US suspended flights

US suspends flights from Europe.

Travel restrictions to the US from Europe began to apply. US suspends flights from 26 European counties. Trump also declared a national emergency. One of the most controversial measures announced by the... Read more »
Protective medical mask and pill capsules for treatment coronavirus

Coronavirus: Online symptom checker

The World Organization of Health (WHO) said the outbreak of Coronavirus can already be called a pandemic. To this day the disease has already reached more than 188 countries and has caused... Read more »
New Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus. Can you become infected again?

The General Director of the World Organization of Health (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Monday afternoon that infected with the new coronavirus COVID-19 emerged in China could still infect others after... Read more »
Positive coronavirus test

Is there already a vaccine against coronavirus?

China is set to test the coronavirus vaccine next April. Next month some of the drugs currently being developed will enter the clinical research phase. Chinese doctors could have the first vaccines... Read more »
NBA season suspended

NBA season suspended by coronavirus!!!!

The coronavirus outbreak that led to the temporary suspension of the regular phase of the NBA season, left several issues unresolved in the American league. There are several cases confirmed amog NBA... Read more »
Exercises vs cancer

Exercises and vigorous physical activity vs cancer

Exercises is now one more therapy against cancer for several specialists. More than 170 studies in the world already endorse the potential of physical activity as a powerful weapon of prevention and... Read more »

Sterility in women. Scientists identify triggers fertility problems.

Spanish and Chinese scientists open the door to the extension of fertile age by discovering the mechanisms that cause the ovaries premature aging Read more »
hair aging

How gray hair is caused by stress. Biological puzzle solved.

Woman with gray hair Read more »

Two new drugs for migraine to be used in Spain

Public health in Spain includes from this week two new medications for people with headaches that have not worked conventional treatments. Read more »

Smoking tobacco could increase the risk of developing depression and schizophrenia

New research from the University of Bristol (United Kingdom) establishes a relationship between smoking and the possibility of having an impact on people's mental health. Read more »