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Online concerts of famous artists skyrocket due to coronavirus



Many events have had to be postponed and in the worst case, suspended, due to what happened in recent months as a consequence of the imminent virus that has hit humanity. The measures to be taken in the face of COVID 19 were intensified in all countries. After this virus has been declared a pandemic, by the World Health Organization.

The music industry is not immune to the virus, which is why many concerts were canceled or delayed around the world; after the WHO statement, where orders were given to avoid massive concentrations of people.

The universal panic present in humanity due to COVID 19, has represented a notable economic decline in the music industry. These are some of the most notable and important musical events and activities; will be postponed due to the recent pandemic:

Korean music festival

Thousands of fans, followers of K-pop waited to delight in their musical idols. Immense was the disappointment of the public before the cancellation of the same. Due to the virus, travel from the Asian continent was made impossible for stars such as Twice, Red Velvet, Super Junior, and NCT 127.

This important event would take place in Los Angeles on April 25. But because of COVID 19, the organizers communicated a rescheduling, however, so far, a new date has not yet been announced.

  Famous singer dressed in black

Artists, singers of dissimilar musical genres contribute their grain of sand

SXSW 2020

An extremely important music, film and television event like this, where groups and artists from all over the world will perform. Which had been carried out without difficulties, without interruption until now, for 34 years, was canceled.

This gives us the measure of the severity of the pandemic. Even being a strong blow to Texas, place where it would take place, the Austin authorities, made the decision thinking about the welfare of the people.

Ultra Music Festival 2020

This important event had been held without fail since 1999, in Miami, being one of the most prestigious music festivals. However, this year, the government of that city made the decision to cancel it. Because of the threat posed by the agglomeration of people, this being a way to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

Coachella 2020

This important festival, in which the attendance of Rage Againts the Machine, Jewel, Lana del Rey, Travis Scott, Frank Ocean and around 70 other bands, was confirmed. It was pushed back from its scheduled date, April 10-19, until October. Such information was announced by its organizers and according to the statement, its purpose, to prevent the spread of the virus.

Mexico, Chile, Peru and the United States would host important concerts by the band Dead Can Dance, which would celebrate a tour of America after 7 years. However, the British band decided to postpone their tour until 2021.

Alan Walker, Major Lazer, Timmy Trumpet and Jessica Audiffred, these artists, among others, were scheduled to be present at the festival that would take place on April 25 at the Fundidora Park in Monterrey.

But, given the events related to the recent global chaos due to the rapid infection of the COVID 19 virus, the planners of this event decided to postpone it until November 14. Announcing the validity, of those already purchased, tickets for the new festival.

Online concerts to strengthen the quarantine

Artists, singers of dissimilar musical genres contribute their bit to the cause, encouraging people not to leave home for their own protection and that of their family, during this necessary quarantine.

Music as medicine is the goal and cause of recent online concerts by famous artists. Like Tiziano Ferro, Laura Pausini, Juanes, Alejandro Sanz, Sech and Justin Quiles, who have joined this initiative, fighting boredom at home.

These online concerts of famous artists can be accessed on the internet where they will appear live or recorded, some of the most requested performances.

China was the first country to be affected by the coronavirus. Asians lived a true odyssey for months. It was also the first country to take the initiative of online concerts by famous artists, to compensate a little, so to speak, for the great hell of pain and suffering experienced by the population.

Wuhan, was the seat of many beginnings, in this city of China the virus that today stalks humanity originated. However, here also took place the genesis of the initiative of online concerts by famous artists, by the punk rock club Vox Livehouse.

The witty initiative of online concerts by famous artists was soon joined by the rest of the world.

Drake Bell, this American musician, after canceling all his presentations in the United States, joined the cause to entertain and clear the minds of those who stay at home during this epidemiological crisis. Giving a concert on Instagram, where he performed some of his most acclaimed songs, such as “What is wrong”.

singing woman dressed in black on stage

They encourage people not to leave the house

Where did the famous Latinos stay?

Latin America was not far behind in terms of online concerts by famous artists. Latin American music stars, invite their fans to stay home and enjoy live performances on social media.

Such is the case of Juanes and Sanz, who recently made a live presentation, where they sang for more than an hour from Miami. So did the two singer-songwriters Julio Reyes Copello and Gonzalo Rubalcaba, who performed some of their greatest hits online.

This initiative of online concerts by famous artists has not only been carried out for recreational purposes for the population. Rather, the singers have taken the opportunity to reiterate time and again to their fans, the need to stay at home and comply with the measures communicated by the World Health Organization, to prevent the spread of the virus.

So did the singer of «My favorite person» who communicated it to 200,000 people who were watching. Without a doubt, the online concerts by famous artists have been a respite and a distraction for all those who today suffer and battle against COVID 19.

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