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Special nail shapes for all tastes Find the ideal one!



For what your hands look in the latest fashion It is not enough to do some of the designs that have just come out, but you must also consider the nail shapes that best suit each person.

In this case we are not talking about combinations of colors or decorations but about nail shapes that will look splendid and that can totally change the look of your hands.

First of all, you should know that in the same way that there is a haircut for each type of face, there is also nail shapes what work best with certain hand shapes.

The idea is to guide you to choose nail shapes that make you look different from all the others and that complement each other perfectly with the varnishes and makeup you want to use.

Very important, the nail shape you choose can perfectly match any of the nail trends in trend For this summer.

Oval nails, for all types of hands

Among the different types of nails, those with an oval tip stand out because they go well with any type of hand or any nail width.

However, they are recommended for those who have nails with a wide base and a narrow tip, since the oval shape at the tip is complemented by the rest of the nail.

If the rounded tip gives a greater feeling of length, the oval one accentuates it much more so it is perfect if you have nails of medium or long length.

Just file the edges while the nail grows and leave a slight tip to achieve this effect.

Types of very feminine nails: almond nails

Very feminine nail types

Almond nails are very feminine and look good in all seasons

This is one oval nail variation, but in this case with a sharper or more pointed point, imitating the point of an almond.

It is a very feminine style and they are among the preferred to give a longer effect to the fingers, although they are more brittle because of the way the sides of the tip must be filed.

Striking Nail Shapes: Meet the “Arrowhead”

Also called “arrowhead”, this is one of the nail shapes that stand out for being rare.

They are made by filing the sides at 45 degree angles to form a perfect “V” at the tip.

Like almond nails, gives a lengthening effect to the fingers, for what they are perfect for women with wide fingers.

However, they are delicate and must be treated with care so as not to be damaged by the slightest touch.

An advantage of this style is that it can be achieved with long natural nails or directly on false nails or extensions.

Square nails, a classic for all occasions

Another of the perfect types of nails for those with medium length nails or for those looking for a “French” hand style.

The tip is filed into a square shape, giving it a wider appearance. This is perfect for those girls who have very narrow nails.

There are various styles of square nails that can be applied and we will describe them:

Square nails with rounded corners

Ideal for women with long nails, it is a combination of square and oval nails.

In this case, only the corners at a 45 degree angle are filed and the edge of the tip is left straight.

An advantage is that thanks to the filed sides, these nails do not easily catch on clothing or surfaces, so they are less prone to accidents.

Square oval nails

This square nail style is also known as “Squoval nails” and is achieved by filing the nail into an oval shape and then filing the tip to make it “straight”.

Is a very elegant and unusual style, so it is perfect if you have a daring personality.

Round nails

Types of round nails

The round shape is ideal for very short nails

Round tip nails are ideal for women with short fingers because when they grow a little they give the impression that the fingers are longer.

They are also perfect for women who like to keep their nails short, as they basically follow the natural shape with which they grow.

An advantage of this form is that tend to suffer less breakage or damage because they do not offer edges that can catch on objects or surfaces.

It is also one of the nail shapes that less maintenance required, just a bit of lime here and there to keep the tip rounded for weeks.

Arched nails

Arched nails are also called “bell nails” and are achieved by filing the sides of the nail straight and then giving the tip a semicircle shape.

It is not a style for all girls, because first of all you need to have fairly long nails.

However, once the manicure is finished, you will stand out from all others for the rarity, beauty and elegance of your arched nails.

Ballerina or Coffin style nails

If you have thick fingers the “ballerina” or “coffin” style will help you to stylize them.

The name “ballerina” comes from the similar shape to this type of flat-heeled footwear, but others also call it “coffin” because the small square shape of its toe resembles a coffin.

You can get this shape with your natural nails or choose between gel or acrylic nails, depending on what you like more, and enhance them with a little Nail Art or bright colors.

Less common but striking nails

We will finish by talking about several unusual but very striking types of nails.

The “flare” or “duck feet ”emerged in 2017 and they have been a trend ever since.

As its name says it a way that resembles the feet of a duck, with a straight, flattened tip much wider than base, which is achieved with a lot of work and hardening materials.

It is perfect to use with Nail Art, rhinestones or high-gloss enamels.

For its part, the tip “lipstick” resembles the shape of a lip paint and it is a kind of almond nail with a somewhat shorter tip than this.

It is used on medium or even short nails, unlike almond or stiletto, which go better with long nails.

This style fits perfectly with a “French nail” painting style.

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Acrylic nail designs with stones included very elegant




The best acrylic nail designs they are not based solely on a good color combination. They are also can incorporate elements such as decorative stones, which will give them a spectacular effect.

