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Scariest World War II Facts



The Second World War has so far been the largest armed conflict in history and perhaps the most studied because of the way the world changed. But beyond the deaths and destruction, there are others scariest data of this conflict, that you should know.

This war lasted almost six years, beginning in September 1939 with the invasion of Poland by the German Army and ending in August 1945 with the capitulation of the Japanese Empire.

25 countries from America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania faced each other, grouped into two major camps, the Axis (Germany, Italy and Japan) and the Allies led mainly by the Soviet Union and the United States.

In total, more than 100 million soldiers participated. The largest military contingent was the Soviet Union (20 million), followed by Germany (15 million), the United States (13 million) and Japan (7.4 million).

The deadliest war of the last 200 years

scariest data

The Germans also saw their cities destroyed at the hands of the Allies

One of the scariest facts of World War II is that 47 million civilians and 19.5 million military died in it as a result of battles, bombings and genocides.

The largest civilian losses were suffered by the Soviet Union (23.1 million), China (14.4 million), Germany (3.6 million) and Poland (3.3 million).

For its part, military losses were also led by the Soviet Union with 9.3 million soldiers killed, followed by Germany (3.3 million), China (2.6 million) and Japan (1.7 million).

To these numbers must be added another 20 million civilian deaths from famine and disease. These people died throughout the conflict and in the months after it.

Therefore, these scariest data indicate that in six years 3.1% of the world’s population died, estimated at about 2,000 million people for the year 1939.

Scariest data: the maximum racial hate

It is known that the German dictator Adolf Hitler’s hatred of Jews it was one of his main arguments to initiate the invasion of Europe. There he planned to create the so-called «German living space» in which only «pure Aryans» would live.

Between the scariest data of this war we have that this racial hatred led to the death of 6 million Jews at the hands of the Germans.

But the Nazis and fascist paramilitary forces in the occupied countries also killed hundreds of thousands of Roma gypsies who inhabited small communities from the Balkans to Eastern Europe.

For its part, the Soviet Union murdered 200,000 Ingush and Chechens between February and March 1944. This occurred during the massive deportation of the inhabitants of the Chechen-Ingushetian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.

The Soviet dictator Josef Stalin accused this community of being a collaborator with the German regime and ordered that it be wiped off the map, killing or sending the entire population into exile.

Investigations carried out after the fall of the Soviet regime showed that the real reason for this massacre was the repudiation of the Ingush and Chechnyans of the communist doctrine of the USSR.

The American genocides that nobody mentions

The United States also committed genocide, killing nearly 200,000 men, women and children with the atomic bombs it dropped on Japan.

Shortly before, in Europe, he had committed another shameful act together with Great Britain, killing 202 thousand German civilians with the bombing of the German city of Dresden, which had no military value.

There were 71 concentration camps in Europe

terrifying curiosities of the second war

More than 1.5 million Jews, Soviets and Gypsies died in Auschwitz

The Germans built 71 concentration camps in 20 occupied European countries and territories. The worst was the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, in Poland, where almost 1.5 million Jews, Gypsies, Soviets and other «undesirables» died, brought in by trains from all over Europe.

This camp operated from May 20, 1940 to January 27, 1945, when it was liberated by the Soviet Army on its advance towards the German capital, Berlin.

The last Nazi death camp liberated by the Allies was at Stutthof, on German soil. By then 85,000 people had been murdered there.

And for reference, the Japanese also ran concentration camps in the occupied territories of China. Some 400,000 people died atrociously there, according to allied military records.

Two atomic bombings ended World War II

The Japanese Empire refused to capitulate months after its Axis allies Germany and Italy had. For this reason, the United States decided to use its new weapon, the atomic bomb, to force its surrender.

According to them, destroying one or two Japanese cities «was better» than continuing a long war in the Pacific and Asia that could have a high toll in deaths and material damage.

On August 6, 1945, the first nuclear bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima, and on August 9, the second was dropped on Nagasaki. In total, 120 thousand people died in seconds due to the action of the bombs.

Another 60,000 more died in the following weeks from the effects of nuclear radiation, burns and other injuries. In addition, 154,039 men, women and children were injured.

During the next 20 years, numerous births of children with genetic defects and high rates of cancer in the population were registered in these cities as a result of what has been considered the most reprehensible act of war of the modern era.

Despite this, Japan not only recovered but in a few decades became one of the richest countries in the world. A show of pride that we have seen with the Rugby town recovery, affected by the 2011 tsunami.

Curiosities of World War II, subsequent plans for Hitler

Finally, it is worth commenting on what Hitler intended to do when he conquered Europe.

First of all, he dreamed of totally destroying the USSR and demolishing Moscow, Leningrad and Kiev, then its biggest cities to turn it into a great lake. For this, his plan was to open or bomb the great Moscow-Volga dam.

And if you were scared with the case of the terrifying Annabell doll and the Warren MuseumFind out that Hitler also had plans to create an absolutely creepy museum.

As part of his twisted dreams of «ethnic cleansing» of Europe, he planned to build a «Museum of the Extinct Race», where the next generations of Aryans could learn what Jews were like, how they lived and what they did before being wiped from the face. from the earth.

For this, he planned to preserve intact the houses and buildings of the Jewish quarter of Josefov, in Prague (Hungary). There, objects requisitioned from the richest families during the war would be located.

The concept is that this would be a living museum that would be visited by Aryan families on their summer vacation.

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