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Playa del Carmen News: Millennial Aquifer Causes Sinking!



Residents of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo are surprised by the latest news from Playa del Carmen, one of its main tourist destinations.

And it is that the collapse of a section of the road between Playa del Carmen and the famous Tulum beach has uncovered an underground cave with a lake that is thousands of years old.

The first news reported by local television indicated that it was a simple sinkhole due to the action of filtered waters from a nearby stream.

These waters, theoretically, had eroded part of the roadbed causing it to sink.

However, news from Playa del Carmen today They changed when it was concluded that it was something much older, a cavern formed millions of years ago.

A very old cavern becomes the center of the news of Playa del Carmen

A very old cavern becomes the center of the news of Playa del Carmen

Marine ecosystems have a lot of life in Yucatán

Speleology experts were called in to go down to the cave and explore its interior.

In no time they ran news from Playa del Carmen about the discovery of conduits and tunnels that connect the cavern with other caverns, grottos and balconies.

They quickly ran news on the discovery of fossils of bivalves, cave crustaceans and sea snails.

It is estimated that most of these spaces and the aquifers within them were formed during the Pleistocene and Holocene periods, that is, 2.5 million years ago!

This type of caves with lagoons is typical of this region and attracts many explorers.

What’s more, they compete with beautiful “open-air” lakes such as the amazing Australian lake, also close to the sea, whose waters are pink.

Un Cielo de Caracoles, another news from Playa del Carmen today

The studies were carried out at the request of the Directorate of Environment and Climate Change of the Solidaridad Mayor’s Office, Quintana Roo state.

Archaeologists, biologists and speléologists participated, as well as divers Mónica Torres and Michel Vásquez.

From the first moment, they realized that it was not a simple sinkhole due to erosion, but that it was all due to the collapse of the roof of a large underground cave.

A peculiarity of the formation is that the ceiling of the cavern was full of remains of fossil mollusks, which is why they called it “Heaven of Snails”.

New news highlights its relationship with the local flora

Other news disclosed by the exploration team indicate that fossils of so-called “brain” corals were found.

This shows that the current cave floor was once exposed to ocean currents.

In addition, the aquifer in its interior nourishes a large number of species of trees, palms and shrubs, whose roots descend several meters from the surface to the bottom of the cave.

In total, 16 varieties of jungle trees were identified, as well as 14 species of the “Palo de Lana” tree and a species of palm tree among the species that take water from this natural formation.

A system untouched by man, for now

The president of the Círculo Espeológico del Mayab (indigenous name of the Yucatán region), Roberto Rojo, added that he revealed more news from Playa del Carmen.

He assured that the aquifer inside is totally “transparent”, which means that it has been contaminated or affected for thousands of years by any external agent, be it animal or mineral.

But one of the news most interesting revealed is that unlike other underground lagoons or cenotes present in this area, the water inside is brackish.

This indicates that there is penetration of seawater somewhere, so it could be vulnerable to the entry of contaminated water from hotels and tourist beaches located nearby.

More news: the cave looks like a squashed balloon

Other news from Playa del Carmen today
disclosed is that the cavern has a “flattened” globe shape with a long, narrow beak at one end.

Inside there is a “beach” 60 meters long by 20 meters wide (1,200 square meters).

In addition, it was discovered that the cavern completely crosses the Playa del Carmen-Tulum highway and that the peak at its end may be the remnant of a connection with another yet undiscovered ancient cave.

As for the lake inside, it is 4 meters deep, while from the “beach” to the roof of the vault there are another 4.2 meters high.

The Mayan Train, a risk to the cave and its aquifer

The Mayan Train, a risk to the cave and its aquifer

The Mayan Train will increase the flow of tourists to the Yucatan Peninsula

Rojo expressed the concern of Mexican experts about the future of this magnificent cave, as it is located in the place where the “Mayan Train” project is being carried out.

This is a large government project to strengthen passenger and cargo vehicle and rail transportation systems throughout the Yucatan Peninsula.

This region is famous for the Mayan pyramids and the ancient city of Chichén Itzá is one of the three wonders of the world to know if you travel to Latin America.

This project, which began in 2018 and is due to finish in 2024, has generated many disputes between politicians and environmentalists, as reflected in the news in the Mexican media.

This project may now be the main enemy of the newly discovered cave.

In fact, using typical Mexican humor, the cavers gave the cave the name “” The Train takes me “before the possible fate it will suffer if measures are not taken to protect it.

