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This amazing dog tried to spin a hula hoop and goes viral on social media



A video where a dog tried to spin a hula hoop has aroused laughter and sympathy from pet fans.

Without a doubt, their intelligence and playful nature have made dogs the stars of many of the videos we see today on social networks.

We recently had fun with a dog that learned to open the door to his master when he left the keys at home.

Now we have before us a video starring a Boxer breed dog, who is in the living room of his house with a hula-hula between his jaws.

The animal tries to spin it around its neck, as it must have seen its master do, but the plastic ring is caught firmly between the mouth and tail of the bulky dog.

To make the hula-hula «dance», the dog has no choice but to turn his whole body in circles, until he stops dizzy from the movement.

The scene awakens the laughter of its owner and of all those who have seen it on social networks.

Who brought us this video of a dog with a hula hoop?

video of a dog with hula-hula

The boxer got tangled up in the hula hoop, but that didn’t stop him

The person responsible for publicizing this funny video in which a dog tried to spin a hula hoop was the CONTENTbible multimedia content portal.

This portal uploads dozens of funny videos daily that include pets doing mischief, people trying dangerous stunts and other funny graphic material.

Moreover, they are identified as a space «to celebrate the heroes of the day, epic failures and universal jokes.»

But CONTENTbible is actually the editorial and talent discovery arm of the British social platform LADbible, one of the largest in Europe.

It has more than 120 million affiliated users around the world, from children to seniors, who upload their home videos with the hope to get your «15 minutes of fame”.

This format is also used by defense organizations and helps animals that seek to attract donations or raise awareness among citizens.

A recent example was the video of the spectacular change from a rescued dog by the Hope for Pawns group in the United States.

Although they are considered the exclusive property of LADbible, their videos can be played on other social networks freely and without paying rights.

The video of the dog with Hula-Hula goes viral

video of the dog with Hula-Hula

From the ancient Greeks to the present we have enjoyed the hula hoop

The British company uploaded this video of the dog with hula-hula on his YouTube channel (CONTENTbible), where in a short time it was reproduced 5,345 times.

In view of this success, it was also uploaded to the account of its parent company LADbible in the “Watch” video section of the social network Facebook, where it was reproduced more than 29,000 times and received 18,000 comments.

To date, the recording of the puppy and his mischief with the plastic ring received 17,060 “likes”, 9,585 “amuses me” and 3,120 “I love them” from users in Great Britain, North America, India and Australia.

Others assured that the boxer was «having a lot of fun» when using the so-called hula hoop, which we know and use since ancient Greece for fun for children and adults.

Among the comments received by the video in which a dog tried to spin a hula hoop they highlighted «Someone is having a lot of fun!» or «The boxers, the clowns of the canine world!».

User Valerie Vickens said, “That dog does it better than me!” While Kyra Storm Meyer praised the dog’s creativity in wearing the plastic ring.

«Ahhh, I realize that I have been swinging the hula-hula wrong all the time,» the girl pointed out jokingly.

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