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Super weird Asian customs



Asia is the continent that keeps the rarest customs and traditions. If you want to know more about this eastern giant, here I bring you 13 of the strangest Asian customs that I am sure you did not know.

Do not walk with shoes in the house

This custom is possibly one of the best known and most widespread worldwide. Apart from being a hygienic measure not to carry germs of the Street home, it is considered disrespectful to the homeowner. It is also said that this is done so that the feet after a day’s work can breathe freely and eliminate bad odors.

Disgusting food

Asian woman eating

Exotic food, part of Asian customs

When it comes to Asian customs, there are no scruples with food. There is nothing that for them is not edible. This may seem exotic to some people and really challenging for anyone. visitor. Dishes such as turtle shell soup, bat broth, chicken crow’s feet, tarantulas, snakes, among others. In some places in Japan, you can savor a delicious sip of fish sperm.

» Okali »

This custom is religious in nature. It consists of throwing from a height of 15 meters to all babies from 4 months to 3 years by a priest, from the terrace of the temple. This is done as a public act for babies to have health, good fortune and prosperity in their lives. Of course, below the temple, the parents of the babies wait for him to catch him with a giant sheet to cushion the fall.


Despite being prostitutes, geisha are part of Japanese culture. This is considered an art, since some of these women are groomed from girls for male fun. Not everyone can be it, since in addition to all the above mentioned, they must have aptitudes for singing, dancing and poetic narration.

Disgusting noises when eating

In apón good table manners and manners are the exact opposite of Westerners. Noises at eat They were a sign of respect for the host and that the food was delicious.

The gifts of daughters

In India, if a baby is born female, the family must save a lot of money for their wedding day to pay the groom’s family. The marriage is performs with the man her parents choose and this should be done without reproach, even if the girl does not like it.

Also, women should not work. They only have to attend basic education and be trained in household chores so that learn to serve her husband well. Once married, they must immediately have children to be accepted in society, especially if they give birth to a baby boy.

Prenuptial cry

This Chinese tradition is that the bride must cry every day at least 60 minutes one month before the wedding. While a wedding is a moment too emotional, this ridiculous custom forced the poor girl and her mother and grandmother to whimper without feeling like it.

Tibet funeral

This is one of the strangest Asian customs. When a person died he should not bury himself. Their bodies were cut into many pieces and placed on top of the mountain more high. There it complied with the natural laws of decomposition of the body and with the food chain becoming food for vultures and hyenas.

Giraffe Neck Women

This strange custom dates from the country of Thailand. According to this ritual, all female babies born on a full moon on Wednesday were blessed and they inherited the great honor of having a long neck. They achieved this by placing gold rings once the years passed and the dimensions they reached were really large.

Of course, the negative consequences they caused him in the Health They were infinite, just enough to mention that if those rings were removed in the middle of the treatment they could die instantly from strangulation.

Number 4 is the most hated in Japan

The number 4 the most hated

Asian man afraid of number 4

In Japan they hate pronouncing the number four, just like in other countries they hate 7 and 13. It is said that this rejection social is because the Japanese sound of this word is very similar to death. Even this fear was given a scientific name «tertraphobia» and is considered by doctors as a disease.

But as if this is not outside little, there is even more rejection of the number 49, whose sound when pronounced is similar to «death pain».


This is a Hindu rite, in which the widowed woman had to throw herself into the flames where the remains of her husband were. It was also believed that widowed women were not in their right mind and were not taken seriously. opinionfor the loss of her husband had incapacitated them mentally. Even today, despite the fact that the practice was eliminated, there are taboos regarding this and it is forbidden for these women to remarry once widows.

Buddhist mummification

Among Asian customs, this was done for almost 900 years. The monks volunteered for a slow and painful process of mummification in life. Yes, you hear it! They know they abstained of fatty foods to prevent your body from breaking down more easily. In addition, they had to drink herbal teas to dehydrate themselves.

Once this phase of the process was completed, they were buried alive in earth tunnels in the lotus flower position, which is a very popular position in the world. yoga. That is how they must remain until they die. Three years later their mummies were unearthed and displayed as relics to admire.

Foot deformities

It began to be carried out between the 10th and 20th centuries. Chinese women were exposed to an intense ritual to be more beautiful and sensual. Consisted in binding the immobilized feet tightly. The bones of the foot were shattered and took new forms.

These could measure up to 10 cm. Its name was «lotus foot» and by men it was classified as the most erotic part of a woman’s body. woman. It was not until 1911 that this absurd practice was prohibited, however, it is still carried out in some more conservative areas.

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