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The fastest mobile charger in the world (it’s crazy)



We already expected it and it was finally made official, OPPO has launched the faster charger in the world, capable of recharging a 4,000 mAh battery in just 20 minutes. Now you can give more life to your cell phone with the fastest charge.

Thus, OPPO makes history in the world of fast charging thanks to its new SuperVOO 125W fast charger.

However, it must be clarified that the faster charger the market is not wireless, but requires connecting to the mobile through a cable.

But in order not to disappoint anyone, OPPO launched the fastest charger of the moment along with three other revolutionary models, one of which is totally wireless.

New technology in the fastest charger on the market

OPPO has noted that its new 125 Watt fast charging technology is the most powerful on the market right now.

The technical specifications indicate that can charge a 4,000 mAh battery in just 20 minuteswithout overheating or damaging it.

If the user is in a hurry, he can get the battery recharged to 41% in 5 minutes.

To charge the cell phone faster, incorporates an intelligent circuit
programmed based on an advanced algorithm.

This circuit, in conjunction with several temperature regulators, manages the charging process at the maximum possible power while controlling that the temperature does not rise too much.

«This represents a total rethinking of what we know as fast charging,» says the company.

Evolution of the SuperVOOC. Celular with the fastest charge

The Chinese company also revealed that this charger is a evolution of your SuperVOOC model, to which all its hardware was updated to support an output of 20 volts at 6.25 amps.

It also uses a new charging pump, integrated MCU and multi-plate structure to increase charging efficiency.

Additionally, the new OPPO fast charger has a series of temperature sensors to monitor the battery charge.

In this case we speak of 10 sensors that measure any change in temperature that can be considered dangerous.

It is also protected against voltage spikes or surges and uses only Type C to Type C cables

As if security wasn’t enough, it also features a 128-bit encryption algorithm to counter any hacking attempt.

Compatibility with protocols to charge the cell phone faster

faster cell phone charger

The new OPPO charger supports several protocols already in use in the market

Another advantage of the new OPPO fast charger is that Supports SuperVOOC fast charging protocols and earlier versions of VOOC.

It also supports the most common protocols on the market, such as the 125W PPS and 65W PD protocols.

In this way, OPPO aspires that it is not only bought by the owners of its most recent smartphone models.

Too you want to attract customers from other mobile brands that have fast charging technology.

An example of this could be the buyers of one of the two new Xiaomi models with fast charging that this other Chinese giant has just launched.

OPPO presents a wireless model

OPPO also presented a new model of its AirVOOC wireless charger, in this case with 65 Watts of power, which can charge a 4,000 mAh battery in half an hour.

This model uses an isolated charging pump developed by OPPO and a dual coil to increase the efficiency of wireless charging.

It is also compatible with the Qi protocol, so it will surely be well received by the market.

This model is he first made with composite glass mold, without molds, in the mobile electronics market.

It has a semiconductor refrigerator in its lower part, which regulates the temperature of the phone placed on the charger.

Too has foreign object detection systems and five levels of protection to avoid overloads.

Two new mini chargers for better fast cell charging

Additionally, OPPO presented two mini fast charging devices
for cell phones, the first of which is called SuperVOOC 110W.

For its part, the 110W SuperVOOC mini charger has a size of just 35.76 cubic centimeters, similar to a common 18 Watt charger.

The second is the 50W SuperVOOC mini charger. whose size is the same as a credit card.

The company ensures that this makes it the world’s thinnest and smallest fast charger, at just 1.05 centimeters thick, allowing it to be easily carried in a pocket.

Both models are compatible with the different fast charging protocols on the market, including VOOC, 27W PD and 50W PPS.

The reasons behind these products

faster charger

New mobile technologies consume more and more energy

OPPO’s Scientific Director of Charging Technology and Hardware Design, Jeff Zhang, explained the reasons why this Chinese giant decided to develop these four products.

The first is the need to respond to the power needs of mobile devices at a time when 5G networks are deployed at an accelerated rate all over the planet.

Another reason is the increasing use of applications requiring high power consumption on these devices, such as games and videos.

«This represents new challenges for the battery life of mobile phones and the user charging experience,» he added in reference to the world’s new fastest charger.

In fact, many users complain about their short battery life and are therefore looking for new tips to make the battery last longer in their mobile devices.

Own technological development will not stop

Zhang pointed out that since 2014 the company has invested a great deal of time and human resources to lead the field of fast cell phone charging.

He pointed out the intention of this Chinese giant to continue to lead this field, especially with new ultra-small, wireless and high-power charging equipment.

Until mid 2020 OPPO has registered more than 2,800 patents related to fast charging technologies all over the world.

About 157 million owners of the 30 latest OPPO smartphone models already enjoy VOOC fast charging technology.

What is certain is that other companies will also fight to maintain their market share in this new world of fast charging for all types of devices.

This will undoubtedly favor the final consumer, who will have access to cheaper, faster and more efficient devices.

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