New trend for eyelashes for this season: «Petrol Lashes»

Lucy Boynton is already known for her daring and original makeup on the red carpet. These attract attention on their own more than anything else. But, if that were possible, in each of them there is always something that stands out among colors, shapes and floating eyeliners: the eyelashes. Extra-long and bulky, thick, curved and slightly caked, both above and below. Or what is the same, also known as «Petrol Lashes».

This is the new trend in autumn eyelashes, which once again has seated, among others, that of Bohemian Rhapsody, as it did when the Twiggy-type eyeliner came back to life. Contrary to what one might think of the fact that they break the rule of never caking the eyelashes with the mask, they are really flattering eyelashes. Always in dark colors, in fact, that’s where its name comes from, since the ideal color will be black like oil, which makes the look much deeper. Something that multiplies thanks to the length that the eyelashes reach and the curvature of which they are endowed.

They can show off with any other makeup and eye look, as Lucy usually does, or giving them all the prominence. In addition, it is a simple look to get. If our eyelashes are not abundant or very short, you can always resort to eyelash extensions, but it will not be necessary. The Petrol Lashes can be achieved naturally by mixing different types of masks of eyelashes, first, one as a base to give color and some more length and then applying another that gives a large extra volume, curving them.

In this sense, to achieve the look of Lucy Boynton eyelashes, it is recommended RevitaLash Double Ended Voluminizing Set, by Revitalash, which includes a first for giving volume to the eyelashes, in indigo blue, to give depth and emphasis to the black color, and the mask to bring volume in itself. The latter is formulated with color conditioning ingredients, which allows it to create a more dramatic length and volume in natural eyelashes, in addition to biotin and softening polymers that favor the flexibility of the eyelash. It is available for 30 euros.

«Apply Volumizing Primer on the discovered eyelashes starting at the base of the eyelash, turning up and out. Thus we manage to separate, define and lengthen the eyelash», says makeup artist Miquel Cristóbal, giving the indications to achieve the same effect as Boynton. «Using the same application technique, apply Volumizing Mask. We will always work from the root of the eyelash making zig zag movements. This causes the flange to thicken and lift. We can use it on the lower lashes», he says. Finally, «reapply to build length and volume, ensuring that the product stays wet while applying».

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