Vehicles and the train, a risk to the stability of the cave

This fear is not unfounded, because during the inspection made to the cave the group of experts could hear the noise of vehicles passing by on the road above the cave.

“This led us to think about the effects caused by large road and rail developments in the region,” he declared.

The news On the subject, they focused on the recommendations of the group of experts to reinforce the area around the collapse so that it does not yield to the continuous passage of heavy vehicles.

He also recommended locating and protecting the water sources that feed the aquifer to avoid contamination by human action.

But the most logical recommendation is to divert the path away from the place occupied by the underground cave.

He also warned against the proposal of some unscrupulous contractors to “fill in” the cave in order to repair the road.

It asserted that it would destroy a natural formation protected by the Regulations for Caves, Cenotes and Caverns in force in the municipality of Solidaridad.

Causes of the collapse

Since April and despite the Covid-19 pandemic that is currently sweeping Mexico, the authorities ordered the continuation of the Mayan Train works on the road between the beaches of El Carmen and Tulum.

These are two of the most famous beaches in the state of Quintana Roo and are visited by millions of national and foreign tourists throughout the year.

As reported by local TV channels in the last news from Playa del Carmen, workers piled up lots of heavy material and equipment over and over again.

This could weaken the ceiling of the cave causing its collapse

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Unforgettable experience that you can live when visiting Germany




Germany is one of the most visited countries in the world by hundreds of tourists due to its gastronomy, culture and unforgettable places. This country is excellent to spend your vacations, it has medieval style, picturesque landscapes and cosmopolitan and modern cities. With many options for all tastes, if soccer is your favorite sport this is the right country.

Main attractions of Germany

This country is full of attractions for everyone’s taste. You can visit cities like Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne and, of course, Berlin, all full of history and beauty.

Museums in Frankfurt

This is one of the most modern cities in Germany and it is full of culture. Its museums are the sample of how interesting this city has and it has several of these. You can find the state art gallery Städel Institute, there is also the Museum of Cinema and the Museum of Architecture. On the shore of the river Main you can also find the Museum of Modern Art, considered the most important gallery in Germany and Europe.

The Altstadt in Düsseldorf

If you intend to have fun at a big party, you cannot miss this destination. In this German place you can find all the fun you are looking for, from high-class restaurants to clubs with electronic music. This place is known as the largest bar in the world, here not for the party and has more than 260 establishments. But it is worth noting that in this town there is not only party but also the beauty of architectural jewels.

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This city has the most beautiful alpine views in the country and its packed lounges invite you to sip their refreshing beer. Munich is at the top of the most comfortable cities to live in all over the world. This city offers you the possibility of combining natural beauty with life in the city, do not hesitate to visit it.

The colony

Surely you like the soft smell of the colonies, that perfume that smells so rich, it was born in Germany in 1709. This city has a museum of fragrances, but not only stands out for this, its beauty is also impressive. Cologne is located on the banks of the river Rhine and if you want your love to be eternal, all lovers put padlocks on it. hohenzollern bridge found in this city.

Berlin the capital

You could not go to Germany and not be in Berlin, this city has it all and stands out not only for being the capital. You can find beautiful landscapes, museums, galleries, architecture, bars and everywhere you perceive art and good taste. In addition to being beautiful and impressive, this city is also loaded with history, so it would be a good option to visit it.

Sylt Island

Few people know about the existence of this island and the beauty that is found on it. This island is located in the north of the country and was declared by UNESCO as a Natural Heritage. The combination that exists between its beaches and meadows make it unique.

Unforgettable experience that you can live when visiting Germany

Sylt Island

German food

Not only the beautiful places that you can visit Germany will make you live an unforgettable experience, their food is also a source of praise. Germans are characterized by preferring street food and for these reasons the country is full of restaurants and inns with the best gastronomic offers, not only from locals but from all over the world. The choice is up to you but be sure to try their typical dishes such as:

Unforgettable experience that you can live when visiting Germany

  • Würstchen: It is a sausage that comes in various presentations from fried to curry, a real delight.
  • Rinderrouladen: This delicacy consists of making a roll with a fillet of veal leg, stuffed with onion, cucumber and other ingredients. It is cooked on the grill and can be served with potatoes or cabbage.
  • Schnitzel: Although it hails from Austria, it is very common to eat it in Germany, it is a breaded veal fillet and accompanied by French fries, perfect for an exquisite lunch.
  • Haxe: This dish is known for pork knuckle and is served with potatoes, salad and fermented cabbage, its flavor is incredible.

