US suspended flights

US suspends flights from Europe.

Travel restrictions to the US from Europe began to apply. US suspends flights from 26 European counties. Trump also declared a national emergency. One of the most controversial measures announced by the... Read more »
Culinary lovers

Culinary lovers’ travel options. Part II.

You can get to know a country better through its culinary flavors and traditions. From visiting local markets accompanied by experts to signing up for short courses with great chefs or visiting... Read more »

Names of continents: a review to their origins

In general, the names of the continents as we know them today arise from historical or cultural issues. From the Greek, from conquerors, from the Romans ... With origins of the most... Read more »

How many continents there are?

How many continents are there? It seems like a simple question but the answer is much more complex ... For some there are five, for others six, others believe there are seven... Read more »