Protective medical mask and pill capsules for treatment coronavirus

Coronavirus: Online symptom checker

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This is how YouTube uses neural networks to choose what content it recommends to see below

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Artificial intelligence to read your thoughts: closer every day

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Adobe presents extremely useful tools for video and audio

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The new Pixel 4, headphones and a laptop: everything Google presented at its last event

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How does the successful video app TikTok work?

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AlphaStar proclaims itself «grandmaster» of Starcraft II on equal terms against humans

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Was your iPhone stolen? This is what you should never do

Once stolen, cybercriminals try to contact the owner by phone to convince him/her to delete his/her account in the cloud and thus manipulate the device without any trouble. Read more »

From Sydney to London in four hours: the «supersonic space plane» that seeks to change air transport forever

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Argentine Patagonia, fossil reservoir, oil and winds worth gold

In the Argentine Patagonia, land of giant fossils and oil, the wind tears. Its strength and perseverance, unique in the world, are a magnet for investments in wind energy and the engine... Read more »