Positive coronavirus test

Is there already a vaccine against coronavirus?

China is set to test the coronavirus vaccine next April. Next month some of the drugs currently being developed will enter the clinical research phase. Chinese doctors could have the first vaccines... Read more »

Apocalypse signs explained by science.

The end of the world is always personal, in many times it is social and only once literal. It is interesting how the irrefutable experience that everything is born to decay is... Read more »

Discovery in Mexico: the remains of 14 mammoths in hunter traps

The discovery represents a milestone in the study of Prehistory for being the first time this form of hunting is demonstrated, according to the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History. Read more »

The new apple developed for a specific place

The apple was specially designed for the climate and soil of the state of Washington, producer of more than half of the country's apples. It will go on sale on December 1. Read more »

Alternative home test to Pap test

A homemade urine test promises to help many more women find out if they are at risk for cervical cancer, as an alternative to the Pap test and without requiring a visit... Read more »

Is 3.14 a good approximation of Pi?

If you make interviews asking people for the value of the number Pi, you will find that some of them don’t know, but others will answer 3.14, and will be 100% positive... Read more »

Investing almost 2 billion to adapt to climate change could quadruple profits

Investing 1.8 trillion dollars, i.e. 1.63 billion euros globally in terms of climate change adaptation could generate 6.9 billion euros in net profits between 2020 and 2030 in five areas: early warning... Read more »

Babies who make more eye contact develop better language

This found a study published in «Developmental Science». They measured the look and gesticulation of children between 11 and 12 months to reach this conclusion. Actually, eye contact with your baby is... Read more »

Venus was habitable until something happened

It is likely that Venus has maintained stable temperatures and housed liquid water for billions of years before an event triggered drastic changes on the planet, according to a new study. Read more »

Cats also show attachment with their owners

Many of us think that domestic cats are unfriendly, independent and distant from the humans with whom they live. However, a new study shows that the affection that these pets show to... Read more »