COVID-19 virus origin

COVID-19 is a result of natural evolution.

SARS-CoV-2 new virus emerged in Wuhan, China in 2019. Since then, an unprecedented COVID-19 epidemic has spread every continent. According to studies published by the Natural Medicine Journal, the virus is indeed... Read more »
Foxes are unusual pets

Unusual pets. 10 strange animals you can own

We love our pets, don’t we! However, when many of us think about pets we think about a dog or a cat or a bunny, a canary or a fish on a... Read more »

Invasive species that are causing damage in Latin America (Part II)

Latin America remains an appetizing target for a large number of invasive species that find in the area all the conditions to develop, impose, and displace local species. Here we show you... Read more »

Some of the best wildlife photos of 2019

The annual contest was won by a Chinese photographer who captured the extraordinary moment of a confrontation between a Tibetan fox and a groundhog. Among the winning images in other categories stands... Read more »

Rarest primate in the world and the only one with six fingers

Recently scientists have discovered something that for years was at plain sight. Only at Madagascar lives a lemur, the aye-aye, one of the oddest primates in the world, and now it seems... Read more »

New video shows how whales create bubble nets to feed

Experts in marine mammals have captured an incredible underwater point of view and images taken by aerial drones of the bubble net feeding that the humpback whale practices. The result was that... Read more »