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Natalia Jiménez confirms that she is divorcing Daniel Trueba



Love relationships between people who work hand in hand are very common. The list becomes extensive when we quote celebrities who have fallen in love with their assistants, managers, producers or collaborators in a project or job. But just as a tour or a movie comes to an end, it can also happen to love, and Natalia and Daniel know it very well.

After 5 years of marriage, Natalia Jiménez confirms that she is divorcing Daniel Trueba. Love is over!

If you want to know the details of this event that has invaded the media, stay with us.

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Marriage of Natalia Jiménez and Daniel Trueba

Natalia Jiménez confirms that she is divorcing

Natalia Jiménez and Daniel Trueba

In December 2015, the famous Spanish singer Natalia Jiménez entered the altar determined to form a life with Daniel Trueba.

Previously, the “almost wedding”, with the businessman Antonio Alcol, also touched the media, but the event did not materialize, as Natalia canceled everything with only one day remaining for the ceremony to take place. In a Mexican magazine she herself declared: << I saw that marriage was going to affect my professional life >>

Apparently the love vs work battle came to an end with an agreement, as Natalia finally decides to say yes to nothing more and nothing less than her manager and coworker, Daniel Trueba. On December 29, not only his secret wedding was celebrated, but also the 34th birthday of the bride herself. This is how Natalia and Dany’s love story would begin (that’s how I used to tell him), and the media were witnesses (<< we spent a lot of time together… he is a man of those who no longer exist… I admire him with passion >> she confessed in an occasion)

The happy couple announced with joy in October 2016, the arrival of their first daughter together, Alessandra. Daniel already had a daughter, the result of his previous marriage, but Natalia had not yet enjoyed the happiness of being a father.

The arrival of her baby made the artist’s life take on another meaning, as did her inspiration. Something else and The world is wrong they are evidence that our singer and songwriter was in a stage where everything was happiness. Unfortunately this did not last as long as she thought it would.

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Divorce announcement. Natalia Jiménez confirms that she is divorcing Daniel Trueba

Natalia Jiménez confirms that she is divorcing 2

Divorce announcement

To avoid false rumors, the artist decided to stop handling the matter with the utmost discretion and deal with the situation publicly.

Apparently the decision of the definitive separation had been made for months, but to avoid suddenly affecting her daughter’s routine, it is now that the news is made official.

Natalia herself expressed: << To avoid and reduce any type of speculation, I have decided to deal with rumors and confirm my process of marital separation from Mr. Daniel Trueba. Normally we would take the whole process in private, but since I am a public person, it is better to expose this issue directly to you, as a public, who have always supported me through the years and have been aware of all my joys and sorrows >> . And he added: << I appreciate your support during these years, your consideration and respect with this decision. At the moment I am not going to give interviews or make any other comment about it. Thank you all >>

Natalia decided to open up with her fans, who did not hesitate to send messages of support and encouragement: “You can”, “You are strong”, “You deserve to be happy”, “We love you”, “We support you”. Since the announcement, the artist on her Instagram account has uploaded photos and hashtag where she is optimistic and strong about the situation.

Handling a separation is difficult, and in a world where everything is camera and is transmitted by screen it is even worse. We know that behind any gesture or word that is said, there will always be reporters, journalists and youtubers who will take care of getting great news or speculation out of any minute. Hopefully Natalia and Daniel do better than others in this regard, and that the public understands, that regardless of whether there is a desire to know the background of the events, we must remember that they are personal lives that we are dealing with and that we must be consistent with what we think. In general, we all have complicated matters in one way or another, the only difference is in the number of people who are watching.

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Most Anticipated Movies in 2021




Juan is really bored on the weekends. With this COVID-19 you cannot be visiting many places. His work day is over. He wants to disconnect with a movie night. But what to see?

Friend Juan, don’t lose your cool. I bring you eight of the most anticipated films in 2021. Many have already been released. So keep reading to keep up to date.

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Get excited to the fullest

The action films are the most anticipated films in 2021. This year you will not be able to separate yourself from the screen with the options I bring you:

Black widow

Most Anticipated Movies in 2021 1

Black widow

Starring Scarlett Johansson. It takes us back to its past to learn about its origins. The protagonist is chased by a force that wants to destroy her. She faces her previous life.

The whole world has high expectations for this film. Rated as one of the most anticipated films of 2021.