The stones can be of various types, including crystal, Swarovski, plastic, or even small rocks of different colors and shapes.

By using them on your nails, along with a properly chosen paint pattern, you can achieve acrylic nail designs with an impressive 3D effect.

The acrylic nail designs decorated with stones have become very popular for about five years, but since 2019 they have become a global trend.

Abundant variety of nail models

He massive use of acrylic nails has in turn favored the popularity of decorative stones for making all kinds of hand designs.

This is because it is much easier to place these stones or crystals on an acrylic nail than on the natural surface of the nail.

In fact, today there are many companies that specialize in making and selling decorative stone kits for acrylic nails.

There are many people who are torn between using acrylic nails or gel nails, but the good news is that both stones and crystals can be used if you wish.

most of these stones stick like stickers, since its lower side is impregnated with a special glue.

Other stones require the use of a liquid adhesive with a brush or tool, but for the most part they are designed to do everything very quickly and easily.

What acrylic nail designs with stones can I use?

There is an infinite number of nail designs that you can use in combination with small or large stones, crystals and other solid elements.

There are simple designs and others so complex that they would leave a mathematician speechless.

A very popular and stylish nail model It is the “French nail”, which in case you did not know, too can be improved by placing stones or crystals in her.

You can also choose a nail model in which only one finger of each hand will be decorated with stones.

But in the end, you will be the one who chooses the style that best suits your wardrobe and the occasion.

First choice, nail model combined with large stones

nail model combined with large stones

Sarovski stones are ideal in this type of design

Placing large or medium stones on your nails is one of the first possibilities you should consider when looking for different nail designs.

Large stones are not only visible from a distance, too less quantity required for a great look.

Can use a large stone for each nail or if you want it or if combine one large stone with two or three medium ones on each finger.

Second option, nail model combined with small stones

The second option you have when looking for new acrylic nail designs is to choose a decorative scheme based on the use of numerous small stones.

In this case, you can use to stick several pebbles on a single nail forming a geometric pattern or figure of Nature.

The rest of the nails would go in a white or neutral color that combines perfectly with the chosen stone.

In this way, decorated nail would become the main focus of attention of each hand.

Find a nail model that matches your earrings and necklaces

One of the acrylic nail designs with stones that looks good on all occasions is the one that combines the use of stones or crystals in your hands, that are similar to those of your earrings or necklace.

You can too combine the stones with those of a ring
particularly showy that you wear.

Not only can they be stones, in this case another necklace-earrings-nails combination that looks great is the one based on pearls or even the small acrylic balls so popular in youth necklaces.

Nail model based on geometric figures

Another very popular decorated nail design is the one that uses a single color throughout the nail and then stones, pearls or crystals are placed on it, forming a geometric figure.

The figure to use can be a rhombus, square, triangle or even a multi-pointed star or zigzag stripes.

Marble topped with stones, a different nail design

A marble pattern will give your nails a very attractive and different look from the ordinary.

It is also considered one of the most elegant nail designs and at the same time most difficult to achieve.

In this case you can combine some small colored stones, preferably opaque, that highlight the “veins” drawn and accentuate the illusion of marble.

Nail design that imitates nature

Draw elements of nature It will give your nails a different and very fashionable look.

But if this nail design is made with pebbles of different sizes, the effect will be much more attractive.

You can draw patterns on each nail or one for each hand in the shape of a butterfly pattern, snowflake, clover leaf or even tree trunks and branches.

Then you only need outline the edge of the design with small pebbles. The crystals or translucent stones are the ones that best combine with this type of decorated nail.

Don’t forget the abstract designs

Acrylic nail experts advise turning to abstract drawings as a way to make better use of the color palette.

It is about painting one half of the nail, vertically, with figures that do not emulate any known natural element, but are the product of our imagination.

If you want to do decorated nails at home, consider the abstract pattern as an additional option.

These abstract drawing-based acrylic nail designs will stand out even more if you put shiny or richly colored stones on them.

Flower designs and colored stones

The flowers are among the seemingly simplest nail designs to do, but in reality they require a lot of precision so that the petals and stems achieve a natural shape and according to the nail.

In addition, it is necessary to draw in a very small area without covering excessively or dulling the color or shade chosen to beautify the nail.

In this case, with a little patience, a simple flower made from white, cream or pink enamel.

Then you can place small stones to highlight its edges, creating a spectacular decoration that will make your friends die of envy.

Another possibility is to place the stone only in the center of the flower, highlighting the color you chose to make the figure and the base tone of the acrylic nail.

Glitter, the luminous ally of stone decorations

Glitter, the luminous ally of stone decorations

Glitter and stones make a very luminous combination

Can make your mix of glitter and enamel of nails to get a personalized varnish to your liking and it can also have the same tone that you will use on your eyes and face on a fantasy night.

