Homemade beauty tips

Homemade beauty tips. Stay beautiful at home.

If you want to treat your skin and hair with effective 100% natural ingredients, you just have to look in your pantry. Mother Nature offers you an abundant variety of delicious foods... Read more »
hair aging

How gray hair is caused by stress. Biological puzzle solved.

Woman with gray hair Read more »

Beachy hair, the new color technique to give volume and light to your hair

Maybe you are not completely sure of wanting to change your hair color. Well, you have a very nice alternative: Beachy hair. This is a technique similar to Balayage, born in France,... Read more »

Signs that you have to leave your stylist

When we talk about toxic relationships we always think of our ex (ugh, the worst) or our friend's disastrous boyfriend (even worse than the ex). But the reality is that toxic relationships... Read more »

Rice water to repair damaged hair

Does rice water really work for hair? This natural remedy has been used since ancient times by Asian women to wash and rinse their hair and get, after application, a much longer,... Read more »