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Severed snake head bites a man and almost costs his life Severed snake head bites a man and almost costs him his life



A man in the United States starred in one of the most unusual situations anyone can imagine: suffering a Snake bite in the garden of his house. But in this case he was bitten by a specimen that he had just beheaded!

Milo Sutcliffe is a resident of the outskirts of Corpus Christi, in the state of Texas. This man never imagined the near-death experience he would have when he set out to fix his garden at his home.

And less did he imagine that cause off a dead snake! unusual considering that Texas residents are used to dealing with snakes that abound in the mountains near the main residential areas.

It seems that Texas is the land of unusual things, because not long ago we were surprised by the appearance of a sea monster on its shores.

An unusual way to suffer a snake bite

One morning, Milo Sutcliffe set out to fix the garden at his house. Suddenly, he saw a rattlesnake (Crotalus durissus) hiding behind a bush.

Like every seasoned Texan who has dealt with the presence of these dangerous snakes, the man was not scared and decided to kill the animal to eliminate any risk to himself and his wife Jennifer.

He immediately cut the body with a large knife that he used to cut weeds. Cwith an accurate blow he severed the head of the viper about 10 centimeters from where his jaw began.

But when he took the head to throw it in a garbage bag, it opened and stuck its fangs with poison in his hand. Sutcliffe thus suffered an unusual snake bite “post-morten”.

Quick help saved his life after snake attack

Snake bite

Rattlesnake venom is deadly and requires the rapid use of a specific antidote

Terrified by what just happened to him, he called out to his wife, Jennifer Sutcliffe, who helped him into the house, where shortly after he began to convulse and lose his vision.

They immediately called for help from the emergency services, who took him by helicopter to a hospital to be treated by Snake bite with a specific antidote for the rattlesnake.

According to Jennifer Sutcliffe explained to the local television channel KII-TV, her husband had to receive 26 doses of the antidote CroFab, specific against rattlesnake venom. Although he saved his life, a week later he was still hospitalized for kidney failure.

A dangerous and cruel practice

Instead of receiving samples of support, Milo Sutcliffe faced the rejection of many for having killed the snake instead of calling a service specializing in the handling of dangerous animals.

Physician Leslie Boye, an antidote specialist at the VIPER (Snake) Institute at the University of Arizona, warned the public against any attempt to kill snakes and especially to cut them.

In the case of the rattlesnake, it is a species that could face extinction at the hands of peasants and ignorant people in the United States and Mexico.

“They kill them in a cruel way and in the end there are poisonous remains that can cause situations like the one that happened to this man,” he said.

He stressed that the rattlesnake’s nervous system can react long after death. And this includes the reflex to bite and nail the fangs.

The curious behavior of the body of snakes

In 2013 the National Geographic magazine published an article where they talk about the real possibility of suffer a snake bite if a freshly killed reptile is handled.

The head of the Reptile Center at the Smithsonian Zoo in Washington, James Murphy, explained that the snake muscles can perform reflex movements for up to an hour after death.

“The reflex to bite and inject venom can still be active even when the head has been cut off. Many times you will see how they keep opening their mouths and biting for a long time ”, he warned.

He added that if a person finds a rattlesnake in his home, he should move away immediately and not try to kill it, as it is very fast and agile and will not hesitate to defend itself by biting its aggressor.

More than 100,000 deaths from snake bites

snake attack

Let the experts take care of the snakes in our garden

Experts assure that the most cases of snake bites occur when trying to catch them or kill them, instead of calling in an expert to take care of capturing her safely.

This not only it is a risk to the survival of many species of poisonous snakesbut also for harmless snakes, which lack hollow fangs and poisonous glands.

These snakes help control pests such as mice and insects, but thousands of them are killed indiscriminately at the hands of people who do not differentiate them from poisonous reptiles.

The increasing expansion of cities into the natural habitats of snakes increases the risk of accidents. And with the recent pandemic animals are also invading the streets from many cities.

Failure to keep a distance between men and snakes has deadly consequences. More than 100,000 people die each year from snake attack, mostly in rural areas of North Africa, as well as in India, Vietnam and Central America

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VIDEO shows deer crashing into house




On the TikTok micro-video network, a video shows deer crashing into a house in the United States and almost ran over the owner of this.

