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The 5 best recipes with eggs and how to prepare them



Have you ever thought how many eggs you eat per year?

According to calculations, 1 kilogram contains about 16 eggs. If we multiply the 23 kg that the statistics provide, we have a total consumption of 358 units.

You eat more than the days a year has, right?

The egg it is a very versatile food. With it thousands of easy, fast and other more complicated recipes, but very rich, are prepared. In addition, sweet and savory dishes are made where it can be placed as a main or secondary ingredient.

This time we present you the 5 best recipes with eggs. Surely you have heard the names and even enjoyed it sometime. All the proposals present explain how to prepare them. Even the combinations to accompany the dish.

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Eggs Benedictine

Eggs Benedictine

Eggs Benedictine

Eggs Benedictine or Benedictine are the most requested for the brunch. This dish contains all the characteristics that can be desired: rich, nutritious and simple.

You can accompany it with salmon, with slices of bacon or with a salad. To make them the authentic eggs Benedictine, you cannot miss the English muffins. Some fluffy breads that add an amazing flavor to one of the best recipes with eggs.

These are the ingredients you need:

  • 2 eggs and a yolk.
  • 2 thick slices of ham.
  • 2 toasts of bread.
  • Butter.
  • A few drops of lime or lemon juice.
  • Pepper and salt.
  • Apple vinager.

How to prepare some Eggs Benedictine?

Take the slices of bread and place them in the toaster or a frying pan with butter. While you brown the bread, put a bowl to heat with water and a tablespoon of vinegar.

Before the water starts to boil, crack the eggs one by one and add them to the container without breaking them. Keep them inside for 3 minutes and carefully remove them with a slotted spoon.

Then you should prepare a tasty hollandaise sauce with butter, lemon juice, a yolk, salt and pepper. Stir everything well until it forms a homogeneous mixture.

Finally, you must plate as follows. Place the toasted bread, then the ham loach, on top of the poached egg and cover it with the sauce. With this step you have the dish ready to taste with your family.

Galician eggs

recipes with eggs 4

Galician eggs

This recipe with eggs belongs to the gastronomy of Galicia. Is a really easy dish to make And that you can accompany with some potatoes or bread and a touch of oil.

Any time of the day is ideal, but it works preferably as a starter. The recipe that I share with you is designed for 8 people. Vary the amounts in correspondence with the diners.


  • 8 eggs
  • Paprika de la Vera, can be sweet or spicy.
  • Finely chopped chives.
  • Olive oil.
  • Vinegar.
  • Salt.


First, boil a container with water, a splash of vinegar and add the eggs to cook for 12 minutes. Remove and reserve until cool. After peeling them, cut them into slices and put them in a source that you use to serve.

As a presentation tip for the dish, you can put under the egg some slices of previously cooked potatoes or bread. Pour the oil, salt and paprika on top. And when you present it you can say to your guests “Buon Appetito”.

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Scottish eggs

recipes with eggs 3

Scottish eggs

The preparation of this dish is a lot of fun. It consists of placing cooked eggs inside a meat ball that is coated and then fried. You can accompany it with a rich salad or with the sauce that you like the most. The result is undoubtedly one of the best recipes with eggs.

What ingredients do you need to make it?

  • 5 eggs
  • 480 grams of minced pork or beef.
  • Half an onion cut into small cubes.
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 2 tablespoons of flour.
  • 1 bunch of fresh parsley.
  • Bread crumbs.
  • Abundant oil for frying.
  • Salt and pepper to taste.

Preparation mode

The first thing you should do is cook 4 eggs in plenty of salted water for 6 minutes. Remove them from the heat and let them cool to break the shell. During this time, chop the onion, garlic and parsley very small.

Place the minced meat and cut ingredients in a bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix everything with the help of a fork or with previously clean hands.

In separate plates put the flour, a beaten egg and breadcrumbs. Then you must take 2 tablespoons of meat, put the egg inside and close it in a circular way. The perfect way is that the egg is covered with the minced meat.

Then pass each ball through flour, egg and bread. When all are battered, put oil to heat and fry until golden brown. Drain them on kitchen paper to remove the excess and savor this recipe with eggs.

Mexican eggs

recipes with eggs 2

Mexican eggs

If you want enjoy a perfect breakfast you have to try this excellent option. It is one of the best recipes with Mexican eggs. You don’t need many ingredients or a lot of time to make it.

