Cancel or refund bookings

How to cancel or refund bookings due to Coronavirus

Most of us plan ahead for our vacations and travel destination. With the outbreak of coronavirus, most of those plans will have to be postponed or cancelled. Everything from weddings to graduations,... Read more »
Travel Plans for summer

Travel plans for the summer in times of Coronavirus

he current global situation with the coronavirus outbreak is very unstable. The world’s capabilities to at least slow down the spread of the virus are uncertain. The WHO and health authorities in... Read more »
US suspended flights

US suspends flights from Europe.

Travel restrictions to the US from Europe began to apply. US suspends flights from 26 European counties. Trump also declared a national emergency. One of the most controversial measures announced by the... Read more »
Unusual Sports.

Unusual sports in the world. Top 22 list

These sports are not part of Tokyo 2020 for sure, but they are so strange and curious that it is worth knowing them. Do not miss them!. They may have appeared from... Read more »
Culinary lovers

Culinary lovers’ travel options. Part II.

You can get to know a country better through its culinary flavors and traditions. From visiting local markets accompanied by experts to signing up for short courses with great chefs or visiting... Read more »

Most beautiful Metro stations in the world

There are elements that most Metro stations worldwide share. For example, crowds in a hurry and constant bustle. However, there are some that stand out for their beauty: it may be due... Read more »

What to do in Philadelphia?

Founded by William Penn during the second half of the seventeenth century, Philly (named after its inhabitants), represents the very origin of the United States of America as a nation and one... Read more »

Dracula, castles and a cursed forest: these are the charms of Transylvania

In addition to the stories of vampires, UFOs and ghosts, explore the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains and cities and castles that are World Heritage. The very land of Dracula is a... Read more »