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Best films to watch in April 2020

Many of us feel like we might go crazy during this quarantine. We totally depend on technology for communication and in most cases for entertainment. Films are now more than before... Read more »

Marion Cotillard speaks of her new film and more

The actress premieres «Little lies to be together», a portrait of a group of friends who meet again after eight years and share fears, frustrations, deceptions and, also, love. Read more »

«Joker»: where are the famous stairs of the movie?

Arthur Fleck, played by Joaquin Phoenix, goes up and down some lonely, dirty and endless stairs at different times in the movie «Joker». It is in this place where one of the... Read more »

“Joker”: People choose sides because of the movie

While the United States prepares for the arrival in theaters this weekend of Joker, one of the films of the year, the combination of the Batman universe with a certain poetization of... Read more »