Selena Gomez releases her new video «Look at her now»

In this new song, Selena Gomez returns to sing about the first love of a young girl and how her boyfriend found love from others. In a vindication of that woman who can find true love whenever she wants, half the planet has once again found a clear reference to the Canadian musician Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez has returned in style to the world of music. First, released a very emotional song, named «Lose You to Love Me», but now something changed, and she is making us dance with the song «Look At Her Now», which is full of joy and color and is a great contrast to her previous video clip, which she was presented in black and white leaving her fans very curious about what this meant.

This new single is the continuation of «Lose You to Love Me», where it tells the full story of everything she lived during her relationship with her ex-partner Justin Bieber. Now, through «Look At Her Now», she shows that she is currently full of joy and is determined to continue her life.

Selena Gomez has said that the premiere of these two new videos is as a thank gift to all her fans who have given her unconditional support during these years that she has not had a good time, as she shares in her own social networks. Selena Gomez told through «Lose You To Love Me» that she had not had a good time and that she felt betrayed by the actions that Justin Bieber took, although she never mentions her ex-partner in the subject. She only confessed that she was destroyed for giving everything, to finally be left alone.

Now with «Look At Her Now» has shown that it has resurfaced from the ashes and is already far exceeded. She has already forgotten everything she lived with Justin Bieber and left him in the past. In addition, she is completely convinced that she will find true love.

Selena Gomez, who wrote this song with the composer and singer Julia Michaels, has made the following statements: «I felt that these two songs, released one after the other, completed the story of how one can rise regardless of the challenges life brings. Turning off the noise and living your life on your own terms», said the singer.

Selena Gomez has demonstrated through her two video clips that she has managed to overcome that emotional crisis she lived because of the toxic relationship she had next to Justin Bieber and now she is stable to continue with her life and achieve the happiness she longs yearn for.

Selena Gomez fans have been shocked to see the resurgence of their favorite artist. Millions of followers have congratulated the singer for getting ahead and leaving in the past everything that hurt her. The reactions were swift and on Twitter it became a trend «Look At Her Now» and the name of the singer.

This is the video clip.

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