NFL 2020 draft. Results and analysis.

Many sports events have had a serious negative impact due to the coronavirus epidemic. Football leagues, the NBA, and many more. Because of this, the NFL held the first virtual round ever of its yearly draft. The NFL 2020 draft had to be carried out this way due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Teams virtually picked their players from every region of the country.

NFL 2020. Overcoming Obstacles.

The responsible for the drafts in each team selected players from their home office through an encrypted channel designed by Microsoft.

Following months of mock drafts and anticipation, thirty-two players finally found out, on Thursday, for which NFL team they’ll play this season.

One of the most popular events.

Every year the NFL conducts a three days draft to select the best players of college football. It is one of the most popular sports events in the USA. In 2019 alone had a rating of 47 million spectators. In 2020 the event was set to be held in Las Vegas attended by thousands of fans

However, the sanitary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus made it necessary to find alternative ways to pull off this year’s draft.  Because of this, the 30 franchises decided the 255 player drafts online from different locations in the United States.

Securing internet connections.

Because of the several limitations in each case, the NFL opted for a virtual draft for the 2020 season. The tech support teams of the NFL worked during the two weeks prior to the draft to make sure that everyone involved had a secure and stable internet connection.

In addition, every decision-maker of each team had an informatics expert in their house to make sure that the communication was not interrupted.

On the other hand, the first-round favorite 58 players had cameras installed at their houses to record in case their names came up when NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, announced the nominations from his home basement.

NFL super bowl LIV
NFL 2020 Super Bowl LIV January 2020

Mock-trials to identify potential problems during the draft.

At the beginning of the week of the NFL 2020 draft, the NFL team conducted a rehearsal to detect possible problems during the draft.

The bandwidth was a significant problem according to the NFL team. However, after the initial difficulties, the trial was successful. The mock-draft went smooth so they felt comfortable moving on with the project.

The NFL keeps moving forward.

After the Super Bowl LIV in February, the NFL was in recess. And even though the coronavirus is having an impact on activities such as the draft, the league keeps moving forward with its calendar. Said calendar marks the date for the beginning of the season in September.

This is only one of the many sports leagues that suffered changes and setbacks because of the epidemic.

Free Agency also opened.

The period for free agency is also open since March 18th and the teams have already arranged a series of operations.  

Some of the most relevant movements are the transfer of DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals and the return of Rod Gronkowski to the NFL. He will join Toma Brady in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Virtual NFL 2020 Draft winners and those not so much.

After the three-day virtual draft for the 2020 season, the 255 players achieved their goal. However, not every team involved might feel this way.

The virtual draft method succeeded after several mock-trials and the players were chosen. Yet there might not be a happy ending for all at this point. Or more like it, many might be feeling like this now but it is still early to say for sure. The definite winners or losers are defined in the field.

NFL 2020 draft Winners

Miami Dolphins
They had a large number of selections. They first picked Tua Tagovailoa and then went for an offensive lineman and a cornerback (Noah Igbinoghene) in the first draft round. In the fifth round pick they did a trade getting San Francisco’s Matt Breida

Dallas Cowboys
CeeDee Lamb at # 17 was available for them to pick. Then in the second and third round they picked safety and defensive tackle players Trevon Diggs and Neville Gallimore.

Baltimore Ravens
They certainly have a good reinforcement. However, they went for a little extra with linebacker Patrick Queen on the first draft round. The other ones they picked were running back J.K. Dobbins, defensive tackle Justin Madubuike, and receivers, Devin Duvernay and James Proche.

Not so much the winners:

Detroit Lions
They chose what many considered the best running back, D’Andre Swift, but they already have Kerryon Johnson and Bo Scarborugh, so many believe it was not necessary, especially with the number of defensive players who lost in free agency.

Green Bay Packers
Aaron Rodgers’ successor? Many expect the Favre-Rodgers story to repeat itself, but that is far from happening. Jordan Love still has a lot to learn and also Aaron has a contract until 2023, so they cannot cut it, or it does not suit them, because they would have to pay him 59.9 million in 2020.

Las Vegas Raiders
They selected three receivers from the total seven picks they had. They needed WR although many considered that three was a little too much.

New England Patriots
They left Tom Brady out since they didn’t pick a Quarterback.

2020 Draft promising rookies


Joe Burrow – Cincinnati Bengals
The only one of the rookies who has guaranteed ownership since day 1, after having recorded the most spectacular season in the history of college football. It has the exact attributes to have impact. In fact, it would start in the middle of the Fantasy Football rankings at the position, gradually moving up to the Top-10.

Tua Tagovailoa – Miami DolphinsIt is true that there are doubts about his health and that he would start as a substitute for Ryan Fitzpatrick to develop and recover 100%, but he himself constantly clarified before the Draft that he was ready to play. That is why, considering that the Dolphins tried to solve their problems by rotating QB in 2019 (between Fitzmagic and Josh Rosen), it could enter at any time of the year and generate impact.

Running back

Clyde Edwards-Helaire – Kansas City Chi

KC’s first-round team is highly versatile running and catching the ball, can contribute in many ways, and immediately in the offensive led by QB Patrick Mahomes. You could even record numbers similar to Kareem Hunt’s when you were on the roster.

Jonathan Taylor – Indianapolis Colts
His case is reminiscent of Nick Chubb’s in 2018. Taylor is the best prospect of the position in this year’s class and could be as RB2 in his offense (in the Browns, Carlos Hyde was the main one). Chubb earned the title with few but effective carries when they traded Hyde. At Indy, Marlon Mack is injury prone so Taylor could take advantage.

Wide Receiver

Henry Ruggs III – Las Vegas Raiders
Similar in profile to the Chiefs’ WR Tyreek Hill, it has an explosive edge over Tyrell Williams and Hunter Renfrow, the team’s top WRs. If the Raiders use it as Kansas City with Hill, we have WR1 in Las Vegas.

Jerry Jeudy – Denver Broncos
A legitimate WR2 to be complemented by Courtland Sutton and TE Noah Fant in this promising offensive. When Drew Lock can’t find Sutton he will look for Jeudy, who runs good routes and might have some long TDs.

Tight End

Cole Kmet – Chicago Bears
The best TE in this year’s class. Being a threat in the red zone, it could have quite a few TDs. Both Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles like to pitch to this position, where Jimmy Graham can threaten him. Although his decline is notorious. And also Trey Burton left the team.

Adam Trautman – New Orleans Saints
In such a pass-oriented offense, Jared Cook and Josh Hill are their picks now, but having selected Trautman with one of his 4 picks in the entire Draft, the Saints could get Trautman involved right away. Especially since it offers more than Hill and also could be complemented by Cook.

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