They didn’t finish high school!

Keanu Reeves

Keanu revealed his school traumas in an interview in 2008: “I was going to a very small school and I guess it was not right for me”, recalled the Matrix actor and, today, a reborned hero thanks to social networks. “I had conflicts and discussions with teachers and authorities. The director and I definitely did not share views. I was one of those guys who ask ‘why?’ all the time. I asked too many questions and questioned everything and I couldn’t stop even though this attitude got me in a lot of trouble”. Even so, Keanu had a very bad time when he received the news that he could not re-enroll: “It is terrible to receive a letter that says you cannot re-enroll in school the following year, asking me to leave was very disturbing.”

Emma Stone

Emma left high school unfinished to move to Los Angeles and pursue a career in acting. Once there, before achieving success, he had to work in a dog patisserie and enrolled in online high school classes, she revealed in 2011. In what would have been her last year in high school, she got her role in the comedy Superbad, which was the one that launched her to fame. “Ironically, my role was that of a student from the last year of high school!”.

Daniel Radcliffe

Technically, Harry Potter never graduated from Hogwarts, and Daniel Radcliffe also did not graduate from high school. Unlike his co-star, Emma Watson, whose admission to Brown University made many headlines, Daniel – after the enormous success of the adolescent magician saga – decided not to return to school. “I am sure of myself intellectually speaking, and I know that it would not be if I had remained in school, because before Potter, a couple of teachers had practically destroyed my confidence in myself. I was able to restore it thanks to who my teachers were at the cinema”, the star told in 2009.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer terminated her formal education at the age of 14, when she decided to stop going to high school. “Technically I don’t have a graduate diploma”, she explained in an interview last year. “I am a self-educated person”. When asked if she regretted this decision, the Oscar winner replied no, because she wanted to build her own way, and didn’t want anything to stop her.


The billionaire producer, artist and husband of Beyoncé, one of the most successful men in the United States, also did not finish high school. Shawn (his real name) went from school to school in Brooklyn and in New Jersey before leaving it completely. However, Jay-Z created the Shawn Carter Foundation that awards scholarships to deserving students. “Education is super important”, he said in 2011, “I don’t have a high school or college diploma, however I can express myself. It was the studies that I did have that helped me to express myself”.

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