You can accompany them with almost any other ingredient. Its preparation is very simple and with some corn tortillas you will feel like a true Mexican. Do you want to know how it is prepared? Let’s get started.


  • 4 eggs
  • 3 ripe tomatoes.
  • 1 chili or green pepper without seeds.
  • 1 large onion.
  • 2 branches of coriander.
  • 4 corn tortillas.
  • Olive oil.
  • Salt.

Preparation mode

First, you should wash all the vegetables with plenty of water and cut them into small cubes. Then take a frying pan, add a little oil and fry everything on medium heat. Add them in the following order: tomato, pepper, and onion.

Stir everything and season with salt. When it turns golden, add the beaten eggs. Mix well to set and cook until the ingredients are well combined.

Finally, remove it from the heat and add the coriander. Rectify the salt and voila. You can accompany it with a tasty guacamole, olivada and place it all in a Mexican tortilla.

Flamenco style eggs

recipes with eggs 1

Flamenco style eggs

There is a secret to obtaining spectacular results in this recipe with eggs. The best is that make your own homemade tomato sauce. You can use it as a second and I assure you that there will be nothing left on the dishes.

It is perfect for a dinner or lunch and it is very simple to prepare. With just a few pieces of bread as an accompaniment and the party is guaranteed. It is one of the recipes with eggs most common in Andalusian cuisine.

Do you know what the ingredients are?

  • 4 eggs
  • 1 large potato or 4 medium ones.
  • 1 handful or 300 grams of peas.
  • 1 large onion.
  • 3 peppers
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 200 grams of chorizo.
  • 300 grams of fried tomato.
  • Ground black pepper
  • Salt
  • Olive oil.


First you must peel, wash and dice the potato. Then fry them with plenty of oil in a deep fryer or in a frying pan. When it is golden brown, drain and reserve in a container with absorbent paper.

Then preheat the oven to 180 degrees with heat up and down. Meanwhile, finely chop the onion, garlic, and bell pepper. Then brown them for 3 or 4 minutes with a tablespoon of oil over medium low heat. Add the fried tomato and cook for another 3 minutes until the sauce thickens.

In a clay container, spread the tomato over the entire base, add the french fries and distribute well. Distribute the peas and chorizo ​​that should be cut into thin slices. Then crack the eggs and just add the whites.

Put in the oven for about 8 minutes, remove and add the yolks. Finally, add salt and pepper and return it for another 6 minutes. It only remains to enjoy this great dish and with good company. Bon Appetite!

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How is the vision of animals




Many people, including me, wish they could walk in the dark without stumbling. Is the same thing happening to you? Guess who can… Some animals.

What’s more, if there is something we can envy them, their view is the main thing.

Science has shown that a housefly can see 250 images per second. Humans only see 60. Crushing difference, right?

What does its great night vision allow the feline? Or what characterizes the vision of animals? Pursue the answers below.

We show you 10 animals that you did not know existed

How is the iris of animals

the vision of the animals

Irises of various animals

First, what is the iris?

We all have a retina, which receives the colors and light that surrounds us. Then the iris regulates light penetration.

At higher luminosity, it contracts so that its entrance is not excessive. So, in the dark, what happens? Well, it expands so that more rays can enter.

In humans it behaves the same way. Animals have different irises depending on the species to which they belong.

The pupils of animals are very different. Some of them have a striking appearance, such as the manta ray. The eye of an animal called sepia is very curious, did you know that it is shaped like a “W”?

Others, like the mountain goat, have their pupils like horizontal slits. Amazing the sight of the animals, right?

How is the vision of the animals at night?

Are myths about the vision of animals true?

In this kingdom there are many species that do not have any visual defects. Unlike humans, they have a special characteristic: the ability to see in the dark.

Night vision of felines

vision of animals 1

Night vision of felines

It was past midnight and Mario was sleeping soundly. Suddenly, a noise! What a scare. He goes out to investigate and stumbles upon everything.

The intruder?

Your own cat. He had launched himself from the kitchen sideboard to catch the real enemy: a tiny mouse.

How did your cat see its prey in the dark?

At that moment, Mario envied the vision of his pussycat.

While under sunlight feline eyesight is not 100, at night it is different. In the morning, their eyes receive more sunlight than those of humans. That is the reason for your daytime visual impairment.

