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Nail models in trends for this summer 2020



Summer is here and you want to look new nail models that match the look you will wear on the beach or in the pool.

After the return to the “new normal” due to the coronavirus pandemic, the use of a mask is mandatory in tourist sites.

But this gives the opportunity for focus attention on your handss, through nail models that stand out from a distance.

In fact, this summer your hands will be your cover letter and choose good nail models It is the key to success among your friends.

What are the most popular nail designs this summer?

As you well know, each season the nail models change considerably in summer., as well as the range of tones used.

Yet when we talk about summer we think of sun, light and color and this is what you should reflect in the nail designs you choose to wear this season.

As an advance, we will tell you that the experts recommend that in this summer of 2020 they be used shades of lilac, white, neon and the traditional “nude”.

From them you can make all the combinations you want, or add stones as you can see in these 10 best nail designs with stones

Rainbow nails, give color to your nail designs

This design is preferred for those who like to show off many colors on their nails.

It is based on the use all the colors you like in your hands, either repeating them on each nail or using different shades on each one.

You can combine strong and light tones, following linear or curved patterns like those of a rainbow.

Of course, using the primary colors will give it more realism to this type of effect, combined with that neon or metallic tone that you like so much to make it look different at the same time.

Lilac, the most popular color in nail models

Lilac, the most popular color in nail models

The lilac makes a strong comeback this summer

The lilac color is very popular among nail models in summer as it blends perfectly with any skin color.

It also helps to highlight a lot the tone of a tanned skin and is undoubtedly a color that highlights a lot the youth and freshness of women.

For this reason, this summer you are sure to see the lilac color in nail designs, lip paints, beachwear, shirts and blouses.

Nail designs in white, another summer classic

He white color is a classic in summer nail designs and this time it’s perfect for this first summer of the post-lockdown era.

In this case you can use white on the entire surface of each nail or apply it only on the tip, in the “French nail” style.

You can also paint only half a nail diagonally or vertically and apply rhinestones or drawings to further highlight this color.

Like the lilac, the white color highlights the skin tone a lot tanned And it also combines with any color of clothing or makeup you want to use.

The “Turkish Eyes”, nail designs that ward off bad vibes

The decoration of nails or “nail art” is another of the best nail designs in summer that you can find.

Among the thousands of patterns and shapes that you can use, the experts advise on this occasion the “Turkish Eyes” effect.

This effect simulates an eye drawn on one nail of each hand, or in all if you prefer, which according to popular tradition is a amulet against bad vibes.

This model requires some patience and a very fine brush to draw the eye and its details on the nail.

Therefore, it will be preferable that you go to a beauty salon to have this model made.

As for the color, there is no limit. You can use whatever color you like, but the more intense it is, the better effect you will achieve.

Nail design that mimics rose quartz

Another form of nail art that has become very popular in recent years is the rose quartz effect.

This effect seeks to simulate on each nail a pattern similar to quartz rubbing, a stone that has deep spiritual meanings and energy purification.

Its great advantage is that to achieve it you only need to combine a pink base and make small irregular lines in white.

With a little practice you will achieve a very realistic effect and above all, easy and fast to do.

If you like the stone effect, also create nail designs that mimic marble.

You should only have backgrounds in gray, black or red and create the effect of veins with white traces, in the same way that you would do to achieve the effect of rose quartz.

The “Nude” effect, another favorite for summer

The “nude” or nude effect is another of the favorite nail designs for this summer 2020.

In this case, it is ideal for those who do not want to waste time drawing complicated designs in their hands.

The nude sonly requires a bit of sheer gloss to highlight the natural tone of your nail and protect it from the sun, the sea or the pool.

A great advantage is that being your natural color, it will always look good no matter what your skin color is or how tanned you are.

Nude effect + color

Another option of nail models based on the Nude effect is to combine it with color on the tip, in the style of a French nail.

In this case you can choose a rainbow pattern on the tip or use a different tone on each nail, but always keeping most of it in its natural color.

But if you want to give it even more color, do not hesitate to apply glow to the tip or on one side of each nail.

Ideally, it should be similar to the one you will use in your face and eye makeup when going out to the disco on summer nights.

You can also use designs that match your wardrobe or incorporate rhinestones to give your nails a striking look.

But in any case, remember that you should keep most of the nail without color, so that the nude effect is not lost.

Flowers and motifs in summer nail models 2020

Flowers and motifs in summer nail models 2020

Geometric and natural shapes are good nail designs

Finally, this summer you cannot miss the nail designs based on flowers and geometric motifs.

