Unusual business name

Business name. 3 factors to determine how unusual should it be.

When people think about business or company names most of them think it should be an unusual name or brand. Usually, this is done using words in a foreign language, by combining... Read more »
The coronavirus structure turned into music

The coronavirus structure turned into music

The new coronavirus images are well known to most of us by now. The virus has already infected 2 million people and caused tens of thousands of deaths worldwide. Scientists all over... Read more »
Unusual Sports.

Unusual sports in the world. Top 22 list

These sports are not part of Tokyo 2020 for sure, but they are so strange and curious that it is worth knowing them. Do not miss them!. They may have appeared from... Read more »
Exercises vs cancer

Exercises and vigorous physical activity vs cancer

Exercises is now one more therapy against cancer for several specialists. More than 170 studies in the world already endorse the potential of physical activity as a powerful weapon of prevention and... Read more »
Moving together

Moving with your partner. Everything to consider.

Are you thinking of taking your relationship to another level? You can't do it before reading what the experts say on the subject . You have already passed the Honey Moon stage... Read more »
Cryptography for privacy

Cryptography. Safe way to Share a Secret.

I think its safe to say that we all have had a moment when we needed to talk discus a delicate matter. In these situations, we don't want to use the phone... Read more »

Xolos, the companions in the world of the dead

The Day of the Dead tradition in Mexico is one of the festivals that best show the cultural syncretism of the country. A half pre-Hispanic ritual, half Catholic that invites the deceased... Read more »

World wine production falls in 2019

Vinified production in 2019 decreased by 10% compared to the previous year. Although this difference of 30 million. hl seems significant, the level of production in 2019 remains at the levels observed... Read more »