And what about the vision of the feathered ones?

vision of animals 2

Vision of the feathered

The vision of animals such as birds allows them to capture more specific images. From above, they can see through the ultraviolet spectrum.

Did you know that there are colors that the human eye does not recognize?

Birds do.

Rodents, nocturnal hunters? As you can see?

vision of animals 3

His touch and smell are powerful indeed.

It is a curious question, since they are excellent hunters in the dark. Your hunting skills are not the sole responsibility of your eyesight.

His touch and smell are really powerful.

This is the vision of animals that live under water

vision of animals 4

They have ocular features that facilitate their night vision

Their eyes have adapted to the aquatic environment. The sea depths are dark and, therefore, its inhabitants possess the easy to see very well in the shadows.

They have ocular characteristics that facilitate their night vision:

You have to see them, these are the animals that have been decorated by the army

Will the vision of the animals be in color?

The differences between the cones, rods and irises of each species make the chromatic perception also diverge. That means not all animals can see every color.

Join me and find out what happens to the vision of the animals.

The colors in the bees’ eyes


The colors in the bees’ eyes

They perceive almost all shades.

Why did you not imagine that a small bee is capable of differentiating blue green from blue. Consider that there are humans unable to do it.

However, they cannot perceive red, so it is normal for them to mistake it for black. On the other hand, green and orange are easily spotted.

Cats and dogs, their chromatic vision


Difference in vision

Dogs do not perceive some wavelengths like the red and green spectra. If a canine sees blood, it most likely looks like a yellow liquid.

The perception of cats is dichromatic. What does this mean? What felines can see in two pigment ranges.

Do rodents see their food in color?


They can only distinguish black and white

Rodents like the hamster can only distinguish black and white. Your vision is limited. Nonetheless, they have amazing smelling and tactile abilities.

What colors can a horse appreciate?

They perceive the world with only two tonalities

Something similar happens with them as with the dichromy of cats. In the case of horses, they perceive the world with only two shades: red and blue.

The vision of animals like cows, sheep and goats, colors?


They have a greater sensitivity to shades between green / yellow

Also his sight is dichromatic. Its cones have a greater sensitivity to shades between green / yellow and blue with a tendency to purple.

Have you asked yourself why do bulls rage when they see the color red?

Well, don’t be fooled. The problem is not in the color red, but in the movements that the bullfighter makes with the cape.

Top 5 animals with the best vision

There are many theories as to which species has the most privileged view. You don’t have to keep ignoring reality, check it out in this top 5 animals with better vision.

The 360º view of the dragonfly


The dragonfly’s 360º vision

Its two large eyes are made up of 30,000 cells. These are called “ommatidia.” In each of them there is a lens with light-sensitive cells.

Their high disposition to movement of up to 360 ° makes them concentrate all their attention on their prey. That makes it one of the most accurate hunters within insects.

Tarseros, what big eyes!



Don’t you know what animal it is? They are very small primates. Among mammals, they have the largest eyes and corneas in comparison with the measurements of their little body.

His eyes are glued to his skull and weigh more than his brain. Amazing, right?

You will not believe it, look here the 7 animals created by man

The super-receptive vision of the mantis lobster


The super-receptive vision of the mantis lobster

They have the most complex eyes in the animal kingdom. Account with nothing less than 12 color reception channels. The way you perceive them exceeds the vision of most animals.

If this has impressed you, wait to see what our website offers you. Follow us to keep up to date with data of interest.

animals curiosities nature

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Hygiene tips for the beauty salon




Did you know that many microorganisms roam beauty centers? That’s right, so its removal prevents possible infections. The hygiene of beauty centers is vital to health, well-being and confidence, both from clients and workers.

It often gets difficult fight parasites, bacteria and fungi that can inhabit the skin. Some clients don’t even think about it when they go to the salon! With the hygiene tips that we will teach you here, you will improve the image of your business and the confidence of visitors.

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Dirt on the furniture? Look at the hygiene tips to avoid it


Both the furniture and the structure of the beauty salon must look and be impeccable

Poor cleanliness in the general environment detracts from even the most hygienic staff. Both the furniture and the structure of the beauty salon they must look and be impeccable.

The sanitization of these surfaces can be done with generic or specific detergents for each material. Now, is it enough just that they are clean? Of course not, you should use a disinfectant after cleaning the whole place.