Heroes like Thor and Iron Man are already known, who have made an impact. Marvel studios finally promises us more of the much acclaimed Black Widow.

If you want to delve into the world of Natasha Romanoff, don’t miss it. In addition, actors such as: Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz and David Harbor participate. It was confirmed to be out on May 7.

Mortal Kombat

Most Anticipated Movies in 2021 2

Mortal Kombat

Lewis Tan, who plays Cole Young, is unaware of his heritage. Outworld sorcerer Shang Tsung sends his greatest warrior, Sub-Zero, to hunt him down. He looks for Sonya Blade, because he has the same dragon he was born with. In the temple of Lord, train with the best, to face the enemies of Outworld.

Launching April 23. The premiere of one of the most anticipated films in 2021 is approaching. It was directed by Simon McQuoid. It’s a reboot of the series that follows Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

Have fun with your children

The little ones at home are not far behind. They will have cartoons that are part of the most anticipated films in 2021. Get to know them:

Hotel Transylvania 4

Most Anticipated Movies in 2021 3

Hotel Transylvania 4

Titled Transformania. They say it’s the last chapter in this sequence. It has the participation of recognized artists such as: Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez. They will lend their voices to Dracula and Mavis

It was postponed to release it on July 23. Directed by Jennifer Kluska and Derek Drymon. They will fill the entire audience with enthusiasm with the occurrences of their characters.

What they bring us is a complete transformation according to what they say. Although previews may be announced, it is quite a mystery.

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Tom and Jerry

Most Anticipated Movies in 2021 4

Tom and Jerry

We first see Jerry taking refuge in an elegant hotel. An employee there named Keyla hires Tom to exterminate him before an important wedding. This duo team up to save the hotel, the wedding, and their career.

It is the second film based on the series called with the same name. It can already be found since last February 26.

Produced by Christopher DeFaria. It is one of the most anticipated films in 2021, both by adults and children. William Hanna, Mel Blanc and June Foray with their voices represent the cast.

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Dramas have captivated many over the years. 2021 is no exception. Discover what brings you:

The kissing booth 3


The kissing booth 3

Elle after graduating must choose whether to go to Harvard with her boyfriend or Berkeley. The problem is in the dream he has always had with his best friend Lee. It is between love and friendship. What path do you think it will take? And Marco where is In all this?

Witness the romance between Elle and Noah. You will enjoy a little of everything: Nerves, intrigue, tears and joy. They hope it comes out this year. They have not yet defined what month it will be.

An interesting fact is that, next to this, there will be a book called “One Last Time”. It coincides with the title of the third part.

As it seems to indicate is the last of The kissing booth. More than 66 million users followed this fascinating adventure from the beginning. It will be found in Netflix. Be aware of the date.

To all the boys I fell in love with 3

I fell in love

To all the boys I fell in love with 3

Lara Jean Covey with her father, sisters and future stepmother, travel to South Korea. They intend to get to know their mother’s land.

While, wait for the answer that defines if you will study at the same university as her boyfriend Peter. Then he travels to New York for high school. There he realizes a different point of view. Do you want to know what’s next? Dont wait. Look for it on Netflix.

It was released before Valentine’s Day. It is also based on one of Jenny Han’s books. This time it is titled “Forever”. Will it be the forever seen in Pride and Prejudice? Without a doubt it is one of the most anticipated films in 2021.

Prepare to laugh until you can’t anymore

Comedies are ideal especially in the midst of a global pandemic. If you are interested in knowing the offers for 2021, continue:

Cruella de Vil


Cruella de Vil

The 101 Dalmatians was and is one of the all-time favorites. The iconic villain with half black and white hair returns in the flesh.

This time the events that happened before what was told by Disney are narrated. Where and how did your passion for fur arise? What made her so ruthless or was she always like this? Feel free to have fun and die laughing.

The release of one of the most anticipated films in 2021 will take place in May. Emma Stone successfully achieves the role of villain. It will also fill viewers with humor.

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The boy


The boy

Charles Chaplin is back on the screens to amuse his audience. On February 6, 1921, he released his first feature film, El chico. On Friday, February 5, it returned but in a restored version in 4K.

It tells how a mother is forced to abandon her child. He ends up being cared for by a homeless man. Their relationship is really strong. It does not bring only tears. Chaplin took it upon himself to dominate humor several times in a row.

