Roche pharmaceutical to create coronavirus antibody tes

Coronavirus Antibody Test by Roche. UK rollout to begin by June.

Pharmaceutical company Roche in collaboration with public health organizations works to validate a new test for coronavirus. The company hopes to launch it in the UK by June. The test consists basically... Read more »
Coronavirus in New York. Treatments

Coronavirus in New York. Treatments

In the midst of the spread of the disease throughout the planet, the World Health Organization reported on March 30 that there are more than 693,224 infections and more than 33,106... Read more »

Alternative home test to Pap test

A homemade urine test promises to help many more women find out if they are at risk for cervical cancer, as an alternative to the Pap test and without requiring a visit... Read more »

Cats also show attachment with their owners

Many of us think that domestic cats are unfriendly, independent and distant from the humans with whom they live. However, a new study shows that the affection that these pets show to... Read more »