Red Sox switch Mookie Betts and David Price.

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After the 2020 season, there is a probability that the Red Sox decides to go bring Mookie Betts back. Also, with a free agency the probability increases. For all practical purposes, the reason to involved Mookie Betts was settled the day on which Gerrit Cole decided to sign a contract for $ 324 million.

This defined him as the ace of the New York Yankees rotation, and hiring started to accelerate when manager Alex Cora got fired by Boston Red Sox. Once the Boston opponents took the pitching ace they needed; and once the Red Sox lost one of the most important people of their staff, the team’s situation became clear. This will be a year of payroll changes, the crossroads to cross on the way to the next great achievement.

The Play-Off for the Red Sox.

Without the presence of Cora, without the presence of Betts, Boston would still be able to contend for a share in the playoffs of the 2020 term. If events go well for the Red Sox and everything goes south for both the Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays teams; it is probable that Boston has a chance to win in the Eastern Division of the American League. This last scenario would require, firstly, that many injuries occurred in New York. Secondly, that Tampa Bay and Rafael Devers achieved a decent performance.

Mookie Betts from Red Sox
Mookie Betts from Red Sox

But it is likely that people remember this as a year in which the Red Sox made a restart and made a turn to become once again a relevant team constantly. The Yankees did this in 2016, with the negotiation of Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman. They took out Gleyber Torres from the Cubs and let Aaron Judge debut in the major leagues.

Changes and new acquisitions between teams.

Betts and pitcher David Price are no longer with the Red Sox. They had a great season in 2018 but they have been traded off. Unfortunately, they won’t be the last players to leave.

David Price Red Sox
David Price #24 of the Boston Red Sox

That is the case also of center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr, his exchange will probably happen in the middle of a title race. Some teams were surprised when the Red Sox offered him a contract last fall.

Boston will continue to look for ways to make a change for right-hander Nathan Eovaldi, an effort that would be booming if Eovaldi pitches well in early 2020 and manages to restore some of its value.

Brandon Workman, 31, who began launching his curve over and over again managed to surprise by becoming one of the best relievers in major league baseball. His fate is to sell at a high price in a volatile arms market bullpen

For four previous seasons, JD Martínez linked for .312 with 146 homers and .985 OPS in 535 games. Despite this, he is 32 years old and they owe him $ 62 million; due to pay over the next three years.

Managerial issues

Unless the management of the team makes a decision regarding the idea of ​​the universal designated hitter before the expiration of the current collective agreement between players and teams, planned for December 2021; the Red Sox will be extremely limited with respect to the possible destinations for Martínez. Many teams in the National League show reservations regarding their defensive ability.

Xander Bogaerts and Chris Sale are committed for the next four seasons, the Red Sox will try to arrange an extension with the third baseman Devers. He was a leader in doublets in the AL. And at the same time, he was second in the category of hits over the previous season.

Some say he could well be the next champion at the bat for the organization of Boston. The outfielder Alex Verdugo would be a part in the line-up replacing Betts (at a much lower cost). Additionally, the right-handed pitcher Brusdar Graterol brings greater quality to a system that shows obvious improvement.

Overall assessment.

Despite this, there is still a long way for Boston before returning to a serious rival role against the Yankees; with its collection of stars and substantial acquisitions; and the Rays, which have a strong rotation and excellent ability to de Develop large production lines at low cost.

The Blue Jays could find themselves above the Red Sox while they undertake their renewal process; taking into account that Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Bo Bichette and Cavan Biggio are already in the big team.

The talent.

The Red Sox will need much more than talent to consistently challenge the Yankees. Betts has a transcendental talent that was able to raise the level of Boston. He is a player constantly restless about his performance and his swing, obsessive to improve daily. The Angels have a figure with similar characteristics, such as Mike Trout; meanwhile, the Dodgers have Clayton Kershaw and the Indians Francisco Lindor. Having such a presence thanks to the best player in the team will not be easy to repeat.

Executives and members of rival teams believe that Cora’s departure also constitutes a tangible loss for Boston due to its ability to generate links with baseball players and thus extract the best of them. Cora convinced Betts to hunt straight and be more aggressive in counting, encouraged Martinez to be the leader of the batters’ most important rallies, demanded work from Devers and helped Bogaerts take things more calmly.

An Extensive Remodeling for the Red Sox team.

The remodeling that Boston has begun will be so extensive that the time to negotiate Betts has been the most appropriate; thus avoiding what would have been a really complicated decision; if the Red Sox had clung to it in the middle of the wild card race in full month of July. However, there is still a balance to be paid on the credit card statement as a result of that “win today” mentality that helped create that World Series container in 2017 and 2018; and it could be a good time before Boston is close to what it once was.

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Red Sox trade Mookie Betts

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