Foxes are unusual pets

Unusual pets. 10 strange animals you can own

We love our pets, don’t we! However, when many of us think about pets we think about a dog or a cat or a bunny, a canary or a fish on a... Read more »
Viral Challenge during quarantine

Viral challenge 10 do 10. Pushups

With most of us under isolation is no wonder that social media has now more than ever before a fundamental role in our lives. This is the way most of us... Read more »
Plácido Domingo has Coronavirus.

Plácido Domingo has Coronavirus.

Spanish tenor Plácido Domingo, battled over the last year accusations of sexual harassment. Now he announced on Sunday 23rd of March through his Facebook page that he had tested positive for coronavirus.... Read more »
Flip the Switch new viral challenge

New viral challenge including dancing. VIDEO.

From time to time new viral challenges emerge on social networks and a large part of the population decides to imitate. This is the case of the new viral challenge 'Flip the... Read more »