Snowden says he couldn’t find any evidence of alien existence on CIA networks

It has been a while since Snowden revealed details of the US government’s classified surveillance programs in 2013. For security reasons, the former contractor spoke from Russia for the famous program, and among other topics, the most famous conspiracy theory was touched. The excerpt from the conversation began with Snowden saying the following:

«I know, Joe, I know you want me to say aliens exist», Snowden joked to the podcast host of «The Joe Rogan Experience». «I know that Neil deGrasse would love if there is something about extraterrestrials. And there probably are, right?»

As any curious mind with access to the CIA could do, he was in search of answers to some of society’s most pressing questions. But it turns out that the US Government «is not aware of any intelligent extraterrestrial life», he says.

«For the record, as far as I could see, aliens have never contacted Earth, or at least they have not contacted US intelligence», Snowden writes in his recent memoir: «Permanent Registration». In addition, the moon landing did occur. «Some people are wondering if man have landed on the moon for real, so I as far as I can tell, yes they have. At the other hand, climate change is a real threat», he adds.

«In the book I talk about aliens, chemical trails and things like that. In fact, there is no evidence, I looked for it on the net», he said. «Everyone wants to believe in conspiracy theories because they help make life meaningful, they help us believe that someone has control», said the computer expert.

«I don’t think someone are hiding that aliens exist inside the government. I searcher for it myself and I couldn’t find anything related to it. Y can say that if there is something like that inside CIA networks, it has to be really hidden, as it might be, but I mean really hidden, since I had almost full access to the information from within», said Snowden. Nowadays, the expert lives exiled in Russia’s capital, Moscow, mainly due to a set of information regarding surveillance program run by the government of United States. If USA keep secrets about aliens and UFOs in Area 51, surely Snowden would have been the one to find out.

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