The League suspended by the coronavirus

The decision to suspend the League followed the previous decision to suspend the non-professional football games. The Federation chose this course of action taking the government recommendation. For fear of the speed at which the disease spreads the first measure recommended consisted of playing behind closed doors. The events have been following one after the other. In a meeting taking place in Soccer City of Las Rozas, the Federation invited soccer players to evaluate the situation. After the discussions, the management reached the most logical decision, which is to stop football while waiting for events.

The League was against the suspension of the matches between Real Madrid-Eibar. However, the pressure on the Federation to stop and the fact that the governing council was considering a parenthesis, has led everyone to accept the decision or at least come to terms with it. As a result, The League is suspended until further notice.

What is decided?

At the moment there are two weeks in which soccer stops. It will be the events and the effectiveness of the measures adopted to curb the Coronavirus virus that will mark the time when the world of football and sports will stop.

Meanwhile, the Federation Follow-up Commission goes ahead and evaluates all events. As for the suspension of competitions, next month on the 25 the situation will be re-evaluated.

Real Madrid quarantined: positive for Thompkins coronavirus

Real Madrid has activated the coronavirus protocol in both basketball and football teams after the test came positive for Trey Thompkins, according to LaSexta.

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Thompkins Trey A|X Armani Exchange Milano – Real Madrid Partita. Milano 03/03/2020 Foto Olimpia Milano

Because of this, all club members left Valdebebas urgently upon learning the positive test results. The facilities of The Sports City are empty and closed to the public. Since there are common areas for all the risk goes up. Even though the positive case is on the basketball team all teams must leave the premises.

Real Madrid statement

Real Madrid C. F. reports that a player from its first basketball team has tested positive after testing for the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Since then, the recommendation is to quarantine both the first teams of basketball and football due to the fact that the two squads share facilities in the Sports City

Likewise, the responsible for the games decided to close the facilities of the Sports city. At the same time, they also recommended that all Real Madrid personnel who provide their services in Real Madrid City remain in quarantine.

In addition to these changes, other suspensions were the matches scheduled for the second week of March. They correspond to the Euro league basketball and the football league.

The Champions League 2018
The Champions League 2018

Other affected sports competitions.

From the Champions League to Formula 1, there are all kinds of changes in the schedules; including suspensions or postponements of competitions, closed-door events or changes of venues.

These are the most important events that this disease affected.

World Cup Qualifiers
FIFA confirmed the suspension of the first dates of the South American and Asian Qualifiers.

Soccer leagues in South America
Chile: new venue behind closed doors
Venezuela: all activity suspended.
Argentina: the Super League ended, with the suspension of but public activities.
Paraguay: Cancelation. As of March 11, public activities with massive attendance on hold for 15 days.

Champions League
UEFA suspended matches on March 17 between Manchester City – Real Madrid and Juventus – Lyon.

Europe League
Suspended also all matches between Sevilla-Roma and Inter-Getafe.

Other soccer leagues
Series A was suspended until April 3.
The League ordered a two-week layoff starting March 12.
The Major League Soccer of the United States (MLS), postponed its campaign for 30 days, beginning on March 12.

Major losses expected if the League season ends here.

Beyond the impact and the repercussions for Santander and Smartbank in Spain referring to sports, there is also an economic factor. The estimated income for the 19-20 season was a collective sum of 144 million and the estimated losses for due to canceled games that season is 41.4 million for both leagues.

For example, as for running campaigns incoming revenues, the clubs in the first and second division had an estimate of 272,1 million and 37,9 million respectively. If the season ends the estimate is 88 million in losses. The television impact is 549 million euros, 494 million for Santander and 55 million for SmartBank.

This all adds up to a total of 678,4 million euros including box office, television, and revenues for the first and second divisions.

Other sports apart from The League.

The NBA suspended the season due to the fact that several players tested positive for coronavirus.
The International Basketball Federation (FIBA), canceled all its activities.

Qatar Grand Prix (March 8) suspended.
Thai Grand Prix (March 22) suspended.
Austin Grand Prix (April 5) suspended.

Formula 1
Postponed the Chinese Grand Prix. New date for April 19.
The Bahrain Grand Prix will be on March 22 without the presence of spectators.
Suspension of The Australian Grand Prix. Because one of the McLaren members tested positive for coronavirus.

The Tour of the United Arab Emirates was suspended with two stages to go.
This happened because the Colombian Fernando Gaviria was positive for coronavirus.

The MLB postponed the start of the season for at least two weeks.
The Japanese Baseball League, scheduled for March 20 suspended the start of the season.

The International Tennis Federation suspended tournaments until April 20.

The Chinese Open and The Maybank Championship in Malaysia also canceled by The European Tour.
the Blue Bay tournament in Hainan, China and the Honda LPGA 2020, Thailand also suspended. The HSBC World Championship in Singapore is also in the same situation.

The Seoul Marathon is suspended. Authorities in South Korea later decided to cancel it entirely.

The Rome Marathon had a date set for March 29. Now the cancelation is official. Furthermore, it will not run until 2021.

Qualifying phases for the Olympic Games

Tokyo Olympics 2020
Tokyo Olympics 2020

The qualifying events for Tokyo 2020 are also affected. The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus also affected the following sports:

– Baseball
– Women’s basketball
– Women’s Football
– Boxing
– Taekwondo
– Fight
– Water polo
– Rowing
– Rugby 7
– Triathlon
– Biathlon

At the moment, major competitions, such as the 2020 Copa América, or the UEFA Euro 2020 and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games have not been suspended or experiencing organizational changes.

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