The flowers are the most common motif within this style, but the secret is to make them as simple as possible and let your favorite color varnish do the effect.

Another very popular figure in summer is the star figure, which you can find not only in nail designs but also in T-shirts, makeup accessories and pants.

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Avoid painting your hair with these tips and treatments for gray hair




Every day the effectiveness of treatments for gray hair that in addition to concealing them, they also aim to prevent them from appearing or even reverse their formation process.

Along with premature baldness, gray hair is one of the great concerns of men and women today, even at an early age.

Although previously they were a problem of those over 50, now gray hair increasingly affect young people.

In fact, it is impressive the number of people who without having exceeded 30 years already begin to show a considerable amount of gray in their hair.

We are going to talk about some revolutionary products, as well as other homemade ones, that can help you restore color to your hair without having to resort to dyes.

We clarify first that these products act differently from shampoos for gray hair, which alter their color (or accentuate it) as desired.

Why do gray hair appear?

Before talking about the treatments for gray hair we must review why these appear.

In principle the white hair is the one who has suffered an oxidation process from its root, due to the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the root.

This buildup is due in large part to a lack of a natural antioxidant, called catalase.

Environmental factors such as stress, tobacco and alcohol use, poor diet, and emotional stress are also known to accelerate the early appearance of gray hair.

Practically no human being is exempt from having them appear in his hair at some stage of his adult life.

The gray hair indicates that something is happening in the body. Don’t neglect them!

Treatments for gray hair that rejuvenate the roots

While gray hair can be largely hidden with the use of dyes, this is a solution that will eventually damage hair and can lead to allergic skin reactions and other problems.

There are currently several treatments for gray hair based on products that stimulate the cells responsible for producing the hair’s natural pigments and rejuvenate them.

One of the most effective treatments is Phtyo RE30, a spray product that is applied once a day to the scalp, trying to moisten the roots of gray hair as well as possible.

Phtyo RE30 contains a peptide and a hormone that stimulate the production of pigments in the hair fiber, as well as an antioxidant element that slows down the premature aging of hair cells.

In fact it is considered one of the best treatments to avoid gray hair
existing on the market in 2020.

New treatments to avoid gray hair, Elixir Anti-Gray

New treatments to avoid gray hair

The new treatments reinforce the production of pigments in the hair

Another new treatments for gray hair is the Elixir Anti-Gray product from La Biosthetique, which is a lotion whose components stimulate the pigment-producing cells in the hair follicles.

This product follows a similar principle to the previous one, that is, it stimulates the pigmentation of the hair fiber.

To do this, it also includes a peptide that stimulates the melanocytes or pigment cells of the gray hair root.

These cells are the same cells that give your skin that beautiful tan when you go to the beach in summer.

By increasing the production of melanin the gray hair begins to regain its color from the roots, so in a few months you will notice a big difference.

It also contains antioxidant-rich candle bush extract, which protects the cells of the scalp against oxidative stress and aging.

Natural treatments for gray hair, onion and avocado

If you don’t want to spend money or use chemical dyes you can opt for some treatments to prevent gray hair based on natural products

An effective and popular treatment is based on applications of onion extract on the scalp for about 30 minutes for several weeks.

He onion extract stimulates catalase production, an element that combats the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide and therefore the formation of gray hair.

For its part, avocado is also recognized among the treatments for gray hair 100 percent natural.

It helps nourish and revitalize the hair follicle affected by age and the environment, as it is rich in unsaturated fats, minerals and vitamin E.

This treatment is done by extracting the pulp from the avocado, pressing it with a fork until it forms a homogeneous mass and then applying it to the scalp for about 30 minutes.

The traditional Henna powder, a one hundred percent natural dye

East treatment for gray hair It is based on the use of an ancient plant-based hair dye known as Henna, which has the advantage of not damaging its fibers.

Henna gives hair a reddish tone, but its color can be varied by adding other natural products such as coconut oil, gooseberry or coffee powder.

While it doesn’t delay gray hair, we include it as a 100 percent harmless colorant or dye for graying hair.

Simply mix the henna with warm water and apply it for 50 minutes to the hair, protected by a shower cap.

Currant and Argan, other treatments for gray hair with plant origin

Indian gooseberry is another plant-based dye that is often used with henna to increase hair tone and remove gray hair.

For its part, Argan oil is very fashionable for its benefits for hair, since like onion, helps prevent gray hair by stimulating catalase production in the hair follicle.