It has been considered one of the most anticipated films in 2021, for being almost autobiographical. He was inspired by the rawness of his own childhood.

It is quite a tribute to thank Contracorriente Films. I hope you enjoy the renewed version as in the twentieth century.

Cinema Culture Movies

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This is how they remember Selena Quintanilla




26 years ago something happened that shook the world. We lost the Queen of Tex Mex …

Has time been enough for their tracks to disappear? The many who remember Selena Quintanilla can safely deny it. She, betrayed by her store manager, left the land without vacating the hearts of her followers.

The proof?

That on the recent anniversary of his death, social networks overflowed with gestures of love towards the singer. Prepare your handkerchief to see the emotional manifestations of their relatives, fans and even famous people of the present.

Here are the famous models who went into the unknown

How do your family members remember Selena Quintanilla?


Selena’s watercolor with blue and purple dress

The anniversary of the death of Selena Quintanilla could not go unnoticed among her relatives. That is why they decided to honor her in their own way.

One of the most moving tributes was the one that his older brother left, Abraham Quintanilla III, On Instagram. The watercolor of Selena in a blue and purple dress, which accompanied the message: “I miss you sister”, caused many tears.

Her sister Suzette Quintanilla also chose Instagram to leave her memory of Selena on this anniversary of her death. The ex-drummer posted a white rose next to the writing: “I love you and I miss you.”

Even his widower Chris Pérez also uploaded a message from Instagram. The most shocking thing about the post was not the words themselves, but where it was. Guess what? In the exact place where years ago they had filmed the video clip of a very special subject.

However, the text also manages to shake the heartstrings of the admirers. Look what he wrote: “Go away they said … OK … Just me and some music … and some beers … to the place where Selena and I came to film their video for Forbidden Love.”

The gesture of both brothers and Selena’s husband was received very positively. The result? An explosion of users who joined the initiative to leave messages for the singer on their online walls. They remember Selena Quintanilla and were not reserved when showing it.

The stars also give their light in honor of Selena

Family tributes and AB’s “I miss you sister” were not enough for the world as a remembrance of such a character. Not at all, if even several famous people spoke their affections in style on social networks. Who would ignore such a sensitive date? These celebrities certainly didn’t:

Jennifer Lopez continues the legacy


Jennifer Lopez

The first was Jennifer López, singer and actress who gave life to the interpreter 24 years ago, in the biopic Selena. On his Instagram account he posted some videos of the film. She also let it be known how proud she is to continue the incredible legacy of the Queen of Tex Mex.

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Adriana Fonseca, reincarnating the Queen

they remember Selena Quintanilla 4

Adriana fonseca

With great respect, actress Adriana Fonseca decided to pay tribute to the singer by posting some photos.

Selena quintanilla came back from the dead?

No, no, it was only said actress who exhibited a look a la Selena. This gave impetus to something much bigger. His idea was replicated by various fans and well appreciated by everyone in the comments.

Cynthia Rodríguez, more than sweet words

they remember Selena Quintanilla 3

Cynthia Rodriguez

“Always with love, always with respect, today marks 26 years without her and we continue to remember her as always.” These were the words of Cynthia Rodríguez on her personal Instagram profile. The text was accompanied by some photos of him.

¿Guess who she was disguised as?

Well yes, she was dressed like Selena.

Rosalía and her song of the soul

they remember Selena Quintanilla 2

Rosalía and her song of the soul

Rosalía chose Instagram stories to join those that remember Selena Quintanilla. There he published several videos performing songs like Bidi Bidi Bom Bom and Como la flor. His posts received many reactions from the public, who thanked the small concert as a tribute.

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Fans remember Selena Quintanilla

they remember Selena Quintanilla 1

Fans remember Selena Quintanilla

How would they stay behind? Impossible. They joined the “I miss you sister” and revived this anniversary of her death. They starred in a very emotional act through social networks. Thus the younger generations who do not know her could be interested in her music and life.

Do not miss the initiative of his followers as evidence that they remember Selena Quintanilla.

Countless fans posted photos with an outfit similar to the ones the singer wore. Some even covered their melodies. In this way, it would be like seeing her on stage during the best years of her short life.

Wait, there is more. They began to circulate #Selena in all its contents of the day, more specifically in those who used these costumes. This way, the challenge would go viral more easily and would reach all countries more quickly.

