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Pink donates $ 1 million to hospitals after testing positive for coronavirus



The new coronavirus that emerged in Wuhan, China, in late 2019, is no joke. Nor is it a virus that makes distinctions in terms of appearance, race, religion, or social class. People need to understand that Covid 19 does not care if someone is old or young, handsome or not, rich or poor. She only attacks and takes ahead everyone who crosses her path.

This disease is not a game, it is a pandemic that has spread to almost every country in the world; it is claiming thousands of human lives. It is such a deadly and transmissible virus that today you can be alive and in perfect condition, but tomorrow you can wake up sick and in the worst case, dead.

Therefore, it is everyone’s mission to protect oneself, since in this way you are also protecting your friends and family. It is a situation that requires the greatest possible vigilance, solidarity and unity. It is not the time to be putting political conflicts ahead and much less, to be thinking about not doing diagnostic tests on someone, because they do not have what to pay.

You have to know that we are not only helping them. A person that we detect in time is a person who in addition to saving him, we can prevent him from infecting us. It is the time to forget the differences of yesteryear and reach out to each other. To forget position, fame or nationality and unite in a great fight against the same enemy, the SAR-COV 2 virus.

Pink in various photos

the famous singer Pink, her three-year-old son, began to present the symptoms of the disease

Pink tests positive for Covid 19

A few weeks ago, the famous singer Pink and Jameson, her three-year-old son, began to show symptoms of the disease. They immediately went to the hospital, where they were tested and were diagnosed positive for Covid 19. This was reported by the singer through her Instagram account.

It is frequent that we despise the things that do not touch us closely, us or ours. In fact, we tend, not only to downplay them, but to think that it will not touch us. But the reality is very different, at any moment we can have an experience that shows us that we are vulnerable beings.

This is how it happened with this singer, who after experiencing such a traumatic event, as it is, struggling with her little son, between life and death, decided to contribute to the cause. That is why, in support of the health sector, which is widely overwhelmed by this humanitarian crisis, Pink donates $ 1 million to hospitals. In order that more people can be cared for and supported properly.

Thanks to his quick diagnosis and the efficiency of the medical staff, who provided him with adequate help, the interpreter of The Raise Your Glass and her son, in two weeks, found a full recovery.

Pink, being informed by her GP of her condition, was quick to take the appropriate measures, not only for her improvement and Jameson’s, but to keep the rest of her family safe.

All remained in quarantine and, according to the doctor’s instructions, took longer than established, to avoid any complications. A few days later, both patients tested negative in the second round of tests.

Pink donates 1 million dollars

Alecia Moore (Pink’s real name) has always been known for being a generous woman who has never been blinded by fame. On the contrary, she strives to support those in need and is among those struggling with social, environmental and health issues.

Just as he reached out to help the tireless firefighters who strove to extinguish the devastating massive fires in Australia. Now, seeing death so close and feeling firsthand what the coronavirus is, he feels the desire to contribute his grain of sand and for this, Pink donates 1 million dollars to hospitals.

This millionaire donation, in order to contribute to the health authorities and be part of something that could save the lives of thousands of people, has been divided into two places.

Al Temple University Hospital Emergency Fund in Philadelphia contributed $ 500,000 in honor of Judy Moore, his mother, who worked there in the Heart and Transplant services for 18 years. Finally, the other $ 500,000 went to the Mayor’s Foundation in the City of Los Angeles.

Pink singer singing on stage

Alecia Moore (Pink’s real name) has always been characterized as a generous woman who has never been blinded by fame.

Pink donates $ 1 million and leaves an unforgettable legacy

But the singer of What about us, is not limited to that her person is only remembered under the sign; Pink donates $ 1 million to hospitals. She knew how to take good advantage of the opportunity that life gave her and beyond what could be simply money, she gave a clear message.

She laid bare her opinion regarding the United States government, referring to the actions taken by it as a failed joke. Its foundation was in the little humanism that did not allow him to carry out the tests to those who could not pay them. Showing how this situation was taken, instead of as a health emergency, as a luxury.

Besides this, for its part, not only Pink donates 1 million dollars. In some pictures, together with his family, he makes all his fans aware of the importance of staying at home. Thus supporting health services and protecting the lives of all

This pandemic is not a game, it is serious and it exists; It is real, the singer expresses and not only her followers. Rather, he asks everyone to be responsible for each other’s lives. Bearing in mind that this is everyone’s problem and not individual.

In addition, it explains the need for the tests to be free and accessible, since it is useless for only a few to be safe; if there is a group that will always be at risk. The only way for the world to beat Covid 19 is unity and collaboration.

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