It is used as a hair mask, rubbed into the skin of the head and then covered with a cap for 20 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Healthy diet and hydration, the best prevention against gray hair

gray hair treatments

A healthy diet will reduce the appearance of gray hair

Free radicals present in the cells of the body as a by-product of the metabolic oxidation process play a major role in the aging of the body.

The radicals can be reduced with a diet rich in antioxidants, plenty of hydration and exercise.

Therefore, you should increase your intake of vitamin B1 and B12, vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamin D.

Also, don’t forget the importance of consuming folic acid for beautiful hair, as well as lots of iron, copper, zinc, and silicon.

But remember, in these modern times the ethe enemy to fight is stress and worry. Don’t neglect this if you want to keep your hair gray free!

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How to remove facial wrinkles in the easiest way How to remove facial wrinkles in the easiest way




Over the years, the search for effective ways to remove facial wrinkles it becomes a priority for many women, and also for a growing number of men.

The so-called expression lines are the first wrinkles that appear on the face, generally after the age of 35.

They form in those places where the foot tends to flex more frequently during the day, such as the edge of the eyes, the corner of the lips and the forehead.

Although the work of eliminating facial wrinkles is long and the results are not immediate, you do not have to spend on expensive products so that your skin regains the freshness of your youth.

The so-called expression lines are the first wrinkles that appear on the face, generally after the age of 35.

Although they exist facial rejuvenation techniques without surgery very good, many require time and money.

Unfortunately we never take precautions to delay the appearance of these lines and so we end up desperate for remove facial wrinkles, neck and other areas of the body.

If this is your case, follow the simple tips that we will give you below.

Homemade masks to remove facial wrinkles

Homemade masks to remove facial wrinkles

The masks remove dead cells and nourish the skin

The masks are perfect for remove wrinkles, as they remove dead skin cells, clean clogged pores and provide nutrients and vitamins directly to epithelial tissues.

Instead of buying an expensive mask to remove wrinkles, you can prepare one to your liking using vegetables and elements from your kitchen.

Avocado mask: Prepare a paste with the pulp of half an avocado, the juice of half a lemon and an egg white. Spread the mixture on your face and leave it there for 3 to 5 minutes, then wash your face with cold water.

Olive oil mask: Mix a little olive oil with an egg white and Aloe Vera and spread it all over your face. Leave on for 30 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

Honey-based mask: You can use honey mixed with apple pulp, yogurt, or mashed potato. It has great hydrating, antibacterial and astringent qualities. Let it act for half an hour.

Carrot and cornstarch mask: Mix carrot juice, yogurt and cornstarch and let it act on your face for 30 minutes. It will help you remove blackheads and other impurities.

Finally, we will advise you a Simple trick to remove wrinkles from the face: take water from the rice cooking, let it cool and spray it on your face 2 times a day to give it elasticity and shine.

Use facial gymnastics

The facial gymnastics helps slow the advance of wrinkles and consists of exercising the muscles of your face daily to restore firmness and flexibility.

At the same time, the skin becomes firmer and less prone to wrinkles.

A basic facial gym routine, which you should do at least once a day to remove facial wrinkles, is the next:

Begin by massaging your entire face, neck, and shoulders in circular motions, using just the tips of your fingers without much pressure. This will help relax your muscles.

  • Place one of your hands with a closed fist under your chin and try to lower your head as you push up with your fist. Do it with the greatest force you can for 6 seconds.
  • Now place a rolled towel under your chin and firmly grasping both ends, stretch it to press upward. Count to 6 and release the pressure.
  • Take a breath in your mouth and puff your cheeks for 6 seconds while tapping your fingertips like drums.
  • To strengthen the muscles of the eyelids and lower eye area, place your fingers in the shape of glasses over each eye and press firmly against the skin. Then blink over and over for 30 seconds.

Eliminate facial wrinkles: forehead and temples

Eliminate facial wrinkles: forehead and temples

The forehead is the first place where expression lines appear

To reduce “crow’s feet” place your fingers on your temples and press down on the skin to keep it from moving.

Now move your jaw forward for 6 seconds and then back for another 6 seconds. Repeat this routine about five times.

For remove wrinkles on the forehead place the palms of your hands over this area and pressing up. Stretch the skin until the eyebrows rise and the lids tighten for about 10 seconds.

Finally, give circular massages all over the face to relax the muscles and stimulate blood circulation.

Prevention, a key factor to avoid and eliminate wrinkles

Of course, there is no trick that works to remove wrinkles if you don’t take care of your health.

We recommend combining these techniques with some tips to do a deep facial cleansing.

Sleep at least 8 hours so that your body can replenish the tissues of the organs and the skin more easily.

