Unusual business name

Business name. 3 factors to determine how unusual should it be.

When people think about business or company names most of them think it should be an unusual name or brand. Usually, this is done using words in a foreign language, by combining... Read more »
Anna Wintour wearing facemask

Anna Wintour warns fashion will never be the same again

Anna Wintour, known editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine, stated that fashion will change fundamentally after the coronavirus outbreak. She said also that the industry would have to re-think what it represents. Supermodel Naomi... Read more »
Cancel or refund bookings

How to cancel or refund bookings due to Coronavirus

Most of us plan ahead for our vacations and travel destination. With the outbreak of coronavirus, most of those plans will have to be postponed or cancelled. Everything from weddings to graduations,... Read more »
Homemade beauty tips

Homemade beauty tips. Stay beautiful at home.

If you want to treat your skin and hair with effective 100% natural ingredients, you just have to look in your pantry. Mother Nature offers you an abundant variety of delicious foods... Read more »
Gift Card for Mother

Mother’s Day. Beauty gifts and plans to celebrate their day.

The most special day for every mother has arrived and with it the ideal time to share with the family and enjoy together one of the most beautiful dates... Read more »
Moving together

Moving with your partner. Everything to consider.

Are you thinking of taking your relationship to another level? You can't do it before reading what the experts say on the subject . You have already passed the Honey Moon stage... Read more »

Repair damage to your hair with cornstarch

The cornstarch is found mainly in the kitchen section, however it offers the hair excellent benefits and nutrients to combat and treat problems present in it and in the scalp. Cornstarch has... Read more »

Some simple techniques to enjoy your life when you’re stressed

In our daily life rhythm there is so little leisure time that sometimes it is very difficult for me to enjoy it. If three wishes were granted, we are almost certain that... Read more »