In addition, users also reacted with numerous likes and comments to AB Quintanilla’s publication on Instagram. A mother wrote that her daughter asks her to listen to the song Como la flor every day. Meanwhile, another follower expressed that “There will be no one like her ever. His legacy is unrepeatable and no one will make us forget it ”.

Between the more than 25 thousand likes that received the aforementioned post, was the one from the Selena and Los Dinos fan account. The administrators of the page also left an emotional comment in which they claim to have the singer always in their hearts.

famous singers Culture music

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What customs of Ancient Rome are still preserved?




Are you one of those who believe that ancestral history belongs only to museums? Or do you consider that we are heirs of previous civilizations?

Whatever your case, today we will reveal to you how our society is similar to the customs of Ancient Rome. Prepare to be amazed!

Important famous models who went into the unknown

The bars


The bars

Among the customs of Ancient Rome that can be associated with the current ones are the meetings in the Thermopylae. They were establishments that included a bar. They looked a lot like today’s bars. The Romans went there to drink wine watered down with water, as beer was considered a vulgar drink. They also ate nuts, olives, or bread with cheese as a snack. It was about have a good time without getting drunk.

Hair removal

hair removal

Hair removal

Did you think that this was the result of modern trends? Well no! This practice so common in the world today also took place in the customs of Ancient Rome.

One of the methods used was to apply it to the skin hot resin of different plants The technique was quite painful, by the way. Both women and some men waxed.

Emperor Julius Caesar was one of those who insisted on removing body hair. It was not only a ritual of hygiene and beauty, but it also demonstrated hierarchy and social status. The reason for this? Because it was a luxury that could be given only those who had enough time and resources.

Open and recognized homosexuality


Open and recognized homosexuality

As part of the customs of Ancient Rome, homosexuality, especially male, enjoyed a certain freedom. It was not frowned upon for a Roman citizen to maintain slave relations Or any younger boy. As an example we have the Emperor Hadrian, who fell in love with the young Antinous.

However, the writer Paco Álvarez affirms that, in terms of sex, it was quite similar to today’s Western society. So the multiple references to orgies and bacchanalia may not be what Hollywood portrays it. Similarly, in Rome there was the prostitution and pornography.

Marriage and Divorce

Marriage and Divorce

Many people think that it was Christianity that instilled marriage. However, in Ancient Rome people also got married. Usually it was not for love, but for financial reasons.

In the 1st century BC, under Emperor Augustus, a law emerged that allowed the divorce at the will of one of the spouses.

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Zebra crossings

customs of ancient Rome 4

Zebra crossings

Incredible as it is, in all Roman cities there were zebra crossings. They were rectangular cut slabs that were placed perpendicular to the traffic. They were the same height as the streets, so that people could pass smoothly.


customs of ancient Rome 3


It is logical that a great civilization of the past leaves a mark on significant elements such as politics, etc. Now, is it possible that little customs of Ancient Rome last so long afterwards?

Indeed, two thousand years ago the Romans were already recycling. The glass of the broken household items was handed over to the traveling glazier. That person was in charge of taking them to the foundry, where new objects were made.

It is necessary to clarify that they did not do it to take care of the environment. It was more of a way of reuse materials.


customs of ancient Rome 2


In bars, food was prepared and sold at the bar to customers. Many Romans did not have a kitchen in their homes. For this reason, so many they ordered takeout food daily. Other benefits such as deliveries of orders at home. Did you think this was an advantage of contemporary development?

SMS, WhatsApp and Emoticons

customs of ancient Rome 1

SMS, WhatsApp and Emoticons

Currently the Internet has enabled the emergence of a large number of applications of Messenger service.

Instant chats between the customs of Ancient Rome? Not so much like that! Although two millennia ago the Romans managed to provide their citizens with a similar service.

They used wax tablets that were kept in a wooden case. People wrote a text and delivered it to the messenger. This was in charge of transporting it to its recipient. Thus they had long conversations.

The most curious of all is that many times they used drawings to replace the words. Does it look familiar to you? This sure reminds you of when you use emoticons in your chats. One of the most frequent drawings was that of an amphora, to replace the word wine.

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Why is it important to know the customs of Ancient Rome?

It is well known that the Romans have imposed a legacy as to how to make laws, aqueducts, etc. Even so, beyond their talents as legislators and engineers, they have transmitted us a vision world practice. In both Ancient Rome and the post-Renaissance West, the center of life and art is man.

Culture history Rome

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