This video was recorded on July 16 by a security camera installed outside the home of a woman who was recovering from a video operation.

While he was resting peacefully, he saw his dog run desperately towards some bushes followed by a large deer, a species abundant in the forests of that region.

The large animal first collided with the bushes and then headed straight for the front door of the house, which was completely destroyed by the crash.

The recording was uploaded to TikTok by one of the children of the owner of the house and has now gone viral among users in the United States, Mexico and Spain.

It goes without saying that not only cases of dogs rescued from the street They are viral on TikTok, also the follies of wild animals have a lot of followers.

A good example of madness among deer videos

This viral recording between videos of deer doing crazy things
It was captured by a security camera installed in the front of Elly Carter’s house, in the town of Raymond, in the state of Mississippi.

The details of this video shows deer crashing into a houseto They were revealed by the local television channel WJTV, which interviewed the protagonist.

This elderly African American lady was sitting on the porch resting from a recent hip operation.

Elly had left the house with her faithful dog, who was running through a wide open area that separates this house from that of the neighbors.

Suddenly, he began to hear strange noises and saw his dog running very scared into some bushes at the foot of the porch, chased at high speed by a deer.

Elly Carter’s scare to death

“I had surgery on my hip so I went outside to sit. I went out with my dog, who jumped up and ran into the house and I heard something. A very strange sound, ”the woman explained to the television channel.

He added that just when he was going to yell at his son to warn him that something strange was happening, he saw his dog coming chased by “a huge deer.”

The deer could not reach the puppy, who hid in some bushes so he diverted his race to where Carter was.

The reaction of the old woman was to raise her walker as a protection shield to avoid being run over by the deer, which in turn went to the glass door and broke it entering the home.

Meanwhile the woman screamed for her son Jaylin, to whom she screamed “a deer entered the house” desperately.

“The deer just walked through the glass door into my house,” added the lady, who is now very popular with fans of the videos of deer doing strange things.

Video showing deer colliding with house goes viral

The lady’s son, Jaylin Carter, took the video from the security camera and uploaded it to his account on the social network TikTok (@ceo_country) where to date it has been reproduced more than 2.2 million times.

It has also received more than 264,000 “likes” and 2,137 comments.

As the young man later explained, the deer entered the living room of the house, turned around when he could not find where to go and left through the same door that he had destroyed.

Another video captured by the same camera shows the young man rushing out after the animal with a hunting shotgun, but the deer had already disappeared from sight.

Jaylin apologized to netizens with the comment “sorry I couldn’t catch when the deer left the house, it was a disaster.”

Deer Videos: Much Scare and Little Damage

Deer Videos

A deer in overdrive is a machine of destruction

Although this is a prominent case among the crazed deer videosWe must be grateful that Mrs. Carter came out of this meeting unscathed.

However, his house was not intact as the animal totally destroyed the glass door when running through it.

In spite of everything and despite the large size of the animal, inside the home only a group of hoof marks remained as visible damage on the wooden floor.

By the way, deer entering homes or businesses is very common in Mississipi, where this species is abundant and humans increasingly penetrate the wild.

In 2017 the video of a deer looking to get out of a barbershop which he had entered with two companions.

What scared the deer?

Among the thousands of comments received by this crazy deer video examplehighlights those where Internet users wonder what scared the animal so much.

“I wonder what the deer was running from,” commented user @ Robyn6, surprised by the speed this deer was bringing in his career and because he did not hesitate to go against the glass door.

In response, user @ rsd20038 pointed out that the video appears to show that seconds before the deer had been chasing Mrs. Carter’s puppy, who hid under some bushes.

Due to this and the absence of horns, it could be deduced that it was a mother deer protecting some young or defending its territory from a mischievous dog.

Other users asked to see how the interior of the house was. “That deer must have thrown everything into the house. Please do a second part! ” Jennifer Matta tells the author of the video.

The deer also received funny comments for its behavior, such as the one made by user @BossMom, who said “Bambi went wild.”

The “quick” reaction of Elly Carter’s son

deer videos

The son went out with a shotgun, but the deer had already disappeared

Unlike this case, we recently saw on TikTok the case of a cat that followed a couple to their house and entered it to be adopted “for good”.

