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The Annabelle doll escapes from the Warren Occult Museum. True or false?



A wave of healthy terror and humor was unleashed on social networks after the alleged annabelle doll escape of the museum where it was kept since 1975.

Anabelle doll is without a doubt one of the scary horror movie characters in children and adults and is equated with the devilish doll Chucky and the creepy Freddy Krueger from the film «A Nightmare on Elm Street.»

This doll became famous, not for being pretty but for being evil, when she appeared in the horror film series «The Conjuring», five productions based on the paranormal investigations of «demonologist» Ed Warren and his wife Lorraine, a medium and parasychologist.

One of his most complex cases is related to a rag doll from the «Raggedy Ann» brand, very popular in stores in the United States.

In the late 1960s, a young nursing student named Donna received this doll as a gift from her mother for her 20th birthday.

Donna took her to her apartment, which she shared with another student named Angie.

But a few days later strange things began to happen, well the doll appeared in different places to where they had left her and she showed bloodstains on her dress.

After increasing the number of rare phenomena in their home, Donna and Angie asked a medium for help, who informed them that the doll was possessed by the spirit of a girl named Annabelle Higgins.

This girl had tragically died at the age of 7 in the same apartment where the girls lived today!

The medium explained that the spirit of the girl Annabelle «felt at peace» living with the two girls. So the young women decided to keep the rag doll.

But nevertheless, a dark presence lived inside that would not take long to manifest.

Suddenly, they began to find messages on the walls and mirrors such as «help us» or «do you miss me?» Even the doll attacked Donna’s boyfriend.

The Warrens came to the rescue

annabelle doll

The world met Annabelle through the horror saga «The Conjuring»

After asking the Warren spouses for help, they determined that the spirit that inhabited the doll was really a diabolical presence that sought to take over Donna’s soul.

To help the girl, the Warren spouses did something unexpected and that explains the background to this news of the annabelle doll escape.

Ed and Lorraine they exorcised the annabelle doll and then they took her home!

The couple’s home is in the small American town of Monroe, Connecticut.

There they kept the reports, photographs and objects collected during their paranormal investigations, so they did not hesitate to place Annabelle in a glass box, where it has remained until the present.

The truth is that this chilling story generated the plot for the films «The Conjuring» (2013), «The Conjuring II» (2015), «Annabelle» (2014), «Annabelle, la Creation» (2017) and «Annabelle Returns home ”(2019).

In case you don’t know, there are various explanations to why we like horror movies, which would explain the popularity of this genre.

An abandoned museum and a disappearing guest

annabelle doll escape

The Warrens pose in front of their museum of the paranormal in 1979

The Warrens continued to work on their investigations until shortly before Ed’s death in August 2006.

Later, the Monroe City Council ordered the museum closed for failing to comply with local ordinances.

The Warren Museum of Occult legal problems were further complicated after Lorraine’s death in April 2019, something that for many favored the annabelle doll escape

The house and its contents are currently in the custody of the Warrens’ son-in-law, Tony Spera, including many terrifying objects collected during years of research in the field of the occult.

«Of all the collection of my in-laws, that doll is the object that scares me the most,» Spera said in a recent interview.

In a promotional video for «El Conjuro» Lorraine Warren claimed to be terrified of Annabelle doll and he even forbid his daughter Judy to look into her eyes, because «she had hurt a lot of people.»

But on Friday, August 14, the first rumors about him appeared on the networks. annabelle doll escape and it was even said that it happened after an unknown person “paid” for it.

Annabelle doll disappearance, was it fake news?

The alleged annabelle doll escape his confinement generated countless memes and raised the «alarm» on social networks, especially among fans of the saga of «The Conjuring».

Before finishing and if you can no longer bear the fear, you can then distract your mind with one of the best Netfix series to watch at home.

With that said, we’ll tell you that it was the museum’s founders’ grandson, Chris McKinnell, who cleared things up.

McKinnell owns a YouTube channel called «The Warren Files» in which he spreads his grandparents’ work, including everything related to this case.

«That is not true. The doll has been safely enclosed since 1975. It is only put, occasionally, in a display box for special events outside the Museum, ”he commented on his Facebook account.

The truth is that everything indicates that this confusion originated in an intentional change that on August 14 someone made in the Wikipedia page on Annabelle doll.

After the change, the page indicates that «the doll is missing» from the Warren museum, which caused the madness of Internet users.

Fortunately, it was just a false alarm and Annabelle is still confined in her glass cage to the relief of everyone.

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