These are the typical dishes of Germany and all are accompanied by a good beer.

As you can see, visiting Germany is an excellent tourist destination and knowing its customs, places and traditions will surely enchant you.

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Curiosities and stories of tourism in the world




There are curiosities and stories of tourism in the world that few people know. They are all super interesting and if you have the traveling soul, here I am going to name some for you to add to your list of walks to do. Let’s get started.

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There are 2 capitals of Europe very close

Curiosities and stories of tourism


Specifically, I am talking about the capitals, Bratislava in Slovakia and Vienna in Austria. They are separated by only 22 kilometers. If you were driving a car, in 30 minutes you can go from one side to the other. So now you know, if you want to travel or be in 2 capitals of the world in less than 24 hours, doing it between them is the ideal solution.

One castle a year

Curiosities and stories of tourism 2


There is a country that has been building a castle a year since 1996: Finland. Specifically, I am talking about the Kemi Snow Castle. Annually his sculptures and decorations are carved different and revolving around a specific theme. The idea came from the UNICEF to make a city for the children of the world. The mindset was focused on making children happy who had never seen snow. This castle measures more than 13 thousand meters.

The city of bridges

Curiosities and stories of tourism 3


In Venice there are 455 bridges. Surely you think that it is the city in Europe with the largest number of them. But let me tell you that it is not so. If you are surprised to see all that amount, I tell you that Berlin has a total of 1700 bridges. The German city is in a continuous dispute with Paris to make them more beautiful and eye-catching each time.

Really cold

Curiosities and stories of tourism 4


You may have been cold in some places on your travels around the world. You are likely to classify such a trip as bad because of the cold. But that’s nothing if you haven’t been to Yakutsk yet. This place is the capital of the Republic of Sakha, in eastern Siberia. I will tell you that it is the coldest inhabited place and is only 450 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. In the month of January the temperatures drop to -40 degrees Celsius.

The most visited and touristic city in the world



When I tell you about a city that is visited annually by millions of people, you will not believe me if I tell you that it is one of the curiosities and stories of tourism in the world. Places like:

But let me tell you, it’s neither of them. The most visited city is Bangkok, in Thailand. Around 20 billion tourists receive this town each year. In case you are afraid, you will not be cold here.

Look at this, it’s funny, Asturian people change their name as they are a global mockery, get to know them closely

Confusion in Bulgaria



If you ever travel to Bulgaria, it is very possible that you will get confused when communicating. It is because the natives are accustomed to say “yes” and “no” backwards how you know them. This is especially seen in its capital, Sofia. So now you know, don’t get confused by asking questions and waiting for answers from the Bulgarians. They are curiosities and stories of tourism in the world.

Coins from the Trevi Fountain

Fontana di Trevi

Fontana di Trevi

Thousands of tourists go every day to throw coins at the Trevi Fountain in Rome. The symbolism is that they make a wish and this is fulfilled according to some characteristics. It is a ritual that is already more of a myth and that was born with the 1954 film Three Coins in the Fountain. According to the film, throwing the coins had the following meaning:

  • One coin is to return to Rome.
  • Two is to find the love of your life in an Italian.
  • Three is to marry the person you already know.

We bring you the best travel tips that have ever been given

A giant graveyard

Great wall china

Great wall of china

One of the most iconic monuments in the world is destined to be a cemetery. I’m talking about the Great wall of china. Construction was officially completed in 1644 and it is a very ambitious architectural project. It covers 21 thousand kilometers and is the longest construction ever made by humans.

This colossal construction required millions of people, and many of them perished in the process. They were all buried nearby. This is one of the curiosities and stories of tourism in the world that you should know. Visiting the Great Wall of China is a reminder of those who gave their lives to achieve this feat.

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Australia, a paradise in ruins




Australia It is the sixth largest country in the world and is home to a source of immeasurable history in landscapes and historical places. There are attractions in ruins, which perhaps time has destroyed, but which persist in their beauty and mystery. From hospitals and abandoned ships to castles and historic parks, here are 10 abandoned places from Australia, a paradise in ruins.