But just like this video shows deer colliding with a house, it also reveals the unusual “speed” (sarcasm included) of the owner’s son when responding to her screams.

“The glass door in front explodes into pieces and the person inside just calmly says’ what’s wrong?”, The user @ user4344806268927 scoffs

“How can anyone react so late to the desperate cries of their mother? They were heard a mile away! ”Said Jemmyna Lorens.

There were those who pointed out that fortunately it was not a cougar or a bear that entered the house, as it would have “eaten the grandmother” before the young man reacted.

“I am not accepting invitations from @ceo_country to go hunting. I would be safer accompanied by my invalid father ”, said user @ liberty_adam33 finally, and with a lot of mange.

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Harpist manages to hypnotize a deer with his music and surprises the networks




The social network Reddit has risen to fame after going viral a video that shows a harpist who with her music achieves hypnotize a deer.

This video was shot in Canada and shows us a young and beautiful girl who is very concentrated playing her harp in a natural setting, with a clearing and a forest in the background.

The young woman has positioned the camera in such a way that she is seen in the foreground, but reveals a wide open area behind her, which extends to a pine forest.

At a certain moment a White-tailed deer the back of the scene and begins to approach, in what appears to be a demonstration that harp attracts a deer.

The behavior of the animal has aroused the interest of thousands of Internet users in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Great Britain, where there are many fans of videos of wild animals doing unusual things.

Fortunately, this time the man-animal approach was not due to an emergency, as it happened in the video of two men who saved a drowning deer and that went viral this year.

How was the video in which a harp attracts a deer was recorded?

video in which a harp attracts a deer

The little deer approaches very interested in the sounds of the harp

The video in which the music of a harp achieves hypnotize a deer posted on Reddit it was recorded in a forest near the Canadian city of Montreal.

This forest is well known among locals for the large number of white-tailed deer that live there and even the place chosen by the harpist to record is a small clearing where animals are seen frequently in the late afternoon.

Oblivious to any distraction, this young musician begins to play a version adapted for harp of the song “The Sound of Silence” by composers Simon & Garfunkel.

Meanwhile, her performance was recorded with a camera placed on a small tripod, which captures her in the foreground and the clearing in the forest in the background.

The deer appears

Suddenly, a white-tailed deer, apparently a female or a young male, appears at the back of the scene and stands still, its ears raised, listening to the music of the harp.

The deer approaches little by little, wagging its tail and raising its ears again and again, as if attracted by the notes of the instrument. Has the harp managed hypnotize a deer?

In case you don’t know, various studies indicate that animals if they understand music And it seems this video proves it once again.

In any case, unfortunately the magic broke with very little to go to where the harpist was, because something scares the animal and it runs towards some trees to the left of the scene.

The young woman reacted to the noise and jumps in turn in the opposite direction, to protect herself from any danger.

Author publishes video of how to hypnotize a deer with a harp

how to hypnotize a deer with a harp

The animal came very close before freaking out and jumping

This video of a harpist achieving hypnotize a deer with his instrument was shared on Reddit by user u / Noomie90 in the conversation thread R / harp, a kind of thematic channel.

The young woman, who later became known as Naomi, gave a very striking title to her publication: “My harp session became a Disney movie.”

This title was a reference to the deer Bambi from the famous children’s movie of the 80s.

Others for their part baptized her as “Snow White”, the beautiful princess from Disney films whom wild animals followed everywhere.

“I wanted to see what happened”

Naomi later told the Mashable portal that she actually she hoped to manage to record a deer in her video, because he knew that this species abounds in that area.

“I know the area where I filmed very well and I know that deer usually come out when dusk falls,” he explained.

She added that she installed her camera in a position that pointed toward the clearing in the forest, hoping she would be lucky enough to achieve hypnotize a deer that dared to appear on the scene.

It didn’t take long for one of them to appear, almost reaching her side before storming out, to the girl’s surprise.

“The sound he made while running made me think he was going to attack me, so I reacted by moving to the opposite side,” he said.

Reddit outperforms other networks

It is very common to find videos of deer doing crazy things on Twitter, TikTok or Facebook, such as the deer that crashed into a house in United States.

