as it offers us the possibility of independently moving to where we want, when we want or need it.

But like all machines, the car requires regular maintenance and care to guarantee its optimal operation.

While the day comes when only electric cars circulate in our cities as Amsterdam plans, we will have to deal with the maintenance of our gasoline and diesel vehicles.

Priority to check in your car: engine and transmission oil

Oil is the life of the engine, according to experienced mechanics. It is important that you check the oil level in the engine to make sure it is at the level recommended by the manufacturer.

Even in new cars, there is always a leakage of oil during daily use, especially in very cold winters or especially hot summers.

When you go to check the oil level in your cardo so on a cold engine to get a correct reading on the corresponding dipstick.

If your car has an automatic gearbox or power steering, you should also check their respective oil levels to make sure they will work properly during long hours of driving on the road.

Your life depends on the brakes and tires

check in your car

Make sure you have tires and brakes in optimal condition

Do not go on a trip in your car without check your car’s brake system. Your life depends on this!

Have a mechanic check the condition of the front and rear brake pads and replace them with new ones if they look badly worn.

You should also check the brake fluid level in your bottle or expansion vessel. If there is too much fluid missing, it may be a sign of a leak in the system. Get it checked out.

As for the tires, look at the level of wear on their tread. If this band is less than 3 millimeters thick, you should change the tires for new ones.

Irregular wear on this tread, for example, more pronounced on one side than the other, is a sign that the suspension is misaligned.

For your safety replace any tires that show dents, cuts, or holeseven if your tread looks new. Not only are they dangerous to ride, but they will cause bouncing, noise and loss of stability when driving.

Also be sure to set the proper air pressure for your tire type and weight.

Things to check before traveling: engine cooling

It’s extremely important check the radiator fluid level in your car before leaving on a trip, if you don’t want to suffer a breakdown due to engine overheating on the road.

Remember that in winter you must fill it with antifreeze liquid while in summer you must replace it with a coolant solution, less prone to evaporate at high temperatures.

Usually the expansion bottle or vessel connected to the radiator has a level indicator that shows if there is a lack of coolant.

With the engine cold add the amount that is needed in this bottle and put its cap firmly.

The importance of the windshield wiper

There is nothing more annoying when traveling than watching your windshield fill with bugs, dust or water, or a truck in front of you passing through a puddle and throwing mud on your car.

For this reason, include the windshield wipers among the things to check in your carWell, those little metal squeegee arms will save you from going blind.

First inspect the rubber on the brushes, which It should be flexible and soft to the touch. Remember that this rubber, even with little use, can lose its qualities due to the cold of winter or excessive summer heat.

If you feel that the material is too stiff or dry, change the brushes immediately.

It is also very important check before traveling the level of detergent liquid in the windscreen washer reservoir and top up if necessary.

The lights, a detail that you should check before traveling

Many people forget the importance of check the car lights before traveling.

If you live in a very bright city you won’t notice if there is something wrong with them, but this will change when you are on a dark, empty road in the middle of the night.

The lights may lose their factory alignment from vibrations, falls in potholes and the alteration in the height of the vehicle due to the weight of passengers and cargo.

For this reason, before going on a trip you should check your car if the headlights are misaligned vertically and horizontally.

The car manual will tell you how to make this adjustment or you can search the internet for some steps to align headlights very easy to follow.

Other items you should check before travel

Other items you should check before traveling

Always carry the phone numbers to ask for roadside assistance

Will we ever ride in flying vehicles? Well, maybe there is a long way to go in view of what happened to him. spectacular crash of a flying motorcycle in Dubai.

Finally we come to the additional items that don’t seem important check in your car, until the time comes when an emergency occurs.

Never go on a trip without a spare tire, which you must take to be in perfect condition and full of air at the recommended pressure.

Also, don’t forget to bring a basic tool kit, jack, wrench and emergency triangle.

In many countries it is mandatory to wear a reflective vest when stopping on the road to change tires or make a minor repair.

Finally, do not forget to carry all the documents of the car, insurance and telephone numbers to hand to request the assistance of a tow truck or mechanic.

With these tips you will be guaranteed a smooth journey, at least with regard to the proper functioning of your vehicle.

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