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Maheno, wrecked ship

Australia a paradise in ruins

Maheno, wrecked ship

The Maheno is a ship that suffered a wreck in 1935 due to a cyclonic storm. Located on the island Fraser Island, for the beach has become an area of ​​tourist attraction. It is already rusty by the years, but it still captivates the attention of everyone who visits it.

Sydney First Colony

Sydney First Colony

Sydney First Colony

Remains of the first settlements of Sydney and, therefore, of Australia itself, still harbor its historical and cultural beauty. It is located in the underground surfaces below a youth hostel and reflects part of the history of the 18th century, when the first colony was established in these lands. By visiting it you will be able to witness part of the origins of Australian culture.

Uluru, rock formation in the Australian desert

Australia a paradise in ruins 2


Uluru, is a monolith in the middle of the Australian desert considered a sacred icon of Australian aboriginal culture. Ancient belief thought that Uluru was evidence of when ancient beings emerged on Earth, creating life. At 348 meters high, the elevation has been a potential tourist center, where visitors could even climb it. It was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1987. Since 2017 its ascent has been prohibited both for security reasons (at least 38 people have died climbing it) and for environmental reasons.

Do not miss these curiosities and stories of tourism in the world

Gladesville Mental Hospital

Gladesville Mental Hospital

Gladesville Mental Hospital

Gladesville, is an abandoned psychiatric hospital on the banks of the Parramatta River in New South Wales, Australia. In the area there are still many ghost stories based on the approximately 1000 corpses that are buried in the land. According to the records, there was mismanagement of the place, with more patients than the center admitted and there were reports of employee deaths and patient abuse. The construction remains deteriorated, but you can still appreciate part of its architecture and its mystical character, surrounded by trees and rubble.

Swanbourne Hospital

Swanbourne Hospital

Swanbourne Hospital

It was built in 1904 to treat diseases of various kinds: mental, kidney, etc. During World War II, it housed former military personnel with psychiatric disorders. It closed in 1972. There were several demolitions, but some facilities retain their structure and typical design of the time.

Saint John Goulburn Orphanage

Saint John Goulburn Orphanage

Saint John Goulburn Orphanage

Its period of activity was for more than 66 years from 1905. It housed children even during World War II, between the ages of 5 to 16 years. The orphanage did not have such a good reputation according to the methods of treating orphans. Since its closure in 1975 it began to be destroyed and in 2015 a fire occurred that further contributed to its ruin. Local supernatural stories continue to exist about the place, but despite not maintaining the original intact structure, it continues with part of its essence, which for lovers of urban and cultural stories is still fascinating.

Atlantis Marine Park

Australia a paradise in ruins 3

This park, located north of Perth, was opened in 1981. Created with the expectations of being the jewel in the crown, it eventually collapsed in 1990. The park still retains its memorable large statue of King Neptune, which It has been restored, like other constructions on the site.


Australia a paradise in ruins 4


Wonderland, was the solution that was given in 1985 in response to the problems that had arisen in Luna Park, thus becoming the largest theme park in the southern hemisphere at that time, with 3 roller coasters and 24 attractions. It also included a water park and a wildlife park. The park closed in 2004 leaving only a few attractions standing as scattered remains of what became a park of dreams for its visitors.

Mandurah Castle Fun Park a ruined paradise

Mandurah Fun Park Castle

Mandurah Fun Park Castle

Built in 1979, it was inspired by 19th century German architecture, especially Neuschwanstein Castle. It presents an extensive area, where there is a swimming pool, golf course, picnic areas, etc. It closed in 2000. It has been destroyed by time and some forest fires have battered it, a paradise in ruins that Australians are not willing to lose. There are restoration and development plans for both the castle and the rest of the area.

It is something very funny, look how this Asturian town changes its name as it is a global mockery, get to know it closely

Paronella Park a paradise in ruins

Paronella Park

Paronella Park

It is located 120 km south of Cairns, near the Queensland Waterfall Trail. In the park there is a construction made by a Spaniard who migrated to Australia with the dream of a castle. José Paronella and his family bought the land in 1929. The family stayed at the facility until 1977, when they could no longer take over and had to sell. In 1979 a fire destroyed practically the entire castle and in 1986 a cyclone destroyed it even more. In 1993 some tourists became interested in the place and in contact with José’s family they drew up a project to take care of him. Currently the green of the park has joined the castle walls, giving it a rustic but unique touch. In the museum of the park an exhibition of the time is exhibited, photos of the family and of what the park was like in its beginnings.

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