Signs that you have to leave your stylist

Says yes to everything

Even if you have a thousand ideas of what you want to do, he/she is the expert and has the responsibility of saying no to some things. Not for personal reasons, but for reasons of hair health. There has to be a balance between the two parties, because it is not worth it either been dictated about your own look.

Never talks to you about the consequences

Returning to the previous point, it is MEGA important to discuss the consequences that certain procedures, treatments and hairstyles can have. If you tell him/her that you want to do a platinum and does not talk to you about the consequences that it will have on your hair, there is a problem. Like he/she has to give you all the care advice every time you do something new.

Insists on giving you intensive treatments

Protein shots, ultra-moisturizing masks and all those restorative treatments are wonderful. But they have to be used infrequently. Since the excess of active ingredients destroy the hair fiber inside. We do not exaggerate: the abuse of these treatments is worse than the platinum. If you insist on getting one each week (and your hair does not look better in the long term), chances are that it is doing it to charge you more.

Advises you to touch up the dye very often

Being touching the dye every 15 days is very bad for the hair. In fact, the only thing that should be touched up is the root (and every month or two months). If you feel that you are spending more time in the room between touch-ups and treatments than eating with your friends, something is wrong. In case of doubt, search Google quickly every time this procedure is advised.

Uses heat tools to the fullest

When it comes to styling, heat tools are essential. But they have to be used the right way. First of all, your stylist must apply some anti-heat treatment that protects the hair fiber and when using the tool, it must be with a low or medium temperature. If you see smoke coming out (from which LITERALLY he/she is burning your hair), it smells like burned or leaves your hair badly mistreated after each session, end it.

You should dump with your hairdresser, if you say: «This is not going as I wanted». These words should never be pronounced in a hairdressing salon. Whether with the cut or with the color, you have to be able to trust your hairdresser if you do not want problems. Listening to this may mean that the hairdresser is inexperienced or was not paying attention. Although the hairstyle is not going as expected, the hairdresser should never say that in the middle of the session.

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