Avoid tobacco and especially alcohol, causing a lot of damage to the skin and increase dehydration, which favors the appearance of wrinkles.

Consume foods rich in protein, Omega-3 and vitamin C, which stimulate collagen production, helping to remove facial wrinkles and to keep the skin supple and healthy.

Finally, drink at least 2 liters of water a day and in summer increase to 3 liters. This will help both your skin and your entire body in general.

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5 types of natural homemade shampoo step by step 5 types of natural homemade shampoo step by step




Make your own natural homemade shampoo It is an excellent way to detoxify your hair from the chemicals in commercial products.

In fact, there are many reasons to stop using your commercial shampoo and switch to one made at home with the materials you have on hand and the essences that you like the most.

In addition, when preparing your own natural homemade shampoo, you can choose what type of effect it will have, whether it will only be used to wash it or it will also have conditioning effects. You can even make a hair and body shampoo with the scent you like best.

Although preparing a natural shampoo is something simple, we have decided to help you with five formulas of natural homemade shampoo that you can do quickly and inexpensively in your own home.

Make a formula for daily use

natural homemade shampoo

Baking soda is ideal for a daily shampoo

Bicarbonate is one of the most used elements to make homemade shampoos due to its powerful cleansing effect on the skin and hair, its bactericidal qualities and its ability to level acidity.

For make a light shampoo that you can use daily, you only need 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of fresh lavender, 2 large cups of water and 2 tablespoons of saponaria powder

Bring the water to a boil and when it reaches the boiling point add the powdered saponaria and stir well while adding the bicarbonate of soda and lavender.

Let everything simmer for 15 minutes and then strain the mixture through a fine strainer and let it cool in an uncovered bowl for 12 hours to rest. Then transfer this natural homemade shampoo to a bottle.

You can also combine this shampoo with one of the 15 home remedies against dandruff and eliminate this problem forever.

Homemade shampoo for damaged hair

A natural shampoo can help you with dry and damaged hair

If you need make shampoo for dry and damaged hair, the secret is to use natural coconut milk, an element that will help balance the natural oils in your hair and restore shine and softness.

Just as we already knew the coconut oil benefits, now we will take advantage of the virtues of its milk combined with a neutral liquid soap that you can get in any pharmacy or store and an essential oil of your choice.

Mix a quarter cup of coconut milk with a quarter cup of Castile soap and add 20 drops of the essential oil of your choice. This oil can be lavender, rosemary, peppermint, orange, or even a combination of two of them.

Transfer the mixture to an empty shampoo bottle that you have there. If you want to use a foam dispenser, you should add a quarter cup of distilled water to make the mixture lighter.

The portion to use in each wash is approximately one tablespoon and you can save this natural homemade shampoo in your bathroom for about 30 days.

Treat your hair with natural herbs

make shampoo

With herbal essences you can obtain infinite aromas

This formula will help you make a homemade aromatic herbal shampoo, which in addition to nourish your hair and scalp with essential minerals and vitamins, it will leave you a delicious scent.

For make herbal shampoo You should mix 20 drops of lavender, rosemary or thyme essential oil with 10 cubic centimeters of apple cider vinegar and 250 cubic centimeters of neutral liquid soap.

The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar not only has powerful anti-dandruff effects, but also balances the acidity level of your scalp and neutralizes the effects of excess fat, causing itching and flaking.

Make your hair and body shampoo

One of the advantages of making your natural homemade shampoo is that you can also combine ingredients that will allow it to fulfill more functions than cleaning your hair.

In this case, you can make a shampoo that also serves to bathe your body and leave your skin fresh.

The formula is very simple. Mix half a cup of coconut milk with 20 drops of lavender essential oil and a quarter of Castile soap. Put everything in a bottle and use it in a period of no more than 30 days.

This shampoo is so mild that you can use it every day to wash your hair and body at the same time.

Eliminate excess fat with a cdry hampú

One of the problems many people face when switching from a commercial product to a natural homemade shampoo is that her hair looks accumulate fat faster.

This is because Homemade shampoos do not have sulfates that stop the production of oils in the hair follicles. Although this makes them less aggressive, it also reduces their “efficiency” according to some people who want their hair to feel completely oil-free.

In any case, after a few weeks using natural homemade shampoo, the scalp will begin to produce less oil and you will feel that the cleaning is more and more deep and lasting.

Meanwhile you can solving the issue of grease with a dry shampoo made with a mixture of 100 grams of cornstarch and 20 grams of cocoa powder.

Apply this mixture to your hair with a makeup brush and you will see how it absorbs excess oil. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse with fresh water.

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