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Sports to burn calories quickly and effectively



The growing concern of society to maintain a good weight and general health, has made the sports to burn calories They displace many other activities in the world’s gyms.

This is partly due to the fact that years of trial and error have shown that diet alone is not enough to lose weight.

Exercise is key to burning fat and nothing better for this than to practice one of the sports to lose weight fast, that is, those that help to increase metabolism to the maximum.

If you are one of those who want to lose weight, but do not know which sports to practice to complement your diet, here we will give you a brief guide.

The importance of sports to lose weight fast

First of all, we will explain that when doing medium or high intensity exercises the muscles increase calorie consumption.

When the body consumes the glucose stores it begins to burn the fats stored under the skin.

This not only helps us lose weight fast, but also gives us a better silhouette and toned and fit muscles.

The Most popular calorie-burning sports are aerobics, in which the body is in continuous movement in moderate to low effort but with a high rhythm.

This causes the heart and lungs to work at a high rate and dramatically accelerates metabolism and calorie burning, even for 2 hours after stopping exercise.

Running: the king of sports to lose weight

Running is the best of sports to lose weight fastAs it requires an effort from the heart and the large muscle groups of the legs, torso and arms.

Running for 45 minutes a day at an average speed, alternating with some sections at maximum speed, serves to burn about 500 kilocalories.

But if you want to increase the intensity more, you can jog for 30 minutes at medium speed and then run at least 1 kilometer as fast as possible.

This will lead your body to burn 600 to 650 kilocalories.

Cycling and spinning

Cycling is a very complete aerobic exercise and the favorite of many among the sports to burn calories.

The bicycle strengthens the muscles of the legs and thorax and it notably improves respiratory capacity and tones the heart.

You can cycle 30 minutes a day at full speed at least three times a week to burn about 400 kilocalories per session.

If you don’t want to walk in the street, you can do spinning at home or in a gym

This is the same pedaling exercise but on a stationary bike with variable resistance.

Both sports will give you legs of steel and super firm glutes in no time.

Demand your body to the fullest with Swimming

Demand your body to the fullest with Swimming

Swimming demands all the muscles of the body

For many it is the equivalent of running between sports to lose weight fast, but in this case in the water.

Swimming demands the most from the heart, legs and arms but unlike running no risk of ankle or knee injury.

For this reason, it is very beneficial for those who are slightly overweight and fear that running will cause joint pain.

Swimming 2 or 3 times a week for 1 hour will burn no less than 600 calories, especially if you use freestyle or breaststroke, which are the most demanding.

Crossfit, combine sports to lose weight fast

Another one of the best sports to burn calories that you can practice is crossfit.

He crossfit in a highly demanding workout, which combines short but intense aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise, and weight lifting.

It really is like a «cross» between several activities that combined lead you to burn up to 300 calories in just 20 minutes.

If you combine it with jumping rope, this figure rises to 800 calories for every 45 minutes of exercise.

Improve your figure with tennis and basketball

Improve your figure with tennis and basketball

Tennis will help you burn calories very fast

Another of the sports to burn calories basketball is very complete, which in addition to imposing a high and continuous physical rhythm will also help you develop visual coordination, leg strength, and arm ability.

A game of basketball at a good pace will allow you to burn no less than 8 kilocalories per minute.

For his part the tennis is a sport based on speed, strength and reflexes in which you will be forced to run, brake, turn, jump and hit the ball hard.

A half-hour tennis match can burn you about 480 calories and is also one of the best exercises to strengthen your legs, arms, and heart.

Other sports to lose weight

There are a whole series of exercises you can do if none of the above appeals to you, and they don’t require a lot of time or money.

What’s more, you would be surprised to know the long list of sports that exist, of which surely is the ideal for you.

One that we can mention and that is good for reducing fat is the Aquaspinning, a variant of the stationary bike that is practiced underwater.

This increases resistance to pedaling, leading you to burn up to 700 calories for each 30-minute session.

For his part the boxing can help you burn about 600 calories per hour and it will undoubtedly improve your strength at the level of arms and legs.

Finally, we will recommend climbing among the sports to lose weight that you can practice.

In addition to receiving a stress-busting adrenaline rush Whatever you have, you will burn up to 700 calories for each session!

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