Keep it simple, use products that combine cleaning and disinfection functions. Other advice– Scrub the workplace every time you serve a customer. The above is a basic and essential rule in any professional beauty business.

Alert! Microorganisms in the instruments. Clean them well

Hygiene tips 4

Sanitize your work tools

It is not enough that the utensils look clean and that they appear to be sanitized. These tools have the most contact with the skin, making them the most prone to spreading disease. Items such as: nail files, scissors, and foot washers need to be disinfected even several times per customer.

The method is simple: use the immersion technique in a disinfectant and antibacterial suitable. Consider applying sterilization to each of your salon tools. It has one or more packs that you can replace throughout the day.

The option of disposable tools (for example: files) is also highly recommended and efficient (due to their low cost). Keep your utensils impeccable. Make them convey cleanliness.

These are the celebrities who have exotic pets

I always use my hands in the salon, hygiene tips for them

Hygiene tips 3

All staff should wash them with soap and water

If cleaning your tools is important, imagine your hands! You do not have another clean set of them to replace them, so their sanitation must be constant. All personnel must wash them with soap and water (of neutral PH so as not to irritate them with intensive use).

The frequency of hand cleaning should be at least before and after each client. Among the most recommended hygiene tips for hands are: products with hydroalcoholic gel. They will save you time.

But do not stop at the above, sanitize your client as well. Don’t you think it’s important? Think that those who come to the salon can come from anywhere and carry germs on their skin. Disinfect those areas where you will work and you will achieve a safer and more professional environment.

How to sanitize the towels?

Hygiene tips 2

Always have clean towels

They are a resource of much use and at the same time they are a pollutant concentrator. You should think of towels as one sponge from any microorganism once they have contact with the skin.

That is why always you must separate the clean towels of which you have already used. Keep those that are not dirty in a place away from all kinds of contamination. We mention the main elements for proper hygiene:

– Wash them separately and without overusing the detergent.

– Use fabric softener and a low temperature (to ensure disinfection without degrading them).

– Dry them without leaving a trace of moisture, which ensures safe storage and prevents bad odors.

It is important that you leave your towels germ-free. Consider replacing them regularly or having a backup inventory for wear and tear.

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Organization. Essential hygiene tips

Hygiene tips 1

Keep your living room well organized

To have a good cleaning and hygiene you need a workplace with a perfect order. It must give aesthetics to the customer’s view and at the same time healthiness. Here we will give you the main tips.

Keep those disposable materials or products separate from those that are not. Remember that the latter require constant sanitation. Do not mix what you used with the new, you can generate cross contamination at the time of use or disinfection.

Label the areas so staff know where to focus their care work. These methods will be welcomed by anyone interested in a professional service.

tips trivia Cleaning tip

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10 animals you didn’t know existed




At present it is estimated that there are 8.7 million species of animals populating the planet. However, the vast majority remain unknown to humans.

How many do you know? Undoubtedly one article would not be enough to help you identify all the copies. But at least in this one you will find some of the animal species that you did not know existed.

We bring you these 7 animals created by man

Bat yoda and the cinema


Yoda bat

Although the character from the film arrived first, this species bears an obvious resemblance to a mystical figure from the cinema. Do you already recognize it? Its name precisely comes from the analogy with Yoda, the Jedi Master from Star Wars.

The species is endemic to Papua New Guinea. Its scientific name is Nyctimene papuanus. It was discovered recently, in 2009. It is known that it reaches about 40 cm. Its huge wings have a wingspan of up to five feet.

Star-nosed mole, a virtuous swimmer

starry nose

Star-nosed mole

This distinctive soricomorphic mammal is one of those animals you didn’t know existed. Has 22 pink, mobile and flexible tentacles at the end of the muzzle. An important quality that gives you great sensitivity. This characteristic is essential for the capture of worms, insects and crustaceans on which it feeds.

It can be found on the North American continent. It inhabits the areas of the northeast coast of the United States, mainly. It has 44 teeth. Adults are 15-20 cm in length. They reach a weight that is close to 56 g.

Owns a extraordinary swimming ability. If you ever manage to communicate with a star-nosed mole, be sure to ask for a crash course. He has so much dexterity that he even swims perfectly against the current.