But this time this viral video came out from the less known social network Reddit, which operates under the mode of conversation “threads” on different topics.

Users join or join the thread of their choice and there they can publish their messages, experiences, opinions or their own audiovisual material.

In this case the video of Naomi, whose harp attracts a deer, was originally published in the R / harp thread, which gathers harpists and fans of string instruments.

This does not make it the most popular thread on Reddit, so it is remarkable that this video came out there, which is now viral on Twitter, Facebook and TikTok.

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This boyfriend made an unusual mistake to die laughing




Although a marriage is a formal act where families participate with great ceremony, there are also cases of funny weddings where unusual situations occur that make everyone laugh.

This was the case of two young Americans who decided to make their wedding attached to traditional rituals that their parents and grandparents taught them.

This is somewhat surprising, in a country increasingly accustomed to seeing couples getting married on the fast lane at the foot of a beach dressed in bathing suits or dressed up as film or music artists.

In this case, the young people dressed as custom dictates, she in a white suit and he in an impeccable suit, well groomed and shoes.

It is one of the funny weddings because it turns out that both looked beautiful and you could see the love in their eyes and the joy of joining their lives.

But when it comes time to chop the cake, another of the Indispensable acts in any formal wedding, he boyfriend made a big mistake that surprised the girlfriend and relatives present.

The cake moment that made this wedding funny

The cake moment that made this wedding funny

The new husband eats the cake to the surprise of his consort

The protocol used in the typical ceremonies of “veil and crown” as we know them in Spain, says that when chopping the wedding cake each groom give the other the first bite.

Allie, the now-brand-new wife, picked up a piece of the cake with her fork and prepared to feed it to Jake’s mouth as family members rushed to snap photos and film the scene.

But Jake, who apparently didn’t go over protocol well, didn’t even notice and proceeded to eat a piece of cake that he had chopped with his fork, leaving Allie with the fork in the air.

Before Allie could react, her husband had already eaten a large slice, unaware that he had violated the tradition of the wedding cake.

The expression on Allie’s face was one of total surprise at first, but then she laughs and explains to Jake the mistake she made, while Jake makes a face of shame at her action.

However, he had no longer turned back and Jake had turned his ceremony into the funny wedding of the year.

The video of the laughter wedding goes viral

The video that shows the moment turned a serious wedding into a laugh wedding It was uploaded to the TikTok network by the now Mrs. Downs in her account (@alliedowns_), where she accompanied it with the following comment:

“Honestly thought he had seen the cake tradition at a wedding before”. I honestly thought he had seen the cake tradition before.

As of this date video that stands out in the genre of funny weddings
It has been reproduced more than 5.3 million times and received 642 thousand “likes” on TikTok, in addition to sweeping Twitter and Facebook, where it was also uploaded by other family and friends.

Surely at the end of 2020 we will see this scene among the Most curious viral videos of TikTok and we will laugh a lot when we remember it.

Users have fun at the expense of the boyfriend

Users have fun at the expense of the boyfriend

The groom is shocked to learn that he should not eat the cake

No doubt the young Jake will become famous among funny wedding memes and so TikTok users warned him in the thousands of comments on the video.

However, many made it clear that Jake is not the only groom who has made mistakes during the wedding ceremonyl.

“My husband also cut the cake and ate it without turning to look at me,” recalled user @ jacke33lime.

Another user who identified himself as Robert said that “in my case my wife pecked the cake and began to distribute it among the guests.”

A dumb boyfriend is like having a baby

For her part, the user @meredith_th considered that “marrying a silly boyfriend is like having a baby, only he already knows how to dress and feed himself.”

With a lot of humor, he added that Jake will compete with the “stars” of the naughty baby videos from TikTok, another of the fashionable genres in this network.

Ashley Thoms said for her part that “at my wedding nobody told us that you had to give each other cake, so each one ate their piece with great enthusiasm, and it was very tasty.”

“My husband and I were going to start eating the cake but my mother-in-law screamed and stopped us before damaging the moment,” recalled user María López, from Mexico.

Finally, Jasmine Jones pointed out that grooms don’t just get the cake wrong. “Mine put the ring on the wrong finger,” he recalled humorously.

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