Disney World and Disneyland theme parks

Disney World and Disneyland closed until next year.

There is a strong possibility that Disney World, Disneyland and other theme parks owned by the company oversees won’t reopen its doors until early next year. This information was provided by John... Read more »
Kim Kardashian PSA video gets crushed by North

North exposes Kim Kardashian in New Viral Video.

Whenever something is up in the world, famous people have something to say about it to offer support or raise awareness. Such is the case with Kim Kardashian during the coronavirus outbreak... Read more »
Everything new on Netflix April

Best films to watch in April 2020

Many of us feel like we might go crazy during this quarantine. We totally depend on technology for communication and in most cases for entertainment. Films are now more than before... Read more »
Plácido Domingo has Coronavirus.

Plácido Domingo has Coronavirus.

Spanish tenor Plácido Domingo, battled over the last year accusations of sexual harassment. Now he announced on Sunday 23rd of March through his Facebook page that he had tested positive for coronavirus.... Read more »
Flip the Switch new viral challenge

New viral challenge including dancing. VIDEO.

From time to time new viral challenges emerge on social networks and a large part of the population decides to imitate. This is the case of the new viral challenge 'Flip the... Read more »
Tom Hanks and wife

Tom Hanks and his wife tested positive for Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has reached Hollywood. Two high-profile patients are now confirmed to have the virus. Academy Award winner Tom Hanks confirmed himself that he and his wife have the dreaded virus.... Read more »
Culinary lovers

Culinary lovers’ travel options. Part II.

You can get to know a country better through its culinary flavors and traditions. From visiting local markets accompanied by experts to signing up for short courses with great chefs or visiting... Read more »

«My poetry is for the poor»: Ernesto Cardenal said

«My poetry is for the poor», said Nicaraguan poet Ernesto Cardenal, during the tribute made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the framework of the Latin American meeting «Mexico to extremisms:... Read more »