Axolotl and its regenerative capacity



This tailed amphibian is shaped like a tadpole. It lives only in the Mexican lake Xochimilco. Throughout its existence it appears to be a larval or infantile stage and reaches 30 cm.

Hailing from Mexico, his properties have brought him world fame. From popular wisdom there is the belief that they have properties for cure respiratory diseases. Therefore, its intensive capture has become a problem.

In addition, the axolotl has regenerative qualities. Scientists are currently studying the possibility of generating certain drugs to treat organs with different types of cancers. It is one of those animals that you did not know existed and treasured incredible medicinal properties.

Aye Aye, the primate of Madagascar

Aye Aye

Aye Aye

They are arboreal animals with nocturnal habits and natives of Madagascar. Its species is threatened, with the presence of only 2,500 specimens. In popular culture certain magical powers are attributed to him.

The aye-aye is scientifically known as Daubentonia madagascarensis. It is characterized by a bold nose and bright yellow eyes. Adults reach the approximate size of a house cat. They can live up to 23 years.

These are the animals that jump the most in the world

Okapi, cousin of the giraffe



Okapis are the closest living relatives to the giraffe. They are inhabitants of the northern jungles of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They feed on plants and fruits, mostly poisonous to humans.

The body of this animal is similar to that of a small giraffe with a short neck. It has two horns covered with hair on its head. It has a reddish coat that covers almost all its skin. Except, its hind legs show a white color with black stripes, similar to those of the zebra.

Unlike their peers, these animals that you did not know existed they are predominantly loners. Occasionally they live as a couple or in small groups. They have not been seen in large herds.

Shrews, where do they come from?



Its origin is possibly still a puzzle for scientists. They are similar to a mouse, but not rodents. Some studies point to moles in their line of kinship. While others talk about their genetic relationship with hedgehogs.

They are quite small species, some barely reaching the size of a mouse. Among them it consists the smallest mammal there is. They are characterized by their tiny eyes. They have a long snout with very sensitive whiskers.

Shrews are found all over the world. They live in places where food is abundant because need to eat every two to three hours, or die. For example, European species ingest their own weight in insects on a daily basis.

Coconut crab, should you have it around?

animals you didn't know existed 1

Coconut crab

This peculiar species is as harmless as its comrade starfish. Rather, it is a hermit crab called Birgus lastro. It holds the title of being the largest in the world. It can weigh more than 4 kilos and reach a maximum meter in length. Its habitat is in the Indian and western Pacific oceans.

Its common name, coconut crab, is due to a curious ability. Precisely, not only they eat coconuts. They are also dedicated to opening them with their powerful tweezers. Also, they have a great hobby as jewelry collectors. They hide shiny objects from those who visit the beaches.

Blur fish, the ugliest animal in the world

animals you didn't know existed 2

Blur fish

It comes exclusively from the deep, between the coasts of Australia and Tasmania. East marine invertebrate It bears the scientific name Janira (Psychrolutes marcidus). It is commonly known as a smudge fish or drop fish.

Its habitat has been rarely photographed as lives in the ocean depths. There, the pressure is much higher than that of the surface. In this way, recognition of their surroundings is made impossible.

Its body is lined with a gelatinous mass slightly less dense than water. This quality allows you to stay on the bottom without spending energy swimming. Of all the animals that you did not know existed, this is surely the strangest due to its peculiar appearance.

Mantis or boxer lobster

animals you did not know existed 3

Mantis lobster

Stomatopods (Stomatopoda) are a species in the order Crustacea. They are known as galleys, mantis lobsters, sea mantises, boxer lobsters, shears, and tamarutacas.. Most live in tropical and subtropical seas. They can be seen in the Caribbean or in the Indian and Pacific oceans.

They have the ability to distinguish polarized light and react to it. His predatory character makes it consume its prey quickly. That’s where her nickname of boxers comes from. They have the ability to launch fast and violent attacks with great precision and force.

Do not stop seeing it, these are the animals that have been decorated by the army

The sunfish, the sea wheel

animals you didn't know existed 5

The sunfish

It is named thus in reference to its rounded shape. This species reaches the size of a tire. It is heaviest bony fish Among the animals that you did not know existed. It has an average of 1000 kg and specimens that exceed 2 tons are known.

It has the ability to swim at high speeds in deep and cold waters. Often, when its dorsal fin sticks out at the surface it is mistaken for that of a shark.

animals curiosities nature

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