In this case, you can decorate the nails that you have lit up with glitter, placing small white stones in a scattered pattern.

Another option is to locate these stones or crystals in a particular corner and repeat the same pattern on all other nails.

Short nails embellished with stones

The last option of nail designs that we present to you is one that has taken a lot of flight in 2020.

Is about use very short nails and decorate them with stones medium in size.

In this case, the nail will have to use a classic color, be it matte, black, white or red.

The stones are placed in the so-called “half moon”, that area located at the birth of the nail that has a paler color.

A great advantage of this style is that short nails will allow you to do any type of activity with total normality, while the stones will give you a very different and youthful appearance.

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Discover here how to combine the patterns of the moment




The new trend this summer is combine patterns in ways that attract attention and break with the monotony that the spring style left.

This trend is called Mix & Match and the objective is to combine in an attractive and striking way totally different fabric designs.

However, combining the patterns of the moment is not always easy
for all.

But as the experts say, the art only refines with practice, so the best way to master Mix & Match is by daring to change the way you dress.

However, we will help you put this trend into practice by talking to you about the proposals for combinations of patterns that most fashionistas recommend this summer.

And to close, we will talk about a way to enhance the result, playing with the colors of the fabrics in the different pieces of your wardrobe.

Of course, the Mix & Match must be accompanied by nails and eyes that stand out and for your hands: beautiful styles of decorated nails you can do at home.

Proposal 1: combine floral prints and Vichy squares

combine floral prints and gingham checks

Brighten up your Vichy shirt with a floral skirt or trousers

A blouse with gingham prints goes perfectly with a midi skirt or flower-patterned trousers.

For experts, this is the way to combine patterns
more trendy you will find this summer.

The design of the flowers contrasts with the symmetrical lines of the Vichy paintings, but in an elegant and different way that attracts the eyes of men and women.

This scheme is also ideal for playing with the colors of the fabrics, mixing for example blue blouses with white skirts or pants.

Another perfect color combination for this look is with white and pink garments, using small Vichy squares and large flowers.

Proposal 2: Tie dye garments and zebra prints

Don’t be scared, the stamping on Animal Print is still valid and the zebra stripe pattern is perfect for a killer Mix & Match look.

The black-white mix of this pattern will look good with any colorful garment you put next to it.

And that means that you can wear it with a tie dye garment, a very popular print style in the 60s that for many abuses color, in a good way.

An example of this style is an outlook composed of a long, short-sleeved t-shirt with a rainbow tie dye effect and a skirt or bell-boot trousers with a zebra animal print.

Proposal 3 to combine the patterns of the moment: Stains and polka dots

the patterns of the moment: Stains and polka dots

Spice up your leopard skirt with a polka dot Mix & Match

Another way to combine patterns that will leave anyone who sees you with their mouths open, is wearing leopard skin-style garments, in conjunction with polka dot designs.

Both styles are characterized by stains. In one case they are large, irregular and of mixed colors between brown, black and white.

In the polka dot pattern, its motifs are defined, symmetrical and generally monochrome.

But even if they seem different in shape, the truth is that moles and animal skin spots match perfectly.

You can put on a blouse with a square neckline and long sleeves printed in leopard Animal Print and take out of the closet that beautiful wide skirt with black polka dots that you had saved.

You will certainly achieve combine the patterns of the moment
successfully if you choose this technique, as the black and white of the skirt will match everything you wear, and the leopard design will be no exception.

Further, you can use it at all hours of the day and is excellent for formal events at the end of the day, especially accompanied by a perfect evening makeup.

Now combine the prints with their complementary colors

As we said at the beginning, the Mix & Match trend not only seeks
combine patterns
of different design, but also to create striking mixes based on their colors.

In this case, the trick to achieve a different Mix & Match look is combine patterns using the complementary color technique.

It is therefore convenient to review your old texts that talked about the chromatic circle to see what these colors are.

Can’t find them? well we will tell you. Complementary colors are those that are on opposite sides of the color wheel, such as blue and its complement orange. or red and its complement, green.

But a combination of complementary colors that cannot be missed is yellow and violet, which is also a high-contrast mix that is harmonious to the eye.

An example of this combination would be a floral print shirt (or the type you want) in bright yellow, accompanied by a straight cut skirt or trousers in a purple tone.

If you want to play with fire, you can choose a garment with floral designs and the other with small squares or lines.

In this case, you must take care that only one garment stands out in sight
and that both prints do not end up “fighting” to attract attention.

As you can see, it is very simple combine the patterns of the moment and look different and fashionable.

There is no excuse for you to be the center of attention on these days of the outdoors and sunshine!

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5 tips with coconut oil for the perfect hair




The use of coconut oil for hair and the skin is a trend that has grown a lot in recent years thanks to the excellent results it offers.

Its great advantage is that it is of plant origin, so it is free of many of the chemical components that could cause damage to the skin and hair of sensitive people.

This oil is obtained through a process of pressing or squeezing the coconut pulp.

Its qualities as a cosmetic and medicine come from its high concentration of medium weight fatty acids and antioxidants.

These components nourish the epithelial tissues, as well as the hair follicles and the hair root.

We already talked about the benefits of coconut oil for skin.

Today it has become a staple ingredient in thousands of brands of creams, soaps, shampoos, and other beauty products.

But coconut oil for hair it works best when used in its natural state.

And in this article we will tell you 5 ways in which the use of coconut oil it will benefit the health and beauty of your hair.

Coconut oil, an excellent natural conditioner

Coconut oil, an excellent natural conditioner

The properties of coconut oil as a conditioner are unique

Coconut oil is highly effective as a hair conditioner, as its components help revitalize and repair damage to hair fibers.

In addition, it balances the deficit of natural oils in the scalp, which tends to cause dryness and loss of shine.

Of course, its high content of minerals, proteins and vitamins make it ideal as a substitute for commercial-type conditioners.

To use the coconut oil for hair As a conditioner, you should only apply the equivalent of 2 tablespoons or 30 grams of this product to your head.

You can do it during the final stage of hair washing or even dry. Cover your head with a shower cap and leave the oil current for an hour.

Then rinse with plenty of water and comb your hair.

As a hair growth stimulant

He coconut oil for hair It is very useful as a hair growth stimulant, especially from the age of 35.

Its high content of proteins, antioxidants and fatty acids, especially lauric acid, helps to repair hair strands.

It also nourishes the hair follicles and the hair root and restores vitality, thickness and shine.

To take advantage of these qualities, you can apply a mixture of 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 6 drops of vitamin E.

Heat the mixture slightly and rub it all over the scalp with a gentle circular rub.

Leave the mixture to work overnight and wash your hair in the morning. Repeat this operation at least 3 times a week for 1 month.

Using coconut oil as an anti-dandruff treatment

The dandruff is a problem that affects millions of people, who spend billions of dollars a year on products that promise to solve this problem, or at least alleviate it.

Dandruff has complex causes but is generally due to a proliferation of fungi and an excessive production of oil on the scalp.

Fungi break down fats and produce acids that in turn cause irritation and itching in sensitive people.

All this combination also produces a ongoing peeling of the footl and a constant itching sensation.

He using coconut oil as an anti-dandruff agent it only requires the preparation of a mixture of 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and 5 drops of tea tree oil.

Mix well until you get a homogeneous paste and rub it all over the scalp with gentle circular massages.

Cover your head with a shower cap and let the mixture work for about 30 minutes.

Then rinse with cold water and repeat this operation every three days for 3 weeks.

And if you want to increase its effectiveness, use it in combination with any of the 15 best home treatments to remove dandruff.

Control hair frizz

He coconut oil for hair It has been shown to be very effective in controlling frizz or frizz when there is excess humidity and heat.

In addition to protecting your hair against the aggressive sun rays, it will also make hair softer, preventing it from straightening and damaging your hairstyle.

To make using coconut oil as an anti-frizz treatment just place 1 teaspoon of this natural product in your hands and gently rub it all over your head.

In this case you will not need to wash your hair, as you will only use a very small amount. But in return you will have soft, silky and frizz-free hair.

Coconut oil as a treatment against lice and parasites

Coconut oil as a treatment against lice and parasites

Lice are easily removed with coconut oil

The lice and their eggs are a difficult problem to eradicate when it appears in the heads of children and young people.

For centuries, many ancient cultures have used coconut as a base for lice and nit removal treatments.

Coconut oil is considered to be more effective and faster than most commercial pediculicidal products sold in pharmacies.

This is because its fatty components make it difficult for lice to survive by altering the chemical conditions of the hair and scalp.

In addition, the oily texture of the coconut prevents the adherence of the eggs in the hair strands.

For prepare a pediculicide treatment with coconut oil You only need to mix 1 tablespoon of this product in a container with 6 drops of tea tree oil and 6 drops of anise essential oil.

Mix the ingredients well and then rub it on the scalp in gentle circular motions.

Let the mixture work for an hour and then apply heat with a hair dryer or exposing your head to the sun for 20 minutes.

Use a very fine bristle comb to go over your hair and remove nits and eggs. Then rinse your head with warm water.

This treatment should be repeated 3 times a week for 21 days to completely eliminate lice and their eggs.

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