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The places you must visit before you die



Sooner or later you will regret not having made the dreams of travel and adventure you had in youth come true. If this is your case, you will surely want to know some places you must visit before dying, full of mystery and beauty.

They are unique places for their historical, cultural or natural beauty importance. No matter what region of the world you live in, surely you will have one of the best places to travel nearby that can be found today.

Of course, if you want to live the maximum adventure possible, you can also consider a visit to the more remote and impressive inhabited places of the planet.

Best places to travel in America

If there is any place you should go in North America it is to Banff natural paradise in Canada, where mountain landscapes mix with snow and glaciers.

Then you can go to Central America, specifically Guatemala, where there is another of the places you must visit: Tikal. This is one of the most beautiful and mysterious architectural jewels in the world and was once the largest of the cities of the Mayan empire.

Rescued from the jungle in the 20th century, today it is one of the most spectacular archaeological sites in existence. But also unforgettable is the view of the sunset from Temple II of its Great Plaza or seeing the sun rise from the top of its Temple IV.

Machu Picchu: One of the best places to travel in your life

Machu Picchu: One of the best places to travel in your life

Machu Picchu is nestled high in the Peruvian Andes

But others claim that the list of lugwhat you must visit It must start with the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, in Peru. This place dates from the 15th century and stands on a peak of the Andean mountain range in the southern part of the country.

Built as occasional residence of the emperor of the IncasIt offers a spectacular view of several beautiful Andean peaks and has an air of supernatural mystery. Its walls are formed by gigantic blocks of rock cut and perfectly placed one on top of the other with a technique that could not be imitated in the XXI century.

Places you must visit in Asia and the Middle East

Places you must visit in Asia and the Middle East

The Taj Mahal is one of the great wonders of the World

The rock city of Petra in Jordan is another of the places you must visit Before die. The journey through the Sig in the direction of the Treasury and then the ascent towards the Monastery will make you feel inside a movie of the Indiana Jones saga.

But if any image will be impossible to forget, it is the view of the beautiful Hindu temple of the Taj Mahal and its towers rising against the blue sky of Agra, in India. This monument was built as a token of love from a king to his wife and is one of the most visited sites on the planet.

And to be more impressed by the scenic beauty of the place, approach the nearby Yamuna River and appreciate the iImpressive image of the Taj Mahal reflected in its waters at sunset.

Iceland, land of spectacular glaciers and lakes

Iceland is a gigantic island-nation with a special geography. And without a doubt, the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon is the most beautiful place you will want to see in this country before you die. It is located at the southern end of the Vatnajökull Glacier, next to National Highway 1 or “Ring Road”, a short distance from Skaftafell National Park.

There you will have the best chance of a lifetime to see an iceberg without getting on a boat. This lake is frequently filled with large icebergs that break off from the neighboring Vatnajökull glacier). further its sky and waters change color in an incredible way with the passing of the hours, so you will never see the same scene in this place.

The mysterious and ancient Asia

Without a doubt that among places you must visit include the Great Wall of China, a fortification dating from the 5th century BC and stretching across northern China, from the Korean border to Mongolia.

Its towers are linked by kilometers and kilometers of earth and brick embankments, of which 30% are in good condition or have already been restored. The Great Wall is the only work of man that can be seen from space with the naked eye.

The Temple of the Golden Pavilion, from war to prayer

Another place to visit in Asia before you die is Kinkakuji or the Temple of the Golden Pavilion, in the Japanese town of Kyoto. It was built in 1397 as the summer village of the shōgun (warrior feudal lord) Ashikaga Yoshimitsu.

When he died, his son and heir turned it into a Zen temple, a religion he professed. Several times it was destroyed and rebuilt but in 1950 an insane novice set it on fire. Today an exact replica stands in its place that has managed to reflect the original beauty of this beautiful building. Certainly one of the places you must visit to feel the spiritual peace that this site transmits.

Morocco and the cultural mix of the square Jmaa el Fna

If they tell you to choose a destination to visit before you die, do not hesitate to mention Ymaa el Fna Square, in the city of Marrakech, Kingdom of Morocco.

For the connoisseurs this place is the faithful reflection of Moroccan culture, with its strange mix between its Arab heritage, its African roots and Western influence. This rare combination is evident in the food, drinks and crafts that you can find in the cafes and restaurants that surround this square.

In fact, the daily life of this city is marked by what happens in Ymaa el Fna. There you will see daily from humble teachers to snake charmers, poets, dentists and traditional doctors and acrobats, among many other types of personalities and trades.

The beauty of the most powerful empire in Europe

Finally, we must mention the Colosseum in Rome, the best known vestige of the mighty Roman Empire. Built 2,000 years ago, it is undoubtedly another of the places you must visit Before die. Its original name was Flavian Amphitheater and it was built in the 1st century in the center of Rome. Today it is a World Heritage Site and is included in the list of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

Stepping on its stands and seeing the area that its central arena occupied, it is impossible not to relive the tension of the gladiators who fought to the death among themselves or against wild animals brought from all corners of the empire.

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Travel restrictions can now be viewed on Real Time Map




Because of the Covid-19 pandemic that affects the entire planet, many countries imposed strong travel restrictions, especially by air.

For several months, only humanitarian flights, food and medicine cargo, repatriation of passengers stranded in other countries or diplomatic flights were authorized.

However, commercial flights were closed practically all over the world for the restrictions imposed to stop the advance of the coronavirus.

Currently some European countries, as well as the United States and others are raising the travel restrictions to the extent that the contagion curve flattens.

The lifting of restrictions from June 21 announced by the Pedro Sánchez government generated a huge wave of hotel reservations in Spain for this summer.

But in many other nations they will remain closed, which has confused thousands of people who want or need to travel outside of their country.

The Timatic system, the basis of the travel restrictions map

The International Air Travel Association (IATA for its acronym in English) decided to create an interactive map that shows in real time which countries have travel restrictions and what are the air routes affected.

It also allows knowing the requirements for travelers on routes that have been reactivated.

So far, it is clear that each country applies different criteria to protect itself against the entry of tourists sick with Covid-19.

The map is managed through the IATA Timatic platform, a large database with information shared by the affiliated airlines about the documents and requirements required for international travel around the world.

But in addition, the map is also fed with information provided by the different governments.

This includes restrictions imposed on travelers according to their nationality, place of residence and place they have recently visited.

Restriction map is updated 200 times a day

Travel restrictions map is updated 200 times a day

The map details the status of each destination in the world

Among the data shown highlights which destinations apply travel restrictions totally, partially or even none.

Also shown are places where restrictions current are under observation and could change at any time.

IATA highlights that a work team is responsible for updating this map up to 200 times a day, with the latest information available.

Which countries apply travel restrictions according to the IATA map?

According to the IATA map for mid-June, most countries in the world apply travel restrictions total, which means that non-residents cannot enter their territory.

But there are some variants: Russia, China, India and Argentina apply restrictions total for non-residents, but New Zealand allows the transit of travelers bound for Chile and Brazil.

The United States, the country with the most Covid-19 infections in the world, applies restrictions total to travelers from about 30 European and Asian countries.

At the same time, it forces travelers from a list of 20 countries to enter only through specific airports distributed throughout the United States.

In the case of Mexico, and despite the fact that in this country the pandemic is at the peak of the first wave, there are no type of travel restrictions.

Countries affected in particular

France will delay the opening of its borders with Spain in reciprocity to the Spanish delay in doing its thing.

But others, like Ukraine, reopened their international connections a few days ago, although they quarantine whoever wants to visit them.

Turkey eliminated all travel restriction on June 12, but mandatory medical examination is applied to crews and passengers when getting off the plane.

The case of North Korea stands out, a country already closed to all contact with the outside world, but which usually receives many tourists from China and Japan.

For now, no tourist can enter the country but those who travel for business with the government or state companies are allowed to enter.

In this case, a mandatory 14-day quarantine must be complied with.

For its part, the map shows that there are no defined rules regarding air entry to Syria, Yemen, Niger and Libya.

Pandemic Alert Service

Simultaneously to the map of travel restrictions, IATA launched a subscription service to receive information on the health situation in each part of the world.

To subscribe, you just have to go to the IATA Travel Center page and look for the affiliation section to the health bulletin and enter our email.

You will immediately begin to receive notifications and daily alerts about the number of cases, restrictions health or any data of interest related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Where can I consult the interactive restriction map?

Where can I consult the interactive travel restrictions map

Before traveling it is advisable to consult this map

The interactive map of travel restrictions can be consulted on the web, visiting the page IATA Travel Center from a computer or mobile device.

The IATA also points out that this information “is provided during the Covid-19 crisis as a service to the industry.”

This means that given the impact of Covid-19 on the world tourism and air transport sector, IATA accepted the calls of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to all countries of the world.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, ICAO has asked governments and operators to agree on policies and actions to protect travelers against contagion and guide them in the midst of this global health crisis.

The importance of knowing the restrictions before traveling

According to the assistant director of Timatic and deputy director of IATA, Anish Chand, travelers need to know in time which countries have their borders open.

They also deserve to know which ones travel restrictions apply, before planning your flights for business or pleasure.

Chand said that this map is very important at a time when “the aviation industry prepares for its safe restart.”

In this regard, it indicated that 80% of travelers surveyed by IATA-affiliated airlines expressed fear of catching Covid-19 during their trip to certain destinations.

But in addition, they also complained about not having a reliable way of knowing the restrictions and quarantines that countries impose on travelers.

Thanks to the IATA interactive (and free) map, tourists from around the world will be able to better plan their next trips in the midst of the coronavirus contingency.

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Playa del Carmen News: Millennial Aquifer Causes Sinking!




Residents of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo are surprised by the latest news from Playa del Carmen, one of its main tourist destinations.

And it is that the collapse of a section of the road between Playa del Carmen and the famous Tulum beach has uncovered an underground cave with a lake that is thousands of years old.

The first news reported by local television indicated that it was a simple sinkhole due to the action of filtered waters from a nearby stream.

These waters, theoretically, had eroded part of the roadbed causing it to sink.

However, news from Playa del Carmen today They changed when it was concluded that it was something much older, a cavern formed millions of years ago.

A very old cavern becomes the center of the news of Playa del Carmen

A very old cavern becomes the center of the news of Playa del Carmen

Marine ecosystems have a lot of life in Yucatán

Speleology experts were called in to go down to the cave and explore its interior.

In no time they ran news from Playa del Carmen about the discovery of conduits and tunnels that connect the cavern with other caverns, grottos and balconies.

They quickly ran news on the discovery of fossils of bivalves, cave crustaceans and sea snails.

It is estimated that most of these spaces and the aquifers within them were formed during the Pleistocene and Holocene periods, that is, 2.5 million years ago!

This type of caves with lagoons is typical of this region and attracts many explorers.

What’s more, they compete with beautiful “open-air” lakes such as the amazing Australian lake, also close to the sea, whose waters are pink.

Un Cielo de Caracoles, another news from Playa del Carmen today

The studies were carried out at the request of the Directorate of Environment and Climate Change of the Solidaridad Mayor’s Office, Quintana Roo state.

Archaeologists, biologists and speléologists participated, as well as divers Mónica Torres and Michel Vásquez.

From the first moment, they realized that it was not a simple sinkhole due to erosion, but that it was all due to the collapse of the roof of a large underground cave.

A peculiarity of the formation is that the ceiling of the cavern was full of remains of fossil mollusks, which is why they called it “Heaven of Snails”.

New news highlights its relationship with the local flora

Other news disclosed by the exploration team indicate that fossils of so-called “brain” corals were found.

This shows that the current cave floor was once exposed to ocean currents.

In addition, the aquifer in its interior nourishes a large number of species of trees, palms and shrubs, whose roots descend several meters from the surface to the bottom of the cave.

In total, 16 varieties of jungle trees were identified, as well as 14 species of the “Palo de Lana” tree and a species of palm tree among the species that take water from this natural formation.

A system untouched by man, for now

The president of the Círculo Espeológico del Mayab (indigenous name of the Yucatán region), Roberto Rojo, added that he revealed more news from Playa del Carmen.

He assured that the aquifer inside is totally “transparent”, which means that it has been contaminated or affected for thousands of years by any external agent, be it animal or mineral.

But one of the news most interesting revealed is that unlike other underground lagoons or cenotes present in this area, the water inside is brackish.

This indicates that there is penetration of seawater somewhere, so it could be vulnerable to the entry of contaminated water from hotels and tourist beaches located nearby.

More news: the cave looks like a squashed balloon

Other news from Playa del Carmen today
disclosed is that the cavern has a “flattened” globe shape with a long, narrow beak at one end.

Inside there is a “beach” 60 meters long by 20 meters wide (1,200 square meters).

In addition, it was discovered that the cavern completely crosses the Playa del Carmen-Tulum highway and that the peak at its end may be the remnant of a connection with another yet undiscovered ancient cave.

As for the lake inside, it is 4 meters deep, while from the “beach” to the roof of the vault there are another 4.2 meters high.

The Mayan Train, a risk to the cave and its aquifer

The Mayan Train, a risk to the cave and its aquifer

The Mayan Train will increase the flow of tourists to the Yucatan Peninsula

Rojo expressed the concern of Mexican experts about the future of this magnificent cave, as it is located in the place where the “Mayan Train” project is being carried out.

This is a large government project to strengthen passenger and cargo vehicle and rail transportation systems throughout the Yucatan Peninsula.

This region is famous for the Mayan pyramids and the ancient city of Chichén Itzá is one of the three wonders of the world to know if you travel to Latin America.

This project, which began in 2018 and is due to finish in 2024, has generated many disputes between politicians and environmentalists, as reflected in the news in the Mexican media.

This project may now be the main enemy of the newly discovered cave.

In fact, using typical Mexican humor, the cavers gave the cave the name “” The Train takes me “before the possible fate it will suffer if measures are not taken to protect it.

Vehicles and the train, a risk to the stability of the cave

This fear is not unfounded, because during the inspection made to the cave the group of experts could hear the noise of vehicles passing by on the road above the cave.

“This led us to think about the effects caused by large road and rail developments in the region,” he declared.

The news On the subject, they focused on the recommendations of the group of experts to reinforce the area around the collapse so that it does not yield to the continuous passage of heavy vehicles.

He also recommended locating and protecting the water sources that feed the aquifer to avoid contamination by human action.

But the most logical recommendation is to divert the path away from the place occupied by the underground cave.

He also warned against the proposal of some unscrupulous contractors to “fill in” the cave in order to repair the road.

It asserted that it would destroy a natural formation protected by the Regulations for Caves, Cenotes and Caverns in force in the municipality of Solidaridad.

Causes of the collapse

Since April and despite the Covid-19 pandemic that is currently sweeping Mexico, the authorities ordered the continuation of the Mayan Train works on the road between the beaches of El Carmen and Tulum.

These are two of the most famous beaches in the state of Quintana Roo and are visited by millions of national and foreign tourists throughout the year.

As reported by local TV channels in the last news from Playa del Carmen, workers piled up lots of heavy material and equipment over and over again.

This could weaken the ceiling of the cave causing its collapse

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Tourism of Madrid and Barcelona falls to Covid-19




The trips to Spain In the summer season they suffered a sharp fall due to the coronavirus crisis and thousands of foreign tourists canceled their trips due to border closures and fear of contagion.

But now that the trips to Spain from the rest of Europe, things are not flowing as well as expected.

The worst thing is that domestic tourism, a lifeline in times of lean cows, has also been hit hard and does not seem to recover in the short term.

Madrid and Catalonia will see less influx of national tourists this summer than many other regions.

Instead, trips to Spain and within it they seem to have as their preferred destination the regions of Galicia, Asturias and Andalusia.

This has been reflected in the II Report #Loving Torism, which makes it clear that fewer Spaniards want to visit Madrid and Catalonia in the remainder of the year.

Travel to Spain, the fall of domestic tourism

The report was produced by CastroConsulting Marketing & Strategy as part of the #Loving Tourism initiative to support domestic tourism.

Under the name Study on the Travel Intention of the Tourist Resident in Spain during the De-escalation Phase, a universe of 6,936 Spaniards over 18 years of age was surveyed.

These people were interviewed between May 11 and 24, at a time when the country was advancing the de-escalation of confinement due to the pandemic.

The most striking result is that only 40% of national tourists intend to travel this summer.

In addition, 67% have plans to travel 2 or 3 times between July and December 2020, although it is not something already decided.

Tourism in Spain: a shrinking domestic demand

Tourism in Spain: a shrinking domestic demand

Barcelona will no longer be the preferred destination of the Spanish

The most striking thing about the study is that it was clear that the pandemic continues to leave its mark on tourism in Spain, one of the economic sectors that generates more jobs in the country.

In itself it is very negative that trips to Spain by foreign tourists are still below normal as a result of the pandemic.

But the worst thing now is that domestic tourism may decline by 21% with respect to the normal if all those who assure that they will travel this summer really do.

In the event that Spaniards who haven’t made a decision yet end up staying home this summer, the contraction of tourism in Spain could reach 59%.

Such a scenario would put thousands of operators, hoteliers and service providers in check.

In fact, in April Barcelona was already without tourists due to the pandemic and this seems to be going on for a long time.

Are there still those who can do tourism in Spain?

Many people maintained a level of personal or family income during the health crisis that would hypothetically allow them to do tourism in Spain, if they wish.

According to surveys carried out during the de-escalation phase, a 48.3% of the interviewees were able to work relatively normally despite the health crisis.

Another 25% of those surveyed did suffer economic consequences from the pandemic, either falling into some form of ERTE, losing their job or ceasing their activities.

The rest of the respondents stated that they had not suffered changes in their economic and labor situation as a result of the pandemic.

16.5% indicated that they were not active because they were students or retired and another 9% were already unemployed when the situation broke out.

The “seasonal adjustment” of demand

Another trend that will emerge as a result of the pandemic is that there will be a change in the preferred dates to travel during the summer and end of the year.

This process of “seasonal adjustment” implies that most of the tourist movement will not be seen during August, as has been the tradition for decades, but rather many will now travel in July and September.

In this regard, 57.5% of national tourists are expected to travel in August, while 40.3% will do so in July and 38.5% in September.

Who wants to travel out of peak season?

National tourists residing in Valencia, Castilla La Mancha, Cantabria, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands are the most likely to travel outside the high season of August.

Among them, those who are older or who were unemployed or retired before the pandemic stated that they would travel in September and October.

For their part, more young people showed a tendency to prefer August or December to go on vacation.

Travel to Spain and within it: the car will be the preferred means

The pandemic also left a kind of collective paranoia regarding social distancing.

This is reflected in an obvious distrust of Spaniards to travel by train or bus, at least for now.

For this reason, car will be the means of transport of the Spanish tourist this summer, as it will be for many foreigners on their trips to Spain.

Contradictorily, many do not know the measures to apply when traveling by car in times of pandemic, so they will not be as protected as they think.

In terms of preferred accommodation, most will use the hotels of a lifetime, but there has been an increased interest in renting apartments, seasonal homes or country houses.

Those who have a second property at the destination do not hesitate to use it, even if they lack some of the comforts that a hotel could provide.

I want a hotel room, but one that is disinfected

Tourism in Spain forces hotels to disinfect their rooms

Spanish tourists ask for social distancing and disinfected hotels

Many hotels were used as temporary accommodation for Covid-19 patients or foreigners in quarantine, but this does not seem to worry the majority of national travelers.

79% state that I would use hotels that have served for the health emergency, but provided that they have been properly disinfected.

Only 21% were reluctant to use these facilities, mostly families with children and young people.

One thing to applaud in all of this is that Spaniards learned the lessons of the pandemic well.

The vast majority of respondents stated that will demand the disinfection of their hotel rooms, that staff wear masks and that there is disinfectant gel within reach in bathrooms and common spaces.

Nor would they see badly the arrival of bubble hotels and screen restaurants, which are proposed to protect customers and employees against contagion.

As well showed a willingness to let themselves take their temperature
before entering a restaurant